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Ales-Cia Winsley smiles for the camera as she sits in front of a row of desks in Firing Room 1 in the Launch Control Center at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. She is wearing a bright magenta jacket with two pins (the NASA "meatball" insignia and the NASA Artemis logo) present on her right lapel, a white shirt, and striped slacks.

Lead Space Launch System Avionics Engineer Ales-Cia Winsley

"Once the rocket launched, [I saw] how it illuminated such a dark space. So even when you're in a dark space, you can let your light shine. And it won't just shine for you and those that are immediately around you, but even people that you don't know will notice it, even people that you will never see will notice your light shining and be inspired.” — Ales-Cia Winsley, Lead Space Launch System Avionics Engineer, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

Image Credit: NASA / Cory S Huston

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