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Artemis II Media Resources

Media Contacts

NASA Headquarters, Kathryn Hambleton and Rachel Kraft202-358-1100

Crew requests: Courtney Beasley, NASA Johnson, 281-483-5111

Latest Updates: Artemis blog

Mission Resources

Artemis II Overview | Mission Map

Meet Your Artemis II Crew

Mission Overview Video (YouTube)

Artemis II Mission Animation Broll

Artemis II Imagery

Related Resources

Artemis WHY/HOW
Artemis Accords
Orion Crew Survival System Spacesuit
NASA Astronauts

Crew Resources

Crew portraits and photos

Crew training resource reel

Meet the Crew Video (YouTube)

Reid Wiseman: bio | resource reel

Victor Glover: bio | resource reel

Christina Koch: bio | resource reel

Jeremy Hansen: bio | resource reel

Houston We Have a Podcast episode: The Artemis II Astronauts

Crew interviews during first suited launch day dry run (Sept. 20, 2023)

Program and Project Resources

SLS Rocket | SLS Resource Reel
Orion Spacecraft
Exploration Ground Systems
Education and STEM Engagement

Historical and Other Resources

Artemis B-roll

Artemis I imagery