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Apollo 11 Flight Plan

These Flight Plan excerpts were scanned by Frank O'Brien.
Last revised 28 July 2002.


The complete Apollo 11 Flight Plan is available in PDF format.


Activities for both the CSM and LM are included in the following flight plan pages. Titles describing these pages refer to LM activities only.


Page 3-63, 96:00-97:00, LM Ingress, Familiarization and Activation (27k; gif)

Page 3-64, 97:00-98:00, LM Activation (28k; gif)

Page 3-64a, CSM/LM Typical Landmark Tracking Profile (17k; gif)

Page 3-65, 98:00-99:00, LM Activation, PGNS and AGS Tests (27k; gif)

Page 3-66, 99:00-100:00, LM Activation, RCS, Radar and Radio Checkout (29k; gif)

Page 3-67, 100:00-101:00, Undocking and Separation (31k; gif)

Page 3-68, 101:00-102:00, IMU Align, Systems Checks, DOI (30k; gif)

Page 3-69, 102:00-103:00, PDI, Touchdown (32k; gif)

Page 3-70, 103:00-104:00, IMU Surface Alignment, Simulated Countdown, Window Photography (30k; gif)

Page 3-70a, CSM Typical Landmark Tracking Profile (17k; gif)

Page 3-71, 104:00-105:00, IMU Surface Align, Simulated Countdown, Eat Period (21k; gif)

Page 3-72, 105:00-106:00, Eat Period, Rest Period (21k; gif)

Page 3-73, 106:00-107:00, Rest Period (21k; gif)

Page 3-74, 107:00-108:00, Rest Period (27k; gif)

Page 3-75, 108:00-109:00, Rest Period (18k; gif)

Page 3-76, 109:00-110:00, Rest Period, Eat Period (18k; gif)

Page 3-77, 110:00-111:00, Eat Period, Preparation for EVA (24k; gif)

Page 3-78, 111:00-112:00, Preparations for EVA (23k; gif)

Page 3-79, 112:00-113:00, Prep for Cabin Depress, CDR Initial EVA (24k; gif)

Page 3-80, 113:00-114:00, CDR Sample collection, LM Inspection; LMP Initial EVA, LM Inspection (30k; gif)

Page 3-81, 114:00-115:00, CDR, LMP EASEP Deployment, Sample Collection; LMP EVA Termination (31k; gif)

Page 3-82, 115:00-116:00, CDR EVA Termination, Post EVA Activities (28k; gif)

Page 3-83, 116:00-117:00, Cabin Depress, Equipment Jettison, Eat Period (24k; gif)

Page 3-84, 117:00-118:00, Eat Period, Rest Period (29k; gif)

Page 3-85, 118:00-119:00, Rest Period (18k; gif)

Page 3-86, 119:00-121:00, Rest Period (18k; gif)

Page 3-87, 121:00-122:00, Rest Period (18k; gif)

Page 3-88, 122:00-123:00, IMU Surface Align, AGS Initialize, System Checks, Eat Period (22k; gif)

Page 3-89, 123:00-124:00, Consumables Update, IMU Surface Alignment, AGS Updates (22k; gif)

Page 3-90, 124:00-125:00, Pre-Ascent Checks, Ascent, IMU Align, (31k; gif)

Page 3-91, 125:00-126:00, Rendezvous Activities, CSI, Plane Change (26k; gif)

Page 3-92, 126:00-127:00, Rendezvous Activities, CDH, TPI (27k; gif)

Page 3-93, 127:00-128:00, Rendezvous Activities, MCC1, MCC2 (24k; gif)

Page 3-94, 128:00-129:00, Docking, Equipment Transfers (26k; gif)

Page 3-95, 129:00-130:00, Equipment Transfers and Cleanup (20k; gif)

Page 3-96, 130:00-131:00, LM Closeout, Configure for LM Jettison (17k; gif)


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