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STS-71, Mir 18 and Mir 19 crews pose for inflight portrait

STS071-122-013 (27 June-7 July 1995) --- Inside the space shuttle Atlantis' Spacelab Science Module, the crewmembers of STS-71, Mir-18 and Mir-19 pose for the traditional inflight portrait. For individual identification, hold picture vertically with socked feet of Anatoly Y. Solovyev at bottom center. Clockwise from Solovyev are astronauts Gregory J. Harbaugh, Robert L. Gibson, Charles J. Precourt, Nikolai M. Budarin, Ellen S. Baker, Bonnie J. Dunbar, Norman E. Thagard, and cosmonauts Gennadiy M. Strekalov (at angle) and Vladimir N. Dezhurov.