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A light-skinned woman with long, dark hair sits on the turf of a football field as she types on a laptop. She is wearing a denim jacket, a white and black striped, blue pants, and black slip-on shoes. Next to her is her Sample Return Robot, which has six wheels, a camera at its front, and a silver metal box as its body. The robot is stationary on a wheeled cart. Behind the woman is a man in a tan, wide-brimmed hat, a light turquoise shirt, and long khaki pants. He is placing an unidentifiable object on a table further in the background. The sky is bright blue with few clouds.

Sample Return Robot Challenge (2016)

Sample Return Robot Challenge (2016) – Who says a team needs to be comprised of several people? Toronto, Canada resident Erica Tiberia took on the Sample Return Robot Challenge all by herself, creating a robot whose mission is to act autonomously as it finds, collects, and stores samples to a given location. She ended up being one of five finalists to make it to the final round of the competition, which was held in the fall of 2016.

Image Credit: NASA