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Artemis II Crew Trains for Emergency Scenarios Ahead of Moon Mission

Two astronauts in orange spacesuits and helmets sit horizontal with their feet raised in a mockup of the Orion spacecraft. The feet of two other astronauts are above them on the left. All are assisted by a man in a beige hat.
Credit: NASA/James Blair

The four Artemis II astronauts practiced procedures to exit the Orion spacecraft in an emergency during training at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston on Dec. 15. NASA astronaut Christina Koch (foreground) and CSA (Canadian Space Agency) astronaut Jeremy Hansen were assisted by Bill Owens, Artemis II spacesuit technician. The training included exiting both the side and top hatches of the spacecraft to ensure the crew will be ready for potential emergency scenarios upon splashdown in the Pacific Ocean that would require them to leave the capsule before the recovery team arrives. The Artemis II mission will send the crew on an approximately 10-day flight test around the Moon. Under Artemis, NASA will return humans to the Moon for long-term exploration and scientific discovery.