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Apollo 15 insignia

S71-30463 (May 1971) --- This is the insignia designed for the Apollo 15 lunar landing mission. The circular design features the colors red, white and blue. On the outer portion of the patch a narrow band of blue and a narrow band of red encircle a wider band of white. The large disc in the center of the emblem has red, white and blue symbols of flight, superimposed over an artist's concept of the Apollo 15 Hadley-Apennine landing site of gray tone. The surnames of the three names are centered in the white band at the bottom of the insignia. The Apollo 15 prime crew men are David R. Scott, commander; Alfred M. Worden, command module pilot; and James B. Irwin, lunar module pilot. This is the official Apollo 15 emblem, property of the government of the United States. It has been authorized only for use by the astronauts. Its production in any form other than in news, information and education media is not authorized without approval. Unauthorized use of the photograph is subject to the provisions of Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 701.