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STS-4 Insignia with the words Columbia and Mattingly-Hartsfield showint the Shuttle with a red white and blue ribbon trailing from it, encircling a globe.

Official STS-4 Crew _Patch

S82-29695 (April 1982) --- This oval shaped artwork is the insignia for the fourth Space Transportation System (STS-4) flight in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) space shuttle Columbia. The Columbia, with its crew of astronauts Thomas K. Mattingly II, and Henry W. Hartsfield Jr. aboard, will launch from the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), and orbit Earth for approximately one week in summer of 1982. The insignia shows the Columbia trailing our nation's colors in the shape of her flight number, representing the fourth and final flight of the highly successful flight test phase. She then streaks on into the future, entering the exciting operational phase scheduled to begin with STS-5. The NASA insignia design for space shuttle flights is reserved for use by the astronauts and for other official use as the NASA Administrator may authorize. Public availability has been approved only in the forms of illustrations by the various news media. When and if there is any change in this policy, which is not anticipated, the change will be publicly announced. Photo credit: NASA