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A light-skinned man leans over a CubeSat prototype as he works to assemble the device. His workstation is messily arranged with screws, screwdrivers, a marker, foam sheets, a desktop computer with data displayed on the screen, delicate task wipes, and other items commonly found in a science lab. The man is wearing an olive-green t-shirt and is focused on the prototype. In the background is a counter with other lab items on top of it, as well as white cabinets with supplies inside.

Cube Quest Challenge (2017)

Cube Quest Challenge (2017) – A member of Team CU-E3 assembles their CubeSat prototype, only as large as a shoe box, ahead of the upcoming Ground Tournament. The team, comprised of graduate students from Colorado University Boulder, ended up winning one of three finalist checks, earning $20,000 for their design.

Image Credit: CU-E3