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View of the space shuttle Atlantis from the Mir space station

STS071-723-059 (27 June-7 July 1995) --- Docked already with Russia's Mir Space Station, the space shuttle Atlantis, with its crew cabin most prominent, is partially visible through a window on the station. A 70mm camera, carried into space by the crew aboard Atlantis, was used to expose the image. Above astronaut Robert L. Gibson's, STS-71 commander, head can be seen the tunnel leading to Spacelab's Science Module in Atlantis' cargo bay. A port in the tunnel enabled the seven crew members to visit Mir and it allowed the three Mir-18 crewmembers, in space since March of this year, access to Spacelab. That module was quite busy with tests and data collection involving the three until Atlantis brought them home on July 7, 1995.