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Benefits for Humanity: New Frontiers in Physics

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet working with the Ultrasonic Tweezers experiment setup and execution in the Columbus module aboard the International Space Station.
Credits: NASA

I think what’s really fantastic is we get the best of both worlds… From the most theoretical to the most basic, most mundane application, we got a bit of everything up here on the space station and that’s what makes it so special.

Thomas Pesquet

Thomas Pesquet

ESA Astronaut

Microgravity enables study of the physics of the universe through a completely new lens. International Space Station scientists are discovering fundamental knowledge through research on colloids, bubbles, and fluid behavior. Researchers also are expanding the field of astrophysics with observations of celestial phenomena and answering fundamental physics questions by examining individual atoms and subatomic particles. This work is helping solve the mysteries of the formation and nature of the universe, while also being applied to practical uses on Earth such as improved medical diagnostic devices, electronics, fuel efficiency, and fire safety.



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Sep 29, 2023
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