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Women Scientists at NASA in January 1959

 January 1959, Women Scientists at NASA
January 1959. Women Scientists Lucille Coltrane, Jean Clark Keating, Katherine Cullie Speegle, Doris 'Dot' Lee, Ruth Whitman, and Emily Stephens Mueller.

Women scientists gathered in a meeting room at NASA in 1959.

At the far left is Lucille Coltrane. Lucille was a computer at Langley Research Center. Next to Lucille is Jean Clark Keating, an aerospace engineer. The third woman from the left is Katherine Collie Speegle, a mathematician. The woman standing is Doris ‘Dot’ Lee, who worked on a team with Katherine Collie Speegle. Next to Doris is Ruth I. Whitman, an engineer in the pilotless aircraft division. The woman seated on the right of Ruth is Emily Stephens Mueller, a computer who worked with the Space Task Group.

Image Credit: NASA