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NASA Armstrong Flight Center’s

Contributions to the Space Shuttle Program

The shuttle Orbiter 101 "Enterprise" separates from the NASA 747 carrier aircraft over the California desert

Edited by Christian Gelzer

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center’s Contributions to the Space Shuttle Program, edited by NASA historian Christian Gelzer, details the work performed by the center in support, both directly and indirectly, of the Space Transportation System, commonly known as the space shuttle. Illustrated with both official and unofficial imagery, experts from across several fields, including NASA engineers, an Air Force flight surgeon, and historians, provide insights into Armstrong Flight Research Center’s work in shaping the shuttle’s development, operations, and further improvement.

Topics include flight research on the X-15 and lifting bodies, thermostructural testing, the Approach and Landing Test program, thermal protection system tiles under flight loads, tire tests, external tank insulation experiments, shuttle landing convoy procedures, and more.