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IV&V IT Security Training

System for Administration, Training, and Educational Resources (SATERN) – SATERN is NASA’s Learning Management System that offers Web-based access to training and career development resources. The vision of the SATERN initiative is to create a premier e-Training environment that supports the development of the NASA workforce through simplified and one-stop access to high quality training products and processes to support learning and development. Note: You must complete PIV enrollment prior to IT Security Training. PIV enrollment needs to be coordinated with your Program Manager.

The IT Security Training course is listed as “Cybersecurity and Sensitive Unclassified Information Awareness Training” in your Learning Plan.

As a new employee, it is mandatory that you complete the current IT Security training located in SATERN.

  • Log into Launchpad. Answer security questions.
    • The first time you access Launchpad you will get a temporary password from the site, which will be emailed to you.
    • If you don’t have access to the email account of record, you will need to call the Help Desk (1-866-419-6297) to get the temporary password. (This password will be emailed to your work account. In the event you are performing this step before you are on-site, it will be necessary to call the number listed above.)
    • In order for the Help Desk to give you the password, they will have to verify your identity, which may require a phone call to your supervisor.
    • Once you get the temporary password, log in and change it to something you will remember.
  • Activate your account on SATERN.
    • Click on link under Step 3 in the middle of the page.
    • Enter your Agency User ID (AUID).
    • This step may need to be completed one day after step one.
  • Log into SATERN to complete your IT Security training. (This may take one to two days after account activation in SATERN.)
    • Search for the most recent Fiscal Year (i.e. FY2016, FY2017, etc.) in Catalog Search on top right on homepage.  This should bring up the most recent active IT Security Training Course.  (Currently referred to as “Cybersecurity and Sensitive Unclassified Information Awareness Training”)
    • Launch course and complete training.

These steps are best completed before the entry date, if at all possible. Once the user has completed these steps, basic IT services, (e.g., computer access and email), and any additional accounts required may be requested in the Identity Management and Account Exchange (IdMAX) system.

Should you require additional help for any of these steps, please call the NASA IV&V Program’s IT Services Department at (304) 367-8237.