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Day 4, part 4:
Lunar Orbit Revolutions 3 to 5
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Day 5:
Yankee Clipper Rev 14 to 24

Apollo 12

Day 5, part 1: Prepare for Lunar Descent

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2004 - 2020 by W. David Woods and Lennox J. Waugh. All rights reserved.
Last updated 2020-04-03
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This is Apollo Control Houston 92 hours, 38 minutes now into the flight of Apollo 12. We've had no communications with the Apollo 12 crew for the past several minutes. The crew is preparing to start their rest period. We presently show Apollo 12 traveling at a velocity of 5,349 feet per second. Current altitude 59.6 nautical miles. Its orbital parameter's 65.5 nautical miles for an apolune and 54.7 nautical miles for a perilune. So at 92 hours, 38 minutes continuing to monitor, this is Apollo Control Houston.
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This Apollo Control, Houston, at 92 hours and 50 minutes since lift-off. We do not plan to [call] the spacecraft from this point on and will only respond, of course, if they do call Mission Control Center. We're some 20 minutes away from Loss Of Signal. We will continue to monitor any conversation, should a conversation develop between the ground and the spacecraft. Presently, Apollo 12 is at an altitude of 56.5 nautical miles above the lunar surface. This is Apollo Control, Houston.
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This is Apollo Control, Houston, at 93 hours, 5 minutes now into the flight. We're less than 5 minutes away at this time from scheduled Loss Of Signal. The Mission Control Center has not been contacted by Apollo 12 since our last report nor do we expect to be. Presumably, the Apollo 12 crew has started their rest period, which will be their last period of rest prior to the start of the very active phase of this mission. We're at 93 hours and 6 minutes and currently show Apollo 12 at 54.9 nautical miles above the lunar surface, and this is Apollo Control, Houston.
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This is Apollo Control, Houston. We're less than a minute away now from scheduled Loss Of Signal as Apollo 12 will be passing above the far side of the Moon. We're now at 93 hours, 9 minutes into the flight, and this is Apollo Control, Houston.
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This is Apollo Control, Houston. We've had Loss Of Signal with Apollo 12. We're now at 93 hours and 10 minutes into the flight.
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This is Apollo Control, Houston. We're now at 93 hours, 56 minutes into the flight of Apollo 12. We should be acquiring Apollo 12 momentarily, however, since the crew should have started their rest cycle we're uncertain at this point as to whether or not we'll have any communications with them on this the front side pass of the sixth revolution around the Moon. However, we will leave the line up in any case. We currently show orbital parameters of 65.2 nautical miles and 55.1 nautical miles. At 93 hours, 57 minutes into the flight this is Apollo Control, Houston.
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This is Apollo Control, Houston. We are receiving data at this time from the spacecraft. We're at 93 hours, 58 minutes into the flight.
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This is Apollo Control, Houston at 94 hours, 19 minutes now into the flight. We've had no conversation with the Apollo 12 crew since we acquired them. We've still got 49 minutes of acquisition time on this front side pass. It's quite conjectural at this point as to whether or not we will have any contact with them. The Apollo 12 crew is presently in their period of rest. We now show a velocity for Apollo 12 as it circles the Moon of 5,327 feet per second. Its apolune now 65.2 nautical miles, its perilune now 55 nautical miles. At 94 hours, 20 minutes continuing to monitor, this is Apollo Control, Houston.
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This is Apollo Control at Houston at 94 hours, 38 minutes now into the flight of Apollo 12. We have approximately 31 more minutes of acquisition time on this front side pass of the 6th revolution around the moon. Thus far we have had no communication contact with the crew; they are presently in their rest cycle. Following this shift change, we will have a Change Of Shift briefing in the news center with Flight Director Pete Frank. We expect that to start at approximately 9:30. We are now at 94 hours, 38 minutes into the flight, and this is Apollo Control Houston.
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This is Apollo Control Houston at 94 hours, 56 minutes into the flight of Apollo 12. We presently show the Apollo 12 velocity at 5,370 feet per second. Its apolune 64.8 nautical miles, its perilune 55.1 nautical miles. We have 11 minutes of time remaining before we lose signal with the spacecraft. As you have no doubt surmised by this time, we have not contacted the crew at all during this pass. They're in a rest period. They have not attempted to contact Mission Control Center from the spacecraft. We are, as a reminder, scheduled to have a Change Of Shift news conference scheduled to start at 9:30 this morning, or shortly thereafter. We are 94 hours, 58 minutes into the flight, and this is Apollo Control Houston.
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This is Apollo Control at 95 hours, 24 minutes. We're now 29 minutes, 43 seconds from reacquiring Apollo 12 Spacecraft at that time will be on it's seventh revolution. We're scheduled to start the Change Of Shift press conference momentarily in the small briefing auditorium in the Houston News Center. Press conference is scheduled to begin at this time. At 95 hours, 25 minutes this is Apollo Control, Houston.
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This is Apollo Control at 95 hours, 53 minutes. We are now 1 minute from reacquiring the spacecraft on the 7th revolution, and Mission Control Flight Director Glynn Lunney's team of Flight Controllers settled down to watching these spacecraft systems during this scheduled 8 and a half hours sleep period. We last heard from the crew at 93 hours into the mission, about 3 hours ago. We show an orbital period now of 60 - rather of 1 hour, 58 minutes, 47 seconds. Our current orbital parameters are 65 nautical miles by 55.1 nautical miles. At 11:00 this morning, there is a briefing scheduled on the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package. That will be held in the main auditorium, the large auditorium of Building 1 in the Houston News Center. That's 11:00am this morning for the briefing on the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package. We'll continue to leave the air-to-ground circuits up live for any possible conversation with the spacecraft, although we don't anticipate any. We're reading a cabin temperature in the spacecraft, right now, of 65 degrees, cabin pressure is holding steady at the nominal 5 pounds per square inch. At 95 hours, 55 minutes this is Apollo Control standing by.
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This is Apollo Control at 96 hours, 37 minutes. All continues quiet as the crew moves into their sleep period of about 3 and a half hours now. The spacecraft currently moving towards the site 7, the point at which Apollo 12 is targeted to land, and at the present: time we show an altitude of 59.1 nautical miles above the lunar surface. The ALSEP, Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package briefing is scheduled to begin at 11am in the News Center auditorium, the main auditorium of the Houston News Center. That will be 11am this morning for the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package briefing. At 96 hours, 38 minutes this is Apollo Control, Houston.
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This is Apollo Control at 97 hours, 3 minutes. We are now some 4 minutes from LOS from Apollo 12. The spacecraft currently on the 7th revolution around the Moon. The crew is some 4 hours into a 8 and a half hour sleep period. Here in Mission Control now we have received word from the Solar Particles Alert Network that they have observed a moderate solar flare; this apparently is the same solar flare that we watched on the second of November. The flare has now rotated around and is coming back into the field of view. Based on the previous information that we had from this flare, we would not expect it to be a problem; the particles associated with it were quite low and from our previous information we would not expect to get a significant level of radiation to the crew. We will however be monitoring the particles coming from the flare now over the next few hours, determining the types of radiation levels we can expect for both inside the spacecraft and outside the spacecraft and evaluating this in terms of any possible impact on the mission. To repeat the classification that we have of the flare at this time, based on optical data, is that it is a moderate flare and we would not expect it to be a problem. At 97 hours, 4 minutes into the mission, this is Apollo Control.
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LOS Rev 7.
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This is Apollo control at 97 hours, 11 minutes we've had loss of signal now. The spacecraft orbit currently reading 64.8, 55.3. We'll re-acquire in 42 minutes, we would expect the crew to continue in their sleep period, while we don't expect to have any conversation from them till the scheduled 8 and half hour rest period is concluded. At 97 hours, 11 minutes this is Apollo Control Houston.
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This is Apollo Control at 97 hours, 52 minutes. We are about 1 minute now from acquiring Apollo 12, the spacecraft on its 8th revolution of the Moon, and the crew now some 5 hours into their scheduled 8 and a half hour rest period. We will continue to leave the circuit open, and should we receive any calls from the crew, although we do not anticipate hearing from them during the rest period. Apollo 12's current orbit is 64.7 by 55.6. We show an altitude at this time of 64.1 nautical miles. We are standing by now for reacquisition in about 15 seconds.
And our network controller reports that we have Acquisition Of Signal now.
AOS Rev 8.
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097:55:07 Bean: Houston, Apollo 12.
097:55:19 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston. Go ahead.
097:55:24 Bean: Roger. Got a couple of quick questions for you. One, we seem to be find - a little more RCS - there seems to be a little more RCS thruster activity around the Moon than we had imagined. Is Control satisfied with our propellant usage right now and the number of firings? That's one. Two, I've been getting a little stuffy in the head. In fact, I been that way since launch. Do you know - I don't have a cold or anything. My ears are sometimes clear, and sometimes they're not. I took a decongestant pill about - several hours ago, and in order to be sure that my ears are good and clear tomorrow for the - all the LM activity and the EVA, how often should I take one of those pills to get the maximum effectiveness from it?
097:56:25 Lind: Roger. We'll check on both of those.
Long comm break.
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097:58:58 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston.
097:59:04 Bean: Go ahead.
097:59:06 Lind: The surgeon recommends that we take one of those every 8 hours; so 8 hours after you took the first one, we recommend another one, and it should be just about time to take one more just before the EVA, so that's the recommendation. Also, we're interested in getting Biomed, and we're wondering if you can turn on Pete's Biomed if it's just a question of throwing the switch. We're not getting any Biomed from him, and we don't I know why. Don't wake him up, but we wondered if you could get us some Biomed from him easily.
097:59:40 Bean: No. He's down in his sleep station, and it makes it a bit uncomfortable to get the Biomed down to there, so he's not even connected to it. That's why you're not getting it from Pete at all. The only person you've been getting it from is Dick.
097:59:54 Lind: Roger. We didn't get any for a long time there. Okay. And on the thrusters, they look good. We're checking further, but, at the first approximation, things look fine.
098:00:12 Bean: Sounds good. I'm going to head back to sleep, Houston, so the only person you'll have Biomed on is Dick, I guess.
098:00:19 Lind: Roger. Thank you. Hope your nose clears up.
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This is Apollo Control. That was Lunar Module pilot Al Bean reporting some stuffiness, and he said he did not think he had a cold, and advised that he had taken a decongestant pill a number of hours ago. The flight surgeon recommended that he take another pill approximately 8 hours after taking the first, and then one more just before beginning the lunar landing portion of the mission. Al also questioned us on the propellant usage. He noted that the RCS thrusters seem to be firing regularly in Lunar orbit and, as you heard, the advise from CapCom Don Lind was that everything looked good with the RCS thrusters and with the propellant usage.
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This is Apollo Control at 98 hours, 26 minutes. We have continued to monitor that solar flare that we reported to you on the last revolution. We have gotten a report from the radiation support room here in Mission Control that the flare would now appear to be classified as a - relatively small one and we've also gotten several other positive indications. One we would have expected by this time, had there been any significant high energy particles to begin receiving some of these at the spacecraft sensors. At the present time we've seen no indication of any radiation - particle radiation in the area of the spacecraft based on onboard instrumentation. Also, we've seen no change in the radiation levels being monitored by the ATS1 Satellite which is in its synchronous orbit about the Earth, and also no increase in radiation measured by Explorer 41, which is in a high elliptical orbit around Earth that takes it about a third of the way out to the Moon. A short while ago we had a call from the spacecraft, as you heard, Lunar Module Pilot, Al Bean, called down at 97 hours, 55 minutes and reported that he had observed regular thruster fire in it and asked us to check the status to see if the spacecraft was, perhaps, consuming more RCS propellant than would be desired. After reviewing the propellant status and the number of thruster firings, Flight Controllers reported that all is normal. Just about what we would expect and the propellant usages about what we would expect. Bean also advised that he had some stuffiness and some head stuffiness, nasal congestion. He said he had taken a decongestant pill several hours ago and requested that we provide him with a schedule for continuing to take decongestants up to the lunar landing. The Flight Surgeon recommended that he take an additional decongestant tablet approximately 8 hours after taking the first one and take another one then just before beginning the Power Descent. At 98 hours, 28 minutes this is Apollo Control.
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This is Apollo Control at 99 hours, 5 minutes. We have had LOS now. The spacecraft is on the 8th revolution of the moon and the crew is about 2 hours now from their scheduled 8 and a half hour sleep period. During this LOS period we plan to play back the tape recording of the Apollo Lunar Experiment Package Briefing which was held this morning in the Houston News Center. We understand the tape runs about 30 minutes; we expect this LOS period to last something on the order of 45 minutes. We will play back the tape of the ALSEP briefing for you now.
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This is Apollo Control at 99 hours, 52 minutes. We've had Acquisition Of Signal from the spacecraft, now in its ninth revolution of the Moon. We expect the crew will remain sleeping through the major portion of this revolution. They're scheduled to awake at 101 hours, which is a little more than 1 hour from now. At the present time, Apollo 12 is at an altitude of 64 nautical miles above the lunar surface. We show the orbit to be 55.9 nautical miles by 64.4 at the present time. We'll continue to stand by for any conversation from the crew, but as I said, we don't expect anything, probably, for about another hour.
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This is Apollo Control at l00 hours, 41 minutes. We have a little more than 22 minutes now before Loss Of Signal with the spacecraft. A few minutes prior to LOS, if we have not heard from the crew, we plan to wake them up. The crew will then have breakfast. The Lunar Module pilot and commander, Al Bean and Pete Conrad will begin putting on their pressure garments, and at about the middle of the11th revolution, they're scheduled to enter the LM, begin powering up, checking out in preparation for the lunar landing. All spacecraft systems have continued to function normally during the 8 hour sleep period. Several hours ago, Al Bean came on the line to advise that he had a bit of nasal congestion - congestion in the head, and planned to - had taken a decongestant tablet, and planned to continue taking them up to the beginning of the power descent. Bean also checked on propellant consumption, RCS propellant consumption at that time. He reported that he had noted regular firing of the RCS thrusters and wanted to check to see that everything was normal. We advised him that it was. That the thrusters were firing about as often as we would expect them. The propellant consumption was about nominal. At 100 hours, 43 minutes, this is Apollo Control. We'll be standing by for the awakening of the crew.
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This is Apollo Control at 100 hours, 54 minutes Capcom Don Lind is preparing to put in a call to the crew shortly. We'll stand by for that. Reveille.
AOS Rev 9.
100:53:45 "Reveille" played on bugle
100:54:00 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston. Good morning.
100:54:13 Lind: Apollo 12, Houston. Good morning.
100:54:38 Lind: Apollo 12, Apollo 12, this is Houston. Over.
100:54:56 Lind: Apollo 12, Apollo 12, Houston. Good morning.
Comm break.
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100:56:15 Lind: Apollo 12, Apollo 12, this is Houston. Good morning, good morning.
100:56:23 Conrad: Good morning, Houston. This is 12.
100:56:26 Lind: Good morning, gentlemen; today's the big day. Hit the deck.
100:56:33 Conrad: Roger. We've been there for a while.
100:56:36 Lind: Very good. We've got a couple of items for you when you get your eyes wide open.
100:56:44 Conrad: Okay. I'm ready to copy.
100:56:51 Lind: Question about your biomedical sensor that you reported moving the other day. Is it still holding in position?
100:56:57 Conrad: Yes. I want to talk to you about that this morning. Go ahead with the rest of the questions, then I'll talk to you about it.
100:57:05 Lind: Okay. That was one of them. One of the other items was that, while you were sleeping, we had a class-2 flare reported on the Sun. We watched it very carefully in your behalf, and we get no particles coming out of it in the vicinity of the Earth. So, we exercised the system, but there's nothing to report coming your way. The surgeon is recommending ...
100:57:28 Conrad: Okay.
100:57:30 Lind: ...The surgeon is recommending that we change your biomedical sensor, but what do you have to say about first?
100:57:39 Conrad: I - I've already moved the sensor, and I'm developing a little bit of a problem with all of them. I've never had this problem before, but something in that goo is - allerg - My skin is allergic to it, I guess. And I finally had to move the upper one because I broke out underneath it. And I guess I was weeping plasma or something, and it finally started weeping over the side. It's been bothering me for the last couple of days. Now, all of them are in the came category, and I don't want to move [garble] and get this stuff out in the open. I - I can't do - You tend to break out even worse. Now, the one on my chest is pretty bad, and I've moved that one. So, what I propose to you all is - that - I'm going to leave them just the way they are until we get all the way through the EVA and I get back up here. Then, I want to take them off. [Long pause.]
100:59:35 Lind: Apollo 12, would you go Manual on the High Gain? We're losing your signal.
100:59:47 Lind: Apollo 12, Apollo 12. Please go Manual on the High Gain. We're losing your signal.
101:00:19 Lind: Apollo 12; Houston.
101:00:24 Conrad: Okay, Houston. I'm on Omni B. Now's that?
101:00:27 Lind: Roger. Much better. We lost most of your transmission about your Biomed centers -sensors, Pete. You had said that you'd been having trouble for a day or so on that. What was the last half of that message?
101:00:42 Conrad: Okay. What the problem is, is I - For some reason, it's making me break out. It looks like I got poison ivy under those things, and they're weeping plasma or whatever you weep. And the one I moved is the one on the top of my chest, and it's all broken out up there. Now, I don't want to take the rest of them off, because I'm afraid of what I'm going to find underneath. So, what I propose to do is continue the way they are, and when we get done EVA's down there, I want to get rid of them. They're driving me buggy.
101:01:19 Lind: Roger. We're going to talk that one over for a second. We're about 2 minutes from LOS. Just in case we should lose you a little bit early, we expect to pick you up again at 101 plus 49.
101:01:35 Conrad: Roger. Okay, I've already moved that one, and my my - skin's in pretty bad shape underneath it. It's - It's still weeping whatever you weep, plasma, I guess, and I don't want to move the other ones.
101:01:52 Lind: Roger. Just a question on them - on that. When you moved it, did you put on a new seal and new jelly?
101:02:00 Conrad: That's affirmative.
101:02:02 Lind: Very good.[Long pause.]
101:02:11 Conrad: I think we're getting ready to lose you here, Houston. We'll see you on the other side at 101:49.
101:02:18 Lind: Roger.
101:02:20 Gordon (onboard): Go back to High Gain [Long pause.]
101:02:54 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
101:03:00 Conrad (onboard): Another thing I was thinking about doing - taping this goddamned thing's going to be...
101:03:08 Gordon (onboard): Huh?
101:03:13 Conrad (onboard): It'll have been on for 32, 34 hours before he was...
101:03:16 Lind: Apollo 12, we'll see you on the other side.
101:03:23 Conrad: Roger-Roger.
LOS Rev 9.
101:03:23 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
101:03:27 Gordon (onboard): Is that a promise?
101:03:29 Conrad (onboard): [Laughter] Looks good. We're on the other side.
101:03:36 Bean (onboard): [Garble]?
101:03:38 Conrad (onboard): We got our O2 fuel cell purge, waste water dump, clean the spacecraft; we got 1 hour.
101:03:47 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
101:03:52 Conrad (onboard): Al, we actually have 1-1/2 hours to do all that in and then we're supposed to start donning our LCGs, so I think we can probably get ahead of the game right there.
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This is Apollo Control at 101 hours, 4 minutes. We've had Loss Of Signal now from the spacecraft. We'll reacquire again at 101 hours, 49 minutes or a little more than 45 minutes from now. At that time the spacecraft will be in its 10th revolution of the moon. During that exchange with the crew, Pete Conrad reported that one of the biomedical sensors attached to his chest had been giving him trouble. As you heard, he said that apparently some sort of allergic reaction to the jelly that's used to attach the sensor and he had broken out underneath it. We're evaluating the situation with respect to the sensors at the present time and plan to have some sort of recommendation to pass up to Conrad when we reacquire. At 101 hours, 5 minutes, this is Mission Control, Houston.
101:04:08 Conrad (onboard): Hey, I got to bandage this son of a bitch. Are there any bandages in there? Look at that freaker. It usually doesn't...
101:04:16 Bean (onboard): Maybe that antibiotic isn't doing any good.
101:04:23 Bean (onboard): We've got lots of bandages [garble] antibiotics just bombed it out.
101:04:34 Conrad (onboard): I would have bombed it out; it's just...
101:04:35 Bean (onboard): [Garble] eye drops [garble].
101:04:37 Gordon (onboard): [Garble], yes. Is there [garble] in that medical kit?
101:04:43 Conrad (onboard): Yes, there's [garble] but the only trouble is [garble].
101:04:48 Gordon (onboard): What? Isn't that thing going here someplace?
101:04:50 Conrad (onboard): I - I didn't look that carefully.
101:04:52 Bean (onboard): [Garble]? [garble].
101:04:57 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
101:04:58 Bean (onboard): I don't know.
101:05:00 Gordon (onboard): Right - right there. Wherever the hell that is.
101:05:05 Bean (onboard): [Garble] cleaned [garble] home - home.
101:05:08 Conrad (onboard): Where was that clean yesterday?
101:05:10 Bean (onboard): Oh, those little ones, but the big ones...
101:05:12 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] cleaned [garble].
101:05:14 Bean (onboard): Filthy [garble] - Oh, yes [garble] I've got some over here.
101:05:24 Gordon (onboard): What's that, Al?
101:05:25 Bean (onboard): [Garble] I'm taking out of your Med kit two of these nasal sprays, and I'm taking the nasal emollient, if it's okay.
101:05:32 Gordon (onboard): Why don't you take one eye drop?
101:05:33 Conrad (onboard): Wait a minute; we got that in the Med kit in the...
101:05:35 Bean (onboard): No, we don't; I checked it.
101:05:36 Conrad (onboard): What's in it?
101:05:37 Bean (onboard): The only thing in a bottle is eye drops.
101:05:39 Gordon (onboard): Isn't there a medical kit in the LM?
101:05:41 Conrad (onboard): Yes, there's nothing in there but eye drops.
101:05:43 Bean (onboard): We've got eye drops and some of these things [garble], but it doesn't have any nasal spray.
101:05:48 Conrad (onboard): This kit isn't medication; that's just...
101:06:10 Bean (onboard): [Garble] and ask him for it.
101:06:13Conrad (onboard): I tell you, the other ones are just as...
101:06:14 Bean (onboard): Give me a piece of tape.
101:06:15 Conrad (onboard): ...the same way, but not quite as bad - not at the moment.
101:06:17 Gordon (onboard): [Garble], Pete.
101:06:19 Conrad (onboard): I got it; wait a minute; it's right here. Here [Long pause.]
101:06:52 Gordon (onboard): You guys leave anything for me? Huh?
101:07:12 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Dick?
101:07:13 Gordon (onboard): Yes.
101:07:14 Conrad (onboard): Will you stick that in the TSB down there?
101:07:20 Gordon (onboard): Let me get this screw off.
101:07:59 Conrad (onboard): Hey, one more thing for the TSB. I know, this ought to go in the waste disposal.
101:08:11 Gordon (onboard): Let me get this [garble] out of your way here.
101:08:18 Conrad (onboard): You could clean those clothes out right now and put them away. I think that's what I'll do.
101:08:23 Gordon (onboard): Huh?
101:08:24 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
101:08:31 Conrad (onboard): We'd be better off putting them in where the - where the LCGs are.
101:08:34 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
101:08:39 Conrad (onboard): I guess you're right; we ought to just try [garble].
101:08:44 Conrad (onboard): You've got to shit, huh? That figures [laughter].
101:08:49 Bean (onboard): [Garble]
101:09:03 Conrad (onboard): I wish I could shit; I'd feel a lot better about it. I don't - have the slightest inclination, but I just know what's going to happen. It's going to be the first shit on the lunar surface.
101:09:12 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
101:09:18 Conrad (onboard): Thank you. [Pause.]
101:09:33 Gordon (onboard): Okay, I'm up on the time, I guess. See what else we've forgotten.
101:10:15 Conrad (onboard): Exactly what it looks like underneath here is poison ivy. That's the best way to describe it.
101:10:19 Gordon (onboard): Looks bad.
101:10:21 Conrad (onboard): Yes, it looks like a bad case of poison ivy. I hate to look under the rest of them.
101:11:06 Conrad (onboard): We ought to get as much done as we can in the next hour because as soon as we come back out from behind the Moon, it's going to be yak, yak, yak, yak.
101:11:13 Bean (onboard): That's right; we're going to have to remember to...
101:11:14 Conrad (onboard): Oh, they got all kinds of PADs as soon as we get fired up here.
101:11:23 Gordon (onboard): Let's get that waste water dump going.
101:11:25 Conrad (onboard): Okay I'm watching.
101:11:27 Gordon (onboard): That's good then, I'll get that going; let's...
101:11:30 Conrad (onboard): Do we have an O2 and H2 purge or just O2?
101:11:32 Gordon (onboard): Just O2.
101:11:33 Bean (onboard): Why don't I do it right now?
101:11:35 Conrad (onboard): All right, that's what I want. Here you go.
101:11:43 Bean (onboard): Here comes fuel cell 1 - O2. I've already started watching the waste water, too.
101:11:54 Conrad (onboard): All right. Close on the potable - waste down 50.
101:11:59 Bean (onboard): Good. There you go.
101:12:04 Conrad (onboard): Get all that good stuff done [Long pause.]
101:12:34 Conrad (onboard): Time for my vitamin pill this morning. Here are your vitamin pills. Boy, I'd swear, if I didn't know better, that that's exactly what I had was poison ivy.
101:12:51 Bean (onboard): That vitamin-pill supply is getting low...
101:12:53 Conrad (onboard): I've got all kinds of drugs; give them to you.
101:12:56 Bean (onboard): Why don't you give me some and I can stick them in there. I've only got three, and I'll have a hell of a time fighting these blue jobs here. No.
101:13:07 Gordon (onboard): Hey, that's a bunch of [garble] there.
101:13:17 Conrad (onboard): I need a - I need a sack [garble]. Wait a minute [garble] going to eat them all now, make you [garble].
101:13:50 Conrad (onboard): Want a vitamin pill, Dick?
101:13:51 Gordon (onboard): What?
101:13:52 Conrad (onboard): A vitamin pill?
101:13:55 Gordon (onboard): I guess so.
101:14:03 Conrad (onboard): I'm trying to play doctor, sort of.
101:14:14 Conrad (onboard): Here you go. You want a pill?
101:14:20 Bean (onboard): Yes, I'll take one with some water, in a minute.
101:14:51 Conrad (onboard): I [garble], you're liable to lose your [garble].
101:14:57 Bean (onboard): Really?
101:14:59 Conrad (onboard): Go ahead and take it.
101:15:00 Bean (onboard): No, I'll go ahead and wait until Gordon takes it. Wait a minute.
101:15:06 Conrad (onboard): O2 Flow High. Where the hell is it? Oh, here it is, okay. Where are you?
101:15:39 Conrad (onboard): What's the waste water?
101:15:42 Gordon (onboard): It's okay [garble].
101:15:56 Conrad (onboard): Okay, close her up.
101:15:57 Bean (onboard): One for you and one for me.
101:15:59 Conrad (onboard): Okay, good show. Get this thing started now. Fuel cell 2 - 2, O2 - and there's that one.[Long pause.]
101:16:50 Bean (onboard): About every l0 minutes, that baby will be so clear, I won't...
101:16:54 Conrad (onboard): Be careful with that - should be on [garble] once in about 8 hours.
101:16:57 Bean (onboard): Really?
101:16:58 Conrad (onboard): Yes, and it can make you goof - not goofy, but it can make you light-headed. Don't take too much of it.
101:17:04 Bean (onboard): I don't need to be light-headed.
101:17:11 Conrad (onboard): Got it? In the bag, huh?
101:17:13 Gordon (onboard): In the bag.
101:17:15 Conrad (onboard): Good show. Okay, our waste water's coming down. Going to have you stop your crapping and shut off the waste water [cough].
101:17:27 Bean (onboard): What am I going to run it to?
101:17:29 Conrad (onboard): Ten [Long pause.]
101:17:58 Conrad (onboard): How busy are you, Dick? How busy are you?
101:18:02 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
101:18:04 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
101:18:05 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] [Long pause.]
101:18:17 Conrad (onboard): Okay, how about - how about - here - here. Waste water...
101:18:24 Bean (onboard): Okay, fuel cell 2 looks good.
101:18:28 Conrad (onboard): Potable, on; dump, off.
101:18:30 Bean (onboard): Try fuel cell 3.
101:18:53 Gordon (onboard): Where are [garble]?
101:18:54 Conrad (onboard): Right here, Dick.
101:19:08 Conrad (onboard): Okay, the next thing we've got to do - cycle these fans. You ready? 1...
101:19:14 Bean (onboard): Yes.
101:19:17 Conrad (onboard): ...2 - 3 - 4.
101:19:24 Bean (onboard): You're [garble].
101:19:30 Conrad (onboard): Is the pisser turned on over there, Dick?
101:19:33 Gordon (onboard): Yes, [garble].
101:19:35 Conrad (onboard): Turn it off. Okay, you've closed off the waste water dump, is that right? Dick Gordon?
101:19:47 Gordon (onboard): Huh?
101:19:48 Conrad (onboard): Waste water's off, huh?
101:19:49 Gordon (onboard): Waste water's off.
101:19:50 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
101:20:40 Bean (onboard): Just a minute. Valve's closed. Fuel cells 3, 2 1 all look good.
101:20:56 Conrad (onboard): Okay, the only thing left to clean up on this page - get these fans off.
101:21:01 Bean (onboard): Got [garble], Pete. Still got to let me have half a minute more to [garble].
101:21:05 Conrad (onboard): All right.
101:21:15 Bean (onboard): Bat A needs a charge.
101:21:20 Conrad (onboard): I'm sure that we aren't supposed to do that someplace in here.
101:21:24 Bean (onboard): We are, sure needs it. How come our damned SPS is warm?
101:21:33 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] warm.
101:21:34 Bean (onboard): The fuel Temp on the service module propellant tank, 90 is the limit to 65 to 75.
101:21:44 Conrad (onboard): Well, it's been 75 up those...
101:21:46 Gordon (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
101:21:55 Bean (onboard): We probably ought to [garble] them - because it's above the normal limit.
101:21:58 Gordon (onboard): Sure is.
101:22:01 Bean (onboard): Only, I don't know how you get hot fuel.
101:22:04 Conrad (onboard): That's really just the line Temp, by the way.
101:22:06 Bean (onboard): Yes.
101:22:07 Gordon (onboard): You're right; that's the line Temp and that's probably exactly why.
101:22:16 Bean (onboard): Okay, fans off. l, 2, 3, 4.
101:22:37 Bean (onboard): Get my freaking [garble]; it's a problem to work back down there.
101:22:41 Gordon (onboard): Sure [garble] to working right now.
101:22:43 Bean (onboard): Can't do nothing. I'm sure that piece didn't bother Pete before...
101:22:49 Conrad (onboard): It's never bothered me before, Al. Christ, I've worn it for 8 days on Gemini, 3 days on Gemini, wore it in chambers; I never had any problem.
101:22:57 Bean (onboard): Yes?
101:22:58 Conrad (onboard): There's something funny.
101:23:04 Bean (onboard): You probably had a bad [garble], [garble] or something like that.
101:23:07 Conrad (onboard): That's true. That being the case, somebody else ought to be feeling bad, too.
101:23:20 Bean (onboard): I wish we hadn't looked at [garble].
101:23:31 Bean (onboard): Prim, Prim, High, Voice, PCM, Ranging. Off, Off, Data, Norm, B, High Gain.
101:23:50 Conrad (onboard): Break out the food.
101:24:02 Bean (onboard): Okay, we're all set. I want to make sure I'm not switching to anything else yet. Should be we're running happily along.
101:24:31 Bean (onboard): Give me - What's this shit doing here? [garble] the place up.
101:24:40 Conrad (onboard): We're shipshape. Get my freaking towel out of the way.
101:25:02 Gordon (onboard): Where are we supposed to do - keep the towels?
101:25:05 Conrad (onboard): Go ahead and put them in that - put them in that waste bag. Those babies go to the lunar surface, as far as I'm concerned.
101:25:10 Bean (onboard): That's where I've been putting mine.
101:25:11 Gordon (onboard): In the LM?
101:25:12 Conrad (onboard): Nobody said anything to me about used towels, though. I'll just say, "What? No, I didn't - nobody said anything about that."
101:25:20 Bean (onboard): Doesn't sound too bad anyway...
101:25:23 Gordon (onboard): Okay [garble] towels - dirty ones.
101:25:29 Bean (onboard): [Garble] keep a clean towel.
101:25:31 Gordon (onboard): Got rid of them.
101:25:32 Bean (onboard): The dirty one going into the LMP's clean - [Laughter].
101:25:35 Conrad (onboard): You ought to really smoke this baby over from one end to the other, when we get - the food's no problem, but anything else is, you know, get rid of it. Like you say, if we could get rid of those turds, we'd have it made.
101:25:51 Conrad (onboard): Day 5, meal A.
101:25:58 Bean (onboard): Okay, that's done, baby. Don LCG at 102:30. I think I'll start that about 102.
101:26:10 Conrad (onboard): Huh? Where - where are you?
101:26:15 Bean (onboard): [Garble] at me.
101:26:17 Conrad (onboard): Coming at you. Right here.
101:26:21 Bean (onboard): Let me see if I - Don LCG. Well, I can don it here; I got [garble] time. I don't get in - and the thing of it is, I got to be out of the way when you're donning yours.
101:26:35 Conrad (onboard): Look, I'll help you get into your whole rig and then you press on.
101:26:39 Bean (onboard): Okay.
101:26:41 Conrad (onboard): Hey, how soon do you fire up the batteries in that bastard; right away though, don't you?
101:26:46 Bean (onboard): We got to do that on time.
101:26:48 Conrad (onboard): LM Power, 104.
101:26:52 Bean (onboard): Straight ahead for 3 hours and 40 minutes from here.
101:27:00 Gordon (onboard): [Garble]?
101:27:02 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
101:27:13 Conrad (onboard): Hey, would you stick - would you stick - that in the waste disposal unit, over there?
101:27:20 Bean (onboard): Get her in the [garble].
101:27:32 Conrad (onboard): We got aspirin over in that other son of a bitch?
101:27:35 Bean (onboard): Yes.
101:27:37 Conrad (onboard): Okay. As long as we got aspirin, that's all I wanted to know. I have a feeling that I may need it, over there - getting tired.
101:28:24 Conrad (onboard): Got your [garble] for you.
101:28:25 Bean (onboard): Oh.
101:28:27 Conrad (onboard): That thing's in a separate bin from anything else. Here, let me just snap it on something, or...
101:28:32 Bean (onboard): Why don't you snap it right there? That's where I figured it'd go.
101:28:37 Conrad (onboard): Mine's in my helmet bag, so I didn't have to worry about it. [Pause.]
101:29:00 Bean (onboard): Going to have some music to cool it. I'm about as jumpy as I can be this morning.
101:29:06 Conrad (onboard): You noticed!
101:29:07 Bean (onboard): Huh? Jumpier than I was on launch day.
101:29:14 Conrad (onboard): I kind of have the same feeling; it's a bigger day.
101:29:17 Bean (onboard): It is. You've got more things under your command today, [garble] Launch day, you're just - kind of along for the ride. Be safe; stick with that freaking list - [garble] stick to the list and be careful you don't throw the wrong switch. Don't get in a hurry.
101:29:46 Bean (onboard): Don't get too fancy.
101:29:47 Conrad (onboard): No fancy shit; you're right.
101:30:04 Bean (onboard): Damn! Do I have a lot of breakfast here [garble].
101:30:15 Bean (onboard): See how my pulse is doing.
101:30:31 Conrad (onboard): Let me have the gun, Richard, if you're done with it.
101:30:39 Gordon (onboard): I'm slow, Pete.
101:30:40 Bean (onboard): It's a minute above normal.
101:30:43 Conrad (onboard): What's normal?
101:30:45 Bean (onboard): Seventeen - in a 15-second period. That's what I've been running; I've been checking myself. I used to multiply it out and then I said to hell with it.
101:30:59 Gordon (onboard): Roger. We've got a 15-second turnover.
101:31:05 Bean (onboard): Shit.
101:31:06 Conrad (onboard): What happened?
101:31:07 Bean (onboard): Nothing.
101:31:10 Gordon (onboard): It isn't easy. Watch what you're doing.
101:31:16 Conrad (onboard): You haven't rewound it. Boy, I tell you; this shit drives me totally insane. [Pause.]
101:31:37 Gordon (onboard): Parts falling off of our spacecraft like - loose [garble]. [Pause.]
101:31:54 Conrad (onboard): God damn, damn! I'll tell you; I hate these mother-freakers with a passion! God damn! Oh, shit!
101:32:08 Bean (onboard): What happened?
101:32:09 Conrad (onboard): Oh, I just let the parts loose. It makes me sloppy and I hate to be sloppy in space! Right?
101:32:10 Bean (onboard): Right...
101:32:17 Conrad (onboard): Got to be neat!
101:32:18 Bean (onboard): ...if you say so. We have got a pretty neat spaceship. The only bag of worms we're leaving Dick Gordon will be that big bag of - stuff here. Fortunately, most of this food is - done.
101:32:35 Conrad (onboard): Dick can handle it.
101:32:45 Bean (onboard): Dick's a little jumpy this morning, too; I've been watching him in action. I can tell by your arm movement.
101:32:58 Bean (onboard): There you go - up, up. Somebody's - gotten to that little [garble].
101:33:05 Conrad (onboard): I tell you, I hate to see that thing [garble]. [Pause.]
101:33:16 Conrad (onboard): I really do get annoyed at those end pieces though; they just drive me absolutely ape! Now, for your next one, did you want to shake the bag? Look at that. Is that a drop of water on the end of that bastard?
101:33:37 Conrad (onboard): [Humming].
101:33:42 Bean (onboard): It'll be good to get down on the lunar surface and do some physical work. You know that?
101:33:48 Conrad (onboard): Speak for yourself; I'm a lazy son of a bitch.
101:33:51 Bean (onboard): So am I, but [garble] - I'm just ready enough to get down there and...
101:33:58 Conrad (onboard): You can't hardly sock it up [laughter].
101:34:02 Bean (onboard): Too soft?
101:34:03 Conrad (onboard): Yes, and it's ... like everything. Hey, we got to decide what we going to do with that plaque.
101:34:15 Bean (onboard): [Garble] put it up [garble] going to put it up and the other one steps back and reads [garble].
101:34:24 Conrad (onboard): You're going to put it up; how am I going to know when you're finished?
101:34:27 Bean (onboard): I'll tell you.
101:34:28 Conrad (onboard): That looks pretty good or something like that?
101:34:29 Bean (onboard): Yes. Okay, then you step back, and I'll step right beside you.
101:34:30 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
101:34:32 Bean (onboard): And then I'll go out and grab that thing some way so the TV camera can see it.
101:34:37 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
101:34:38 Bean (onboard): And you move it around so they can see the side view of it...
101:34:40 Conrad (onboard): Well, what I really ought to do is, you ought to put the TV camera on the - where you're going to drive the pole in, and I ought to stand off the TV - and get it all raised; you can walk in and [garble] it all.
101:34:56 Bean (onboard): Not a bad idea.
101:34:58 Conrad (onboard): Yes. That's what we'll do.
101:34:59 Bean (onboard): I'll put in the pole, and I'll step back, so that...
101:35:02 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
101:35:03 Bean (onboard): ...so that - Here's the TV; here's the flag - I'll step back here, and you can put it - step over here, then you go around, and we salute it [garble].
101:35:18 Conrad (onboard): I don't think it's [garble].
101:35:31 Bean (onboard): Like that?
101:35:32 Conrad (onboard): Yes that's right, They'll like that.
101:35:35 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
101:35:37 Conrad (onboard): [Laughter] Here it is.
101:35:43 Bean (onboard): You can just read it off your cuff, man. [Long pause.]
101:36:02 Conrad (onboard): Here it is. Oh, it's an ugly mother. [Pause.]
101:36:17 Bean (onboard): It sure is. [Long pause.]
101:37:01 Conrad (onboard): [Singing] Oo-oo-oo. Oo-oo-oo, yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
101:37:19 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
101:37:22 Conrad (onboard): This is coal black. [Long pause.]
101:37:52 Conrad (onboard): Hey, what did I do with my bacon?
101:37:53 Bean (onboard): I have one of them.
101:37:55 Conrad (onboard): What happened to my bacon? I guess it got away.
101:38:00 Gordon (onboard): Whoops! [Laughter].
101:38:03 Bean (onboard): Here you are, Dick. Thank you.
101:38:07 Conrad (onboard): You can have some of mine, [garble].
101:38:28 Conrad (onboard): I just hope we find the old Snowman! Then, I hope we find a place to land; then, I hope I can set it down all right!
101:38:39 Bean (onboard): If you can set it down, you'll find a place to land. Don't you comment too long. [Long pause.]
101:39:03 Gordon (onboard): Don't let it get low.
101:39:08 Bean (onboard): Don't let us get low. That worries me more than anything. I think we'll see the crater; I just hope we - hope we...
101:39:17 Conrad (onboard): I copy about 5 degrees' Sun angle, right there, don't I? Right back there's going to be about 5 degrees Sun angle. God damn, it's going to stand out. Those shadows are going to be sharp as hell.
101:39:32 Bean (onboard): They are - a lot more sharper than the simulator, aren't they?
101:39:35 Conrad (onboard): We could [garble] wherever that is, you know.
101:39:39 Bean (onboard): The trouble is, there's a lot of other [garble] - yes, I think you're going to find it. Don't - don't do that. You're liable to get amongst them, again. That worries me a little bit.
101:39:55 Conrad (onboard): We'll probably be better off targeted right to the crater.
101:39:58 Bean (onboard): Huh?
101:39:59 Conrad (onboard): Probably better off targeted right to the crater.
101:40:01 Bean (onboard): That's right.
101:40:02 Conrad (onboard): If we got any error, we're going to be long, anyhow.
101:40:06 Bean (onboard): If it's good and low, we can really burn it up and just float along.
101:40:14 Conrad (onboard): You know, we've got one hell of an inclination to the Sun; will you look at that - inclination angle of those shadows?
101:40:21 Bean (onboard): Yes. Beautiful. Going to make it nice to see in.
101:40:24 Conrad (onboard): I hope so. I wish I could see what I'm - We're 60 miles; how big do you suppose those craters are down there? How many meters across the goddamn thing? It must be kilometers.
101:40:36 Bean (onboard): Well, we ought to be able to see ours, just past this [garble] Let's see, our Sun time [garble].
101:41:04 Bean (onboard): If we pull this off, we could be slicker than owl shit.
101:41:23 Conrad (onboard): It's driving me buggy; I just don't know what I'm going to see when I pitch over. Take a look and I'm going to say, "Ahhhhhhh! There it is!" I'm going to say, "Oh, freeze it!" I don't recognize nothing [laughter]. Then, I'm in deep yogurt. Then, if I don't recognize anything, I'm just going to let it keep going. That's the best I can do.
101:41:42 Gordon (onboard): That's right.
101:41:43 Bean (onboard): If you don't recognize a thing I'll look - just tell me - I'll look out my side...
101:41:46 Conrad (onboard): Yes, yes.
101:41:47 Bean (onboard): ...and you look at the computer for a few seconds, and let me see if I see anything out there. What altitude now? 60 miles and it's pretty damn high. And you'll [garble].
101:41:57 Conrad (onboard): That's that - that's that crater vent tube.
101:42:00 Bean (onboard): Isn't that fantastic!
101:42:01 Gordon (onboard): Hey, and that's going to be in the dark - not too long after...[Pause.]
101:42:23 Bean (onboard): That's ridiculous; how'd we ever get here anyway?
101:42:25 Conrad (onboard): [Laughter].
101:42:28 Bean (onboard): Why would a guy want to put his ass on the line like this?
101:42:31 Conrad (onboard): [Laughter].
101:42:34 Bean (onboard): Bet you those prunes are going to lay in my stomach like a rock. [Pause.]
101:42:46 Conrad (onboard): God damn - damn! I hate you, water bag! Look at that!
101:42:52 Bean (onboard): That's a deep crater, that great big one there.
101:42:54 Gordon (onboard): Oh, yes.
101:42:55 Bean (onboard): The one that's a hole, with all that tucked in.
101:42:57 Gordon (onboard): Yes. Yes.
101:43:05 Conrad (onboard): You know, I think that's something that the scientists just didn't really realize at all is that the Moon has been relatively untouched for billions of years.
101:43:16 Bean (onboard): Look at that fantastic freaker right here.
101:43:18 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] must have been like...
101:43:19 Conrad (onboard): Wow!
101:43:20 Gordon (onboard): ...to be around here. One of the interesting places is over there - I wish I had taken some pictures - where all the craters were kind of - look like where you shoot balls into mud, you know...
101:43:30 Conrad (onboard): Yes, yes.
101:43:31 Gordon (onboard): ...they made angles, but they didn't - they never...
101:43:34 Conrad (onboard): Yes, sir. Anything like that...
101:43:35 Gordon (onboard): ...they didn't look - nothing - looked real weird.
101:43:36 Conrad (onboard): They got the idea, just like you said, that that stuff caved in while it was still molten.
101:43:54 Gordon (onboard): Do you have a wet pack in the LM?
101:43:55 Bean (onboard): For dinner?
101:43:56 Gordon (onboard): Yes.
101:43:57 Bean (onboard): [Garble] do we got one before we go out tomorrow?
101:44:01 Conrad (onboard): No. You can only have one wet pack; I don't know. I don't remember.
101:44:04 Gordon (onboard): All you...
101:44:05 Conrad (onboard): Yes, you got one.
101:44:12 Gordon (onboard): Good grief [garble]!
101:44:20 Bean (onboard): Oh, just got a vent tube.
101:44:22 Conrad (onboard): Al? Right down in here.
101:44:26 Bean (onboard): Yes.
101:44:27 Conrad (onboard): Yes. They got to be - they got to be volcanic. But look how crude this got.
101:44:35 Bean (onboard): Yes. That stone is, like you say, billions and billions of years. Hey, are we maneuvering?
101:44:39 Conrad (onboard): What?
101:44:44 Bean (onboard): Funny, sort of looked like we were.
101:44:53 Conrad (onboard): 120 degrees roll.
101:44:56 Bean (onboard): Okay. Man, that's strange. Must have been just the way the crater was.
101:45:08 Conrad (onboard): We've got quite an inclination to the front, don't we?
101:45:17 Gordon (onboard): Now. Look at these little tiny vent tubes; that's what they got to be down there. They make them look like...
101:45:23 Bean (onboard): Yes. I see, the little dots?
101:45:24 Gordon (onboard): Yes, and it makes them look like...
101:45:27 Bean (onboard): They're birds that run across the sand?
101:45:29 Gordon (onboard): Yes.
101:45:32 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] that down there's got [garble], that's got to be volcanic.
101:46:02 Gordon (onboard): How small a crater can you resolve with your eyes from 60 miles?
101:46:07 Bean (onboard): I don't know. We figured it out one day, but I don't know what it is. I think we should be able to see - our - our landing site. Recognize the Snowman. Gordon can give us his [garble] PA.
101:46:52 Bean (onboard): How about another bacon? And we'll eat this Canadian bacon and leave one of these kind.
101:47:15 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] getting Houston, now. Got 6 minutes, though, huh? We'll be on the horn; yak, yak, yak.
101:47:21 Bean (onboard): How about PADs? Do you need your PADs?
101:47:24 Conrad (onboard): Let me look. I got to copy a consumables update...
101:47:29 Bean (onboard): No sweat.
101:47:32 Conrad (onboard): ...Update to CSM - T-1 and T-2 times for Fra Mauro photographs. Update to CSM; TEI-34 PAD, map update Rev 11, CSM DAP PAD, Comm attitude, and High Gain. Uplink to CSM; state vector, Verb 66...
101:47:49 Bean (onboard): You got to [garble] that PAD over there, Dick.
101:47:51 Conrad (onboard): Should have caught on at about a - about 45 minutes.
101:47:54 Bean (onboard): Got the PAD over with you? Because I don't see it over here with me.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control at 101 hours, 48 minutes. Apollo 12 now in the tenth revolution of the moon. We are coming up on 1 minute, 45 seconds until we reacquire the spacecraft. During this revolution we will be talking to the crew concerning their crew status report. We will have some further conversations with Pete Conrad about the biomedical sensors and the irritation that he reported on the last revolution - the irritation associated with the location where the sensors are attached to his skin. The crew is also scheduled to eat breakfast during this revolution. There will be some housekeeping type activities aboard the Command Module. Early on Rev 11, Dick Gordon is scheduled to don his space suit. A little later on Pete Conrad and Al Bean will also begin donning their space suits - in the eleventh revolution and they are scheduled to enter the Lunar Module about midway through the eleventh rev and begin following up and checking out the LM. We are now 35 seconds from reacquire. We'll stand by for acquisition.
101:48:14 Bean (onboard): Where in the hell did it go?
101:48:27 Bean (onboard): Okay.
101:48:33 Conrad (onboard): Another P30 PAD, isn't it?
101:48:37 Bean (onboard): Going to run the out load.
101:48:42 Conrad (onboard): What do we do, PDI-12?
101:48:44 Gordon (onboard): Eleven.
101:48:45 Bean (onboard): No, there's PDI-11, right there.
101:48:49 Conrad (onboard): Now, I don't know. [Long pause.]
101:49:14 Bean (onboard): Wait in line, group. Out in the tunnel maybe. I put one of them up there last night. [Pause.]
101:49:51 Bean (onboard): 49...
101:49:53 Conrad (onboard): There they are, damn it. Just in time.
AOS Rev 10.
Download MP3 audio file.
101:50:09 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston. How do you read?
101:50:15 Conrad: Hello, Houston; 12 reads you loud and clear. How me?
101:50:19 Carr: Roger, Pete. We are reading you loud and clear.
101:50:27 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston. On your Biomed sensors situation, we have a few words for you, if you are ready.
101:50:36 Conrad: Go ahead.
101:50:38 Carr: Okay. The recommendations of the medical people here are that you remove the two side - the respiration sensors. You can go ahead and take those off completely, and treat the areas with your first-aid cream; and if they are weeping, you can go ahead and cover them with a Band-Aid or something. The ones on the blue lead, they recommend you do the same thing with those; remove them, cover them with first-aid cream, and put a Band-Aid on them if they are weeping and then relocate those with a whole brand new system; and that way you will have a good clean system with a minimal chance of itching beginning immediately in a new area. And, of course, if you don't like this particular proposal, they have no objection to you sticking to the way you wanted to do it - of just leaving it where it is.
101:51:33 Conrad: Jerry, just - I want to stick with it the way it is. It works. The respiration leads on my sides are the least ones that are bothering me. I moved the one that bothered me the most, and the best I could describe that area is that it looks like I've got a 1-inch-round patch of very bad poison ivy. The rest of them aren't anywhere near that bad. They have been bothering me but they work, and I would just as soon leave them where they are, because the area that I moved is raw; and I have covered it with a Band-Aid, but I am a little worried about getting my sides exposed, even with Band-Aids, with that LCG on. I think that the sensors themselves will do better protection just the way it is. And when I get back up, I'll take them all off and switch them around.
101:52:27 Carr: Okay, Pete. That's fine. We are satisfied with that if that is the way you would like to do it.
101:52:35 Conrad: Yes. You're getting good data now, aren't you?
101:52:38 Carr: Roger. Looks very good, Pete.
101:52:44 Conrad: Okay. I would just like to leave it the way it is. Let me give you the sleep report. Everybody had 7 hours across the board, and the PRD's were from Commander through LMP 11016, 11015, 04017. The checklist has been complete. We dumped the water to 10 percent. We purged the fuel cells. We cycled the fans, and we are just finishing up breakfast right now.
101:53:16 Carr: Roger, Pete. Sounds good. We would like to get a little more medical information from you if we can. First of all, we want to get a little more word on how Al is doing with his stuffiness, and is anybody else suffering from any stuffiness?
101:53:37 Conrad: That's negative and I'll let you - nobody else is stuffy - and I'll let you talk to Al direct.
101:53:43 Carr: Okay.
101:53:44 Bean: I've had a pretty stuffy - Houston - I've had a pretty stuffy head ever since we got into orbit, and I assumed it was going to go away in a couple of days, but it never did. I don't sneeze, cough, or have any other symptoms. It just seems to be fairly full in the ears and the nose. I tried a couple of decongestants. They work well, but I didn't know exactly how far apart to take them. Right now my ears is - are clear, and my nose feels real well. I have taken two of the pills, 8 hours apart; end then, I've been using the spray, so it looks like we have got it licked right now.
101:54:29 Carr: Okay, Al. That was what we were going to suggest is that you take your pills 8 hours apart and use the spray, and we just hope that takes care of it for you. Next question we had from the medical people is, how did you guys sleep? You got 7 good solid hours, or was there any fitfulness at all?
101:54:53 Conrad: We are all sleeping real well up here. As a matter of fact, we've overslept, I think.
101:55:00 Carr: That's great.
101:55:05 Conrad: I'll tell you, it's a real switch from Gemini. I never slept at all in that thing, and, boy, I can crawl down there in that lower - underneath the couch - and just disappear for 8 hours.
101:55:17 Carr: Roger. The doctors say that you ought to space your Actifeds now every 6 hours now, instead of 8.
101:55:27 Conrad: That's for Al.
101:55:29 Bean: Roger. How often can you use that spray? I kind of wondered that, too.
101:55:40 Carr: Al, use that about 3 to 4 hours. If you can space it to 4, fine. If you need it, go ahead and use it every 3 hours.
101:55:49 Bean: Okay. Well, don't have to worry. I've - it's real clear now, and it stays clear as long as I use the pills and things, so it looks good for the rest of the trip.
101:56:00 Carr: Well, that sounds fine, Al.
101:56:03 Conrad: I don't think - I don't think he's had anything. It seems to us - We have all kicked it around a little bit - more like maybe there may be a little bit of dust floating around in here or something, that may be just making it stuffy. It is a little bit different than being on the ground. He is not allergic to anything on the ground but that is what it appears to be.
101:56:28 Carr: Roger, Pete. Is Al putting on his LCG now? His Biomed doesn't look too dandy.
101:56:35 Conrad: No, he is just laying here eating breakfast. We'll smarten him up before he gets in it.
101:56:40 Carr: Roger.
101:56:46 Gordon: Okay. And we need our CSM consumables if you would pass it to us, please.
101:56:54 Carr: Okay. We're working on that. While you are waiting, I've got a Flight Plan update for you on the Fra Mauro pictures and also your Rev 11 map update.
101:57:05 Gordon: Ready to copy. Go ahead.
101:57:09 Carr: Roger. While you are copying, give us P00 and Accept, and we have some uplinks for you. First Flight Plan update is Fra Mauro photos.
101:57:18 Gordon: You got it.
101:57:19 Carr: Tango 1 is 102:30:26; Tango 2 is 102:32:27; Tango Charlie Alfa is 102:32:58. The optimum position in the window will come at 102:31:39. Over.
101:57:56 Gordon: Roger. T-1, 102:30:26; T-2 is 102:32:27; TCA is 102:32:58; optimum 102:31:39.
101:58:12 Carr: Roger, Dick. Your Comm just improved. You must have moved your mike closer to your mouth. Flight plan update for Rev 11. Rev 11 map update: LOS 103:02:01, 103:26:34, 103:47:44.
101:58:50 Gordon: Roger. Copy.
101:58:53 Carr: Okay. And I have your CSM consumables update, if you're ready to copy.
101:58:59 Gordon: Go ahead.
101:59:00 Carr: Okay. GET is 101 plus 00; RCS total, 69.2; Alpha, 68.5; Bravo, 71.8; Charlie, 66.9; Delta, 69.6; hydrogen is 64.4 and 61.5; oxygen is 63.6 and 65.7. Over.
101:59:48 Gordon: Roger. Copy. [Long pause.]
102:00:42 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston.
102:00:48 Gordon: Go ahead.
102:00:49 Carr: Roger. Before you slipped into the pad last night, we didn't get your onboard readouts. We need your pyro batteries and your Bat C readouts.
102:01:26 Gordon: Jerry, all the batteries, battery C, pyro Bat A, pyro Bat B, all read 37.1.
102:01:34 Carr: Roger. Copy 37.1.
102:01:39 Gordon: That's Charlie.
102:01:40 Carr: Thank you, Dick.
102:02:22 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston. The computer is yours. You've got a new state vector and a new REFSMMAT.
102:02:32 Gordon: Roger. [Long pause.]
Astronaut Jerry Carr is our Capsule Communicator at this time having relieved Astronaut Don Lind in that position.
102:03:15 Gordon: Hello, Houston; 12.
102:03:16 Carr: Go ahead, 12.
102:03:21 Gordon: Roger. Understand we'll be doing option 1 on the P52 here at 103 hours. Is that affirmative?
102:03:30 Carr: 12, Houston. Did you ask about option 1 on your P52.
102:03:38 Gordon: That's affirmative.
102:03:45 Carr: That's affirmative, 12; option 1.
102:03:50 Gordon: Okay.
102:04:03 Conrad: Say, Houston, did our orbit decay last night like it was supposed to?
102:04:18 Carr: 12, Houston. Affirmative, and we're getting good comparisons within a 100 feet.
102:04:28 Conrad: Good show.
102:04:29 Carr: Roger. These are downrange comparison.
102:04:37 Conrad: Understand. I guess if Dick nails that 193 like - or 191 like he did the other one last night, the only excuse will be mine if we don't make it.
102:04:51 Carr: Roger, Pete. [Long pause.]
102:05:14 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston.
102:05:19 Conrad: Go ahead, Jerry.
102:05:20 Carr: Roger. Your S-band communications on the previous two Rev's haven't been too sterling. We've had a couple of cases where your signal strength has dropped off and then come back up again. We'd like to do the rest of this pass, using your secondary Servo electronics and see if that doesn't avoid the problem again. Now, what you'll have to do is take your Track mode and go to Manual with that, and then your Servo electronics to Secondary and then Reacquire. Over.
102:05:58 Conrad: Roger-Roger. [Long pause.]
102:06:24 Conrad: Houston, 12. How do you read?
102:06:26 Carr: 12, Houston. Loud and clear.
102:06:30 Conrad: Okay, we've switched to Secondary. I noticed - I was watching it just before we went around the horn on the last pass and when we were within 6-7 minutes of LOS, the antenna just started driving itself, and the signal strain started falling off. The antenna was sort of wandering around. Now, I don't know whether - that would be the electronics or perhaps some something else that's influencing the antenna. We'll look for it again on this pass.
102:07:04 Carr: Roger. I guess that's about what we're thinking, Pete. That's why we recommended your Secondary Servo electronics.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
102:13:03 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston. I have a DAP PAD and a TEI-34 PAD for you.
102:13:12 Conrad: Okay. Just a second, Houston. Okay. Go ahead, Houston.
102:13:29 Carr: Roger. CSM DAP load. This is for LOPC number 1, or for rescue. The CSM weight is 36786; pitch minus 0.78, yaw plus 0.43. Over.
102:13:56 Conrad: Roger. Copy for the plane change or rescue; weight 36786; trim minus 0.78, plus 0.43.
102:14:08 Carr: Affirmative. TEI-34 follows. Maneuver PAD SPS/G&N: The weight is 36000; Noun 48, minus 0.70, plus 0.33; Noun 33, 150:44:48.52; Noun 81, plus 3118.6, plus 0409.1, minus 0131.3; roll, NA, pitch 136, yaw NA. The rest of the PAD is NA. Your ullage is four jets, 11 seconds. Over.
102:15:37 Conrad: Roger. SPS/G&N: 36000; minus 0.70; plus 0.33; 150:44:48.52; plus 3118.6, plus 0409.1, minus 0131.3; NA, 136, NA; four jets, 11 seconds.
102:16:02 Carr: Affirmative.
102:16:20 Conrad: What's going on down there in the world today, Jerry?
102:16:26 Carr: Gee, I don't know, Pete. I just got here myself. We'll have a news brief for you real shortly.
102:16:34 Conrad: Roger.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
102:19:05 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston. I've got news for you now, or would you rather wait until after the photos?
102:19:15 Conrad: We're pretty busy right now. We'll give you a call back.
102:19:19 Carr: Okay.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
102:21:21 Conrad: Okay, Houston. We just changed out the LiOH canister per Flight Plan, and we're ready for the news.
102:21:28 Carr: Okay, Pete. News coverage on your flight is beginning to pick up as the touchdown gets a little closer here. I guess most of the reports right now are about your medical ailments. Your "code in de dose" and all that stuff. Joseph P. Kennedy died peacefully today without regaining consciousness from a heart attack. In the Senate today, the vote for the confirmation of Judge Havnsworth has been tentatively set for noon, Friday. And on the stock market, business world, the stock market dropped 6 points yesterday and rebounded a little bit today, with the averages up about 2.64. In international news, the United States and the Soviet Union met yesterday in Finland for what President Nixon called momentus negotiations to seek agreement on ways to limit production on their arsenals of war. In local news, the University of Houston accepted a bid to play Auburn in the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl on New Year's Day. In the weather world, the weather here in Houston is really miserable. We've had showers most of the day. The temperature started out this morning fairly warm and has been plummeting all day, and it's in the low 50's right now. I got a little piece out of the Houston Post that gives the Bowl games at a glance. The Rose Bowl game, looks like it's going to be decided who's playing in it this next weekend. It's either going to be Southern Cal or UCLA, and they'll be playing either Michigan or Purdue. In the Rose - In the Orange Bowl, it's settled out now with Penn State playing Missouri. In the Cotton Bowl, Notre Dame has accepted a bid to the Cotton Bowl; and they're going to be either playing Texas or Arkansas, whoever wins that game. I think it's December the 6th. In the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, it'll he Mississippi versus whoever loses the Texas-Arkansas game. In the Bluebonnet Bowl, I gave you that one already. The Peach Bowl will be South Carolina, and they haven't picked a team to play them yet. In the Gator Bowl, it'll be Tennessee versus Florida. In the Tangerine Bowl, Davidson versus Toledo; and in the Sun Bowl, Georgia is going to play Nebraska. That pretty well covers some of the more important Bowls.
102:24:12 Conrad: Roger. I'd still like to square something away down there. Al doesn't have a cold; all I have is a 1-inch itch and I don't consider that any big major medical problem. As a matter of fact, we're in pretty damn good shape.
102:24:26 Carr: Roger, Pete. [Pause]
102:24:42 Carr: 12, Houston. Al's biomed still looks a little bit ratty.
102:24:50 Conrad: Okay. We - we'll smarten him up here. We're just getting into the LCG's and stuff now; and - and I mean we're just getting them out of stowage and everything; and we'll work him over, and see if we can't clean him up. He may have a loose lead; he's been in and out of his harness a couple of times during the night.
102:25:08 Carr: Okay. It looks like a loose lead down here. Give us a call when you've got him adjusted, and we'll tell you how it looks. [Long Pause.]
102:25:40 Conrad: Okay. His leads look pretty tight now. How's it look down there?
102:25:47 Carr: Stand by. We'll take a look at it. No, it's still looking pretty squirrelly, Pete.
102:26:01 Conrad: Okay.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
102:33:26 Conrad: Hello, Houston; 12.
102:33:30 Carr: 12, Houston; go.
102:33:36 Conrad: Roger-Roger, Jerry. You can tell good Captain Shaky that he can relax. We've got his pictures.
102:33:45 Carr: Roger. He'll be tickled to hear that.
102:33:51 Conrad: You can tell him to relax till he sees them, that is.
102:33:56 Carr: Roger. They look pretty good, huh?
102:34:02 Conrad: Let's put it this way, let's say they're going to be very interesting.
102:34:06 Carr: Roger. Copy.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
That was Pete Conrad reporting that they had gotten the photographs of Fra Mauro, the proposed landing site for Apollo 13, which will be commanded by Astronaut Jim Lovell.
Download MP3 audio file.
102:37:58 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston.
102:38:02 Gordon: Go ahead.
102:38:04 Carr: Roger. Got some words from the families. Dick, I just talked to Barbara and she's been resting up; they're taking naps and everything, getting all set for spending the night up with you; and Barbara said to tell you that she thinks you're just great.
102:38:24 Gordon: Well, tell her thank you. After 16 years, it's about time.
102:38:29 Carr: [Laughter] Pete, are you listening?
102:38:35 Gordon: Negative, Jer; they're getting in their LCG's.
102:38:39 Carr: Okay. When they get back up on the hook, give me a call.
102:38:41 Conrad: Hold it; hold it.
102:38:45 Gordon: Okay. We'll have them check in as soon as they come up.
102:38:48 Carr: Okay.
102:38:50 Gordon: And I'm doing a maneuver for the 102:50 right now, Jerry.
102:38:54 Carr: Roger. Copy.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
102:40:03 Gordon: Hello, Houston; 12. Pete's back up on the line.
102:40:07 Carr: Okay, Pete; talked to Jane just a few minutes ago, and she said the family's all doing fine, and they're...
102:40:12 Conrad: Hold it a minute.
102:40:15 Carr: Say again.
102:40:19 Conrad: Okay; go.
102:40:21 Carr: Roger, Pete. Just talked to Jane a few minutes ago. She said the family's all doing just fine, and they're all getting rested up to spend the night up watching you guys.
102:40:34 Conrad: Very good, Jer. Thank you. And will you have the doctors look at the Biomed? I'm in my LCG now. All hooked up.
102:40:40 Carr: Your Biomed looks real good.
102:40:48 Conrad: Okay. Now, I just had a little discussion with Al, and we want you to look at his Biomed as soon as he comes hack up. All his sensors are on good, and all his connections are tight; and we prefer not to get into a game of playing swap the amplifiers or anything, because those things aren't tuned. Right?
102:41:13 Carr: That's affirmative. We agree with that too, Pete.
102:41:24 Conrad: Okay. He'll be back up in a minute.
102:41:26 Carr: Okay.
102:41:27 Bean: Houston, this is Al. Go ahead and check my biomed now. [Long pause.]
102:42:06 Carr: 12, Houston. Al, you're still looking noisy. It looks just like a loose connection. Don't really know what you could do more than just tighten them up.
102:42:18 Bean: We've tightened both the top and bottom ones several times. I think maybe that's just the way it's going to be.
102:42:33 Carr: Al, did you look under your sensors to see they were dry and really pick them off and look at them, or did you just kind of punch them on?
102:42:44 Bean: Well, I haven't had any trouble with the sensors. They might he dry. I didn't look under them at all; just checked the connections like you requested.
102:42:54 Carr: Roger.
102:43:04 Carr: 12, Houston. We are about 1 minute from a handover from Goldstone. There may be an interruption there.
102:43:14 Conrad: Okay.
Comm break.
102:44:32 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston.
102:44:37 Conrad: Go, Houston.
102:44:39 Carr: Roger. Al's Biomed looks pretty bad there. The medical people suggest that you try on one of your sensors, try a new seal and some new paste under it. We'll see what that does.
102:45:02 Bean: Which one?
102:45:03 Carr: Oh, pick the top one; that will be okay.
102:45:09 Bean: Okay. [Long pause.]
102:45:28 Carr: Al, while you are cutting and pasting there, are you listening?
102:45:38 Conrad: He's not listening. Go ahead. What do you need?
102:45:41 Carr: I was just going to pass up some words from Sue when he listens next time.
102:45:47 Conrad: Okay. We'll get him on the line after while.
102:45:49 Carr: Okay.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
102:50:05 Gordon: Hello, Houston. Are you looking at the DSKY, so I don't have to write this down?
102:50:14 Carr: Roger. We copied your star angles.
102:50:35 Gordon: Do you have those?
102:50:37 Carr: Sure do, Dick. It's pretty good for on-the-job training.
102:50:45 Gordon: You weren't supposed to say that out loud. Okay. I'm torquing at this time.
102:50:52 Carr: Roger.
102:51:13 Gordon: Boy, Jerry, this platform has done real well, in spite of that glitch we gave it at launch.
102:51:23 Carr: Roger, Dick. You recommend that we glitch them like that every time?
102:51:29 Gordon: No, sir. Not at all.
102:52:05 Conrad: Okay, Houston. How about looking at Al now? We changed one sensor out. Everything looks good.
102:52:12 Carr: Roger, Pete. Stand by. [Long pause.]
102:53:07 Carr: 12, Houston. If you can work on that lower sensor now, we'd like you to get them both if you can. If you can only do one, do the lower sensor; and we'd like to have a look at you before you go LOS at - in 8 minutes and 45 seconds.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control. We have about 7 and a half minutes now until Loss of Signal. We plan to have a Change of Shift Briefing in the Houston News Center at about 5:30 this afternoon, Central Standard Time.
Download MP3 audio file.
102:57:51 Conrad: Okay, Houston. How does the Biomed look now?
102:58:02 Carr: 12, Houston. It's a little bit improved. What did you do that time?
102:58:09 Conrad: Just what you said; change the lower one out.
102:58:15 Carr: It seem- to be improving now, Pete. I guess we'll just have to live with what we can get here.
102:58:23 Conrad: There you go. That's the words I want to hear. We're on our way. Bye-bye.
102:58:26 Carr: Roger. [Pause.]
102:59:10 Carr: 12, Houston.
102:59:17 Conrad: Go, Houston.
102:59:18 Carr: Roger. Like to have you paste up that third Biomed sensor, and that'll be the end of the fooling around with it.
102:59:30 Conrad: What third one? The one on the top?
102:59:32 Carr: That's affirmative.
102:59:37 Conrad: Okay.
102:59:40 Carr: Al, you listening?
102:59:46 Bean: Yes, Jer.
102:59:48 Carr: Okay, Al. I talked to Sue a little while ago, and they're also doing fine at home. They're resting up getting ready for tonight.
102:59:54 Bean: Stand by. Stand by.
102:59:56 Carr: Okay.
103:00:08 Bean: Hey, Houston, I think we found the problem. The one - the one that we just pulled off on the top is all dried out.
103:00:14 Carr: Roger. They're rejoicing in the streets here.
103:00:42 Gordon (onboard): ...left behind.
103:00:43 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:00:44 Conrad (onboard): Don't worry about it; you're in good shape. Here. No, here. Easy.
103:00:52 Gordon (onboard): Here, right here.
103:00:52 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston. One minute from LOS, and things are all looking good now, and we'll see you at 103:47. Over.
103:01:06 Bean: Roger. 103:47.
LOS Rev 10.
103:01:08 Conrad (onboard): Okay. The freaking LM's powered up. All right, Al; you're in good shape.
103:01:12 Bean (onboard): That did it, that one right there.
103:01:15 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
103:01:18 Bean (onboard): Put the [garble] in there, Pete.
103:01:20 Conrad (onboard): Right [Long pause.]
103:01:46 Bean (onboard): Now, [garble] well, there's nothing we can do. That hard stuff doesn't want to come out of there, Pete.
103:01:56 Conrad (onboard): Yes, that's dried up, [garble].
103:01:58 Bean (onboard): Sure did.
This is Apollo Control. We've had Loss Of Signal now on the 10th revolution. We'll be reacquiring Apollo 12 in 45 minutes, 48 seconds on the 11th Rev. The Change of Shift Press Conference is scheduled to occur shortly after 5:30 in the News Center, Building 1. At 103 hours, 2 minutes, this is Apollo Control Houston.
103:02:04 Conrad (onboard): Get that?
103:02:06 Bean (onboard): Got it.
103:03:03 Bean (onboard): Tried this one?
103:03:07 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
103:03:23 Conrad (onboard): Put it down.
103:03:26 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
103:03:30 Bean (onboard): [Garble] to 1 [garble].
103:03:35 Conrad (onboard): Okay. We'll just pull up [garble] [Long pause.]
103:03:51 Conrad (onboard): Did you find it, Dick Gordon, or did I really screw you up? You find that strap? Where was it?
103:03:58 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
103:04:01 Conrad (onboard): You can help zip it up, Dicky-Dick.
103:04:03 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
103:04:15 Bean (onboard): Where'd this come from?
103:04:17 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
103:04:18 Bean (onboard): That [garble] - what number is it?
103:04:21 Conrad (onboard): It's 9, [garble].
103:04:22 Gordon (onboard): It's a dead one. Right? It's a used one.
103:04:27 Bean (onboard): It's a used one but, I mean...
103:04:29 Conrad (onboard): Throw it in the disposal thing.
103:04:36 Bean (onboard): Well, let's see how that one looks. Looks okay to me. Get in there and get this LM going.
103:04:48 Conrad (onboard): Don't worry; you've got plenty of time, Al. You're going to be so freaking far ahead of the game, it's pathetic.
103:04:53 Bean (onboard): Well, I want to take...
103:04:54 Conrad (onboard): Let me have it and I'll stow it. Okay, just a minute, I'll have music and I'll stow it [laughter]. Do things right. A little music never hurt anybody. Get that up out of the way, just like that. I need to get under this top bag, right here.
103:05:18 Bean (onboard): Now, [garble] this freaking suit.
103:05:21 Conrad (onboard): Just a minute; let's get Dick squared away.
103:05:27 Conrad (onboard): That's where these came out of, wasn't it? Right there. Just a second; I got to get this tidied up here. Just stowing your hose and thing.
103:05:41 Bean (onboard): Going off the Comm.
103:05:42 Conrad (onboard): All right - crazy.
103:05:46 Bean (onboard): This here thing has got to go in the - put that in the disposal.
103:05:53 Conrad (onboard): All right, just 1 minute, Dicky-Dicky. Are you ready.
103:06:09 Conrad (onboard): There you go [Long pause.]
103:06:26 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:06:28 Gordon (onboard): Sir?
103:06:31 Bean (onboard): I'll go ahead and do it with my hat on.
103:06:59 Conrad (onboard): Now, what you need to do is to get in the couch; that's right. And I'll hook you up red to blue and blue to red. All right. Now, how do they tape these things, all the way around this way? Which way do you want these? Huh? Do you want them [garble]? No...
103:07:22 Conrad (onboard): Just like this?
103:07:23 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:07:25 Conrad (onboard): Okay. We could take that strut out of here now.
103:07:30 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:07:34 Conrad (onboard): Okay. And [garble] all these goodies. And I'll help you with your snap. Meanwhile...[Long pause.]
103:08:26 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:08:27 Gordon (onboard): Okay, it's coming up [garble].
Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley.
103:08:54 Gordon (onboard): Do me a favor.
103:08:55 Conrad (onboard): What do you need?
103:09:00 Conrad (onboard): Turn what around?
103:09:03 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
103:09:06 Conrad (onboard): Okay. [Long pause.]
103:09:44 Conrad (onboard): What did I just do with my personal dosimeter? Oh, there it is, [garble]. [Long pause.]
103:10:29 Conrad (onboard): Okay, both [garble] are off [garble] wanted them.
103:10:35 Bean (onboard): Huh?
103:10:57 Conrad (onboard): Take this dosimeter [garble].
103:11:39 Conrad (onboard): I can [garble] [laughter). No wonder he wanted a [garble].
103:11:52 Gordon (onboard): That always [garble].
103:11:54 Conrad (onboard): You got your little - Hey, where are mine? Where's that other one? Oh, - okay, that's all I wanted to know.
103:12:02 Bean (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
103:12:23 Conrad (onboard): Yes, go ahead and stow all that shit. You stowed mine, didn't you?
103:12:28 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:12:31 Conrad (onboard): Okay, there's the McDivitt bag. [Pause.]
103:13:03 Conrad (onboard): Let me have the [garble].
103:13:05 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:13:08 Conrad (onboard): Do it on lunar surface after its settled down to.
103:13:15 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
Music: Sugar, Sugar by The Archies.
103:13:39 Conrad (onboard): Okay, babe. I zipped your zipper.
103:13:54 Gordon (onboard): No [garble] here you go. I've got both feet in it. Hey.
103:14:11 Conrad (onboard): Here, you got your foot in; that's good. Okay? Yes. One urinal, one biomed, one LCG. Oh, shit! I forgot about that. Wait till I take this plug out.
103:14:39 Conrad (onboard): How's that come out?
103:14:44 Gordon (onboard): There you go.
103:14:47 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
103:14:59 Conrad (onboard): You're okay.
103:15:12 Conrad (onboard): Ready? [garble] hello, there. [Pause.]
103:15:23 Gordon (onboard): Well, if you're through with the LMP, naturally you're through...
103:15:26 Conrad (onboard): Turn around; hang on to this.
103:15:37 Conrad (onboard): Yes - hold on to that. [Long pause.]
103:16:03 Conrad (onboard): Okay?
103:16:16 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:16:18 Conrad (onboard): Yes, yes.
103:16:21 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:16:28 Conrad (onboard): Looks good.
103:16:33 Conrad (onboard): The LCG is a [garble] okay. Everything feel good in there? All right, now, just let me sit down; I don't want to rip your [garble].
103:16:50 Gordon (onboard): Look at [garble] no, I see [garble].
103:17:10 Conrad (onboard): There you go. [Pause.]
103:17:21 Gordon (onboard): Pete, don't these get connected up front?
103:17:24 Conrad (onboard): No. There's your blue one. [Pause.]
103:17:48 Conrad (onboard): There you go, mate. Go ahead. Okay [garble].
Music: Hey, Little Woman.
103:18:21 Conrad (onboard): All right, babe, you're all right on your time. [Long pause.]
103:19:18 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:19:23 Conrad (onboard): Huh?. [Long pause.]
103:19:50 Conrad (onboard): What time do we ingress the LM?
103:19:54 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:20:08 Conrad (onboard): Okay, that's about - about 35 minutes from now.
103:20:11 Gordon (onboard): Go - go ahead and [garble].
103:20:17 Conrad (onboard): You got a good bag over there - drop that in your waste stowage bag, Dick.
103:20:21 Gordon (onboard): Temporary stowage bag?
103:20:23 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Stick that in your TSB. Now, I'm going to rig my suit, Al, if you'll hand me those two things by your map...
103:20:32 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:20:34 Conrad (onboard): ...Right down here. What do you need in here? Well, if you'll wait about 3 seconds, Dick, we'll be able to do it and be ahead of schedule. Okay?
103:21:30 Conrad (onboard): Al, want me to close your TSB for you?
103:21:42 Conrad (onboard): Well, let me out. God damn, I was wondering why I was getting wet; there's water under the bulkhead on the - underneath the LC bag. That's where that moisture's been collecting. [Pause.]
103:23:16 Conrad (onboard): Keep going [garble] freaking hell [garble] God damn! Oh, man, that's bad news! That [garble] is bad news. My suit is sopping wet all over the legs; that bulkhead has leaked right through that LC bag.
103:23:41 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:23:42 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
103:23:43 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:23:44 Conrad (onboard): I hope so. I haven't explored around far enough to find out. It's all down the back of the legs. That damn [garble] after we leave on the [garble].
103:23:57 Bean (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
103:24:39 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:24:48 Conrad (onboard): Well, damn, we've got to; it won't fire up the ECS for a while.
103:25:02 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
103:25:05 Conrad (onboard): Get what? All right, tell you what. Right there by the center hatch is my sunglasses - and the helmet bag is up there to the right side of my pencil.
103:25:38 Conrad (onboard): Sunglasses are in the helmet, right there. I don't want the helmet. That's all right.
103:25:47 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] sunglasses?
103:25:48 Conrad (onboard): I need the sunglasses, a flashlight, and a pen.
103:25:58 Gordon (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
103:26:14 Conrad (onboard): Right by the pencil.
103:26:15 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
103:26:17 Conrad (onboard): It was up there a while ago.
103:26:31 Conrad (onboard): Let's go ahead and take the hatch out; you can stay put. Let me see now, where I can [garble] no, better put it under Al's couch. Al? You put your hoses [garble] where they [garble]. [Pause.]
103:26:52 Conrad (onboard): Dick? I'm going to let Al get out of here before I suit up. [Pause.]
103:27:27 Bean (onboard): How do you hear, Dick Gordon?
103:27:32 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] loud and clear.
103:27:34 Bean (onboard): Okay. Got a bunch of shit floating around here; I never saw anything like it.
103:27:40 Conrad (onboard): Whose helmet's this, Dick's?
103:27:42 Bean (onboard): Mine, I guess. Damn.
103:27:44 Conrad (onboard): Something else we'd better check - in just a minute. Boots and [garble].
103:27:52 Gordon (onboard): Okay, that's okay. That's good. A hat, get this TSB; look at that son of a gun go.
103:28:00 Bean (onboard): Here.
103:28:02 Gordon (onboard): Get it out of your way.
103:28:04 Conrad (onboard): One hatch [garble].
103:28:07 Gordon (onboard): Here's the monocular. Okay, Bean, let's see if you got it.
103:28:13 Bean (onboard): Hey, Pete, why don't I go ahead and do that? I know where the hell these things go and everything.
103:28:15 Gordon (onboard): IV gloves.
103:28:16 Conrad (onboard): Okay. All yours. I just figured we'd get them out of here without....
103:28:21 Bean (onboard): Yes. Yes, I'd just as soon go ahead and get the shit done.
103:28:24 Conrad (onboard): ...[garble] I'll get out of your way.
103:28:27 Bean (onboard): The other way. I better get in the center couch - it's going to be tough - well, I guess you can stick it under my feet. Well, we'll just do what you can. Better shut this map.
103:28:48 Bean (onboard): Rendezvous abort book and LM data. We got that data?
103:28:52 Gordon (onboard): God damn it!
103:28:54 Bean (onboard): My time line book. I can move if you need me to, Dick.
103:28:56 Gordon (onboard): No, sorry. It's just these hoses are so bad. How about putting that down somewhere?
103:29:02 Bean (onboard): Sure.
103:29:04 Conrad (onboard): [Garble]. [Long pause.]
103:29:16 Bean (onboard): Everybody's doing a good job; they're holding their temper.
103:29:21 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] I can't believe it.
103:29:28 Gordon (onboard): That's where we want to be. Set over there and think how...
103:29:32 Bean (onboard): Turn on tunnel lights, please.
103:29:33 Conrad (onboard): Tunnel lights, coming on.
103:29:39 Bean (onboard): 103:54, it says I'm supposed to get there. What time is it now?
103:29:45 Gordon (onboard): Wait, now wait; don't let my bag go anywhere. Okay, I got you. I'm going to - God damn these freaking hoses!
103:29:58 Bean (onboard): Can I help you some way, Dick?
103:29:59 Gordon (onboard): Yes, just get the goddamn hoses out of my way.
103:30:01 Bean (onboard): Okay. We can get in there now, if you - How's that, babe? We're just screwing around over here, babe.
103:30:10 Conrad (onboard): Got a lot of time.
103:30:11 Bean (onboard): We're way ahead. I'm not even due in until 53 and that's 23, 24 minutes from now. You're not kidding. I just won't turn on the Bat. Get all the other stuff done.
103:30:25 Conrad (onboard): Hey, another one - hey there; look, grab that freaking clip.
103:30:30 Gordon (onboard): Clip.
103:30:31 Conrad (onboard): Grab a bunch of trash; that stuff should never been hauled out. It causes more crap. If we didn't have those things, we wouldn't have as much crap outside floating around.
103:30:54 Bean (onboard): [Laughter] Doesn't sound like the Pete Conrad I know; it's usually [laughter] - it's usually, "Out of my way, gang, we've got to get going." [Laughter] Why didn't you just...
103:31:02 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] do it right, gang, [garble] cards are floating around; [garble] time, and it'll save us time.
103:31:11 Conrad (onboard): You son of a bitch!
103:31:12 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] get that in there early...
103:31:14 Bean (onboard): Yes, lift it up and let me get this in here and then we can - there you go - I'll shoot this in here.
103:31:36 Bean (onboard): Snap one snap back here. That'll keep yours in place. That's good. Snap this one over here - get this one in place. There goes the thruster fire...
103:31:47 Gordon (onboard): Yes, we're moving around.
103:31:50 Bean (onboard): Where can I put this? Now, I'll tell you what I need. When did I take that last pill? I'm going to make sure I don't get my ears stopped up.
103:32:16 Conrad (onboard): Here, [garble].
103:32:22 Gordon (onboard): Anybody want any gum?
103:32:33 Bean (onboard): We - when we get in, we want to cheek over all those damn - books, make sure we got them. Oh, I put them all in my mouth, Pete; sorry. Wasn't thinking.
103:34:01 Bean (onboard): We're not supposed to be charging any Bat, are we?
103:34:04 Conrad (onboard): Yes, I thought we were already charging this Bat.
103:34:06 Bean (onboard): No. We talked about it last night, but we never called it out this morning...
103:34:11 Conrad (onboard): I thought he told us to start charging it.
103:34:14 Bean (onboard): He may have and, if he did, I sure as hell didn't hear him and didn't do it.
103:34:20 Gordon (onboard): All right [garble] got Comm [garble] hooked up.
103:34:23 Bean (onboard): Yes. I got Comm, but...[Pause.]
103:34:34 Bean (onboard): Hey, Dick?
103:34:35 Gordon (onboard): Al, just pull those hoses around like this. That's the boy; that'll do it. All it does is block that whole freaking area.
103:34:44 Bean (onboard): Didn't know I was doing it.
103:34:46 Gordon (onboard): Well, you probably weren't; they probably just went that way. [Pause.]
103:35:08 Gordon (onboard): If I can get out of here whenever these...
103:35:09 Bean (onboard): Pete, wait a minute - raise your seat.
103:35:12 Conrad (onboard): This way?
103:35:13 Bean (onboard): Yes. That's a boy. Thank you. [Long pause.]
103:35:37 Conrad (onboard): Doesn't say to in the plan. Hey, Dick Gordon? Now, where the hell did that strap go? There it is.
103:35:47 Gordon (onboard): Yes.
103:35:48 Bean (onboard): Did they tell us to charge a Bat this morning?
103:35:51 Gordon (onboard): I don't think so.
103:35:53 Bean (onboard): Okay.
103:35:54 Gordon (onboard): Is it in the Flight Plan?
103:35:55 Bean (onboard): No.
103:35:57 Gordon (onboard): We talked about it last night, but I never heard any; I could - of course, I could have been off the Comm.
103:36:07 Conrad (onboard): Somewhere along here, we want to go off LM [garble] right?
103:36:12 Bean (onboard): Off what?
103:36:13 Conrad (onboard): We're on LM Press. We got to go hack to something else.
103:36:18 Gordon (onboard): Well, we go to Off here, shortly, I guess.
103:36:37 Bean (onboard): Probably kicking the hell out of you down there.
103:36:42 Conrad (onboard): God damn this freaking [garble]! Boy, this [garble] up on everything.
103:36:48 Gordon (onboard): Sure does, that net.
103:36:50 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] set the clock.
103:36:54 Bean (onboard): Hey, Pete.
103:36:55 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
103:36:59 Bean (onboard): If you'll hold this, and Dick Gordon will hand me that T - Hey, I - I'll rig that TV for you. If you want me to, do what you want. It's in there.
103:37:12 Conrad (onboard): [Garble]...
103:37:13 Gordon (onboard): Guess where that goddamn thing is?
103:37:16 Conrad (onboard): Underneath the probe. I'll go get it. Hey, Dick? I don't have a suit on...
103:37:20 Bean (onboard): Let Pete get it; he doesn't have a suit on or anything else.
103:37:22 Conrad (onboard): ...we have all the freaking time in the world.
103:37:24 Bean (onboard): Let me get my ass over in the LM - stand around over there.
103:37:29 Conrad (onboard): Get that - ready to go and I'll rig - Dick, get me that - I'll rig it for TV.
103:37:40 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
103:37:41 Conrad (onboard): The thing to do is get rid of these goddamn things...
103:37:43 Bean (onboard): Boy, I'll tell you, that's a pain in the ass; everyone of those bastards are.
103:37:45 Conrad (onboard): ...I had three freaking little clips and - take those...
103:37:48 Gordon (onboard): Wait, the map's stuck.
103:37:51 Bean (onboard): Well, I need to go over there and I can't.
103:37:52 Gordon (onboard): No, you need to go that way. That's exactly the way you need to go.
103:37:55 Conrad (onboard): You got to go that way.
103:37:56 Gordon (onboard): You'll never get out of here unless you do.
103:37:58 Bean (onboard): I know it but - see this...
103:38:00 Conrad (onboard): I'll get you out of here.
103:38:02 Bean (onboard): I lowered this a little bit - is that okay?
103:38:11 Gordon (onboard): Got it made.
103:38:13 Bean (onboard): Just a second; I want to miss all these circuit breakers. They're okay.
103:38:19 Conrad (onboard): Put your feet up; just go right up in the tunnel.
103:38:24 Gordon (onboard): Put your feet up, Al.
103:38:25 Bean (onboard): Okay.
103:38:26 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
103:38:31 Bean (onboard): Wait a minute; just a second. My shoulders are wider than the distance between - there. Wait a second.
103:38:37 Conrad (onboard): You're all right.
103:38:39 Gordon (onboard): You're okay; got plenty of room.
103:38:45 Bean (onboard): Okay, now, do me a favor as you send me through. You're going to have to hand me my helmet bag and the TSB and...
103:38:52 Conrad (onboard): Here's the [garble] bag.
103:38:54 Bean (onboard): Okay.
103:38:55 Conrad (onboard): Your helmet bag is right here. Now, do you want this helmet bag? Or do you want to leave the bag back...
103:39:02 Bean (onboard): No, I'm going to send the bag back to you.
103:39:04 Conrad (onboard): All right, here.
103:39:05 Bean (onboard): Now, here's what I'd like to have you do, if you would.
103:39:06 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
103:39:07 Bean (onboard): As I slowly go up here, how about snapping a few of those things in?
103:39:09 Conrad (onboard): I will.
103:39:10 Bean (onboard): Okay.
103:39:11 Conrad (onboard): Here's your helmet bag, and I'll feed the hoses [garble].
103:39:25 Conrad (onboard): Wait, wait, wait - okay.
103:39:35 Gordon (onboard): Let me run it down; give you a little more - slack...
103:39:38 Conrad (onboard): [garble].
103:39:39 Gordon (onboard): Just a second. We're way ahead.
103:39:46 Bean (onboard): Yes, let's stay that way. Move.
103:39:53 Conrad (onboard): You are in, [garble].
103:40:00 Bean (onboard): Okay.
103:40:01 Conrad (onboard): You might have to do a 360 down there and unwind this hose.
103:40:05 Bean (onboard): Okay. Now, it doesn't seem to bother me, right this minute. I'll try one this way. Okay.
103:40:12 Conrad (onboard): That looks good. Looks real good, Al.
103:40:15 Gordon (onboard): Okay. I'll go get the TV.
103:40:16 Conrad (onboard): Don't you want to get back in your couch [garble].
103:40:19 Gordon (onboard): No, I better get the hell out of the way.
103:40:21 Conrad (onboard): I'll tell you one thing, [garble] I can't believe it.
103:40:26 Gordon (onboard): Have it coming off there in just a minute, anyway. I'll put the interconnects on.
103:40:37 Conrad (onboard): Now, I've got to go over here and [garble] we got to move this whole thing to get it.
103:40:42 Gordon (onboard): Yes, I know it. Shit, that pissed me off! I talked about it before. Wait a minute, let me - hold it right there. Can you get this stuff out of there you need?
103:41:00 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] cables and monitor. I'll get the [garble].
103:41:16 Bean (onboard): Is anything flowing through my hose?
103:41:18 Conrad (onboard): Is your what?
103:41:19 Bean (onboard): Put my hose on Suit Flow.
103:41:22 Conrad (onboard): How's that?
103:41:24 Bean (onboard): There you go, good show.
103:41:29 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] leave that [garble] right where it is. Now, where's the TV now, [garble].
103:41:52 Gordon (onboard): Where is it?
103:41:53 Conrad (onboard): Right up under my ass [garble].
103:41:57 Gordon (onboard): Put that back in there.
103:42:01 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Dick? [garble].
103:42:11 Gordon (onboard): Wait a minute, Pete. Take this off my hands and I'll get it out for you. They've rigged this crap so it'll be up.
103:42:21 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
103:42:24 Bean (onboard): Pete?
103:42:25 Conrad (onboard): Yes?
103:42:26 Bean (onboard): Here comes something, just...
103:42:28 Conrad (onboard): What?
103:42:30 Bean (onboard): I - I'll call you in a minute. I'm just going to throw one of the helmet stowage bags back, including my TSB; no hurry. [Pause.]
103:42:44 Bean (onboard): Gee, I'll tell you where the TV mount is.
103:42:45 Gordon (onboard): Never mind; we got it.
103:42:46 Bean (onboard): By the tape. Now, let me tell you the best way to do it.
103:42:49 Gordon (onboard): Is that all set up for the window?
103:42:50 Bean (onboard): No, but if you hand it here, I'll set it real quick, and it'll save explaining it.
103:42:54 Gordon (onboard): Now, which way are we doing it?
103:42:56 Bean (onboard): Put orange to orange on both. See, now, that one clamp has a little orange-to-orange dot and then the circular has an orange-to-orange dot. The best thing to do is take it over by the window because, otherwise, you'll never guess it in a million years. Stick this thing in the hole and you've got...
103:43:09 Gordon (onboard): What are you doing to [garble] here?
103:43:11 Bean (onboard): What? I - I can't remember it either. Let me do the orange one, though. I'll rig this and you just go over - I don't know whether it sits on [garble] this one or the side one, I never can remember, but I'll fix this where it works. Okay, that goes there and this color TV one goes - orange to orange. Now, that should be pretty close; but, when you stick it over there, you may find out it needs to be on that bracket. I'm not for sure which. Okay? And take this with you and put it right by - in the TSB. Good.
103:44:17 Gordon (onboard): Did you want this TV - a lower one?
103:44:19 Bean (onboard): It's got TV mount on it.
103:44:21 Gordon (onboard): Oh, yes; I see it.
103:44:37 Bean (onboard): These windows are all fogged up; when we - when we come on with power, we're going to have to come on with the window heaters.
103:44:47 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
103:44:49 Bean (onboard): The middle one. It says TV right on it. That's it.
103:44:59 Conrad (onboard): I think this ought to be F:22 [garble].
103:45:12 Bean (onboard): [Garble] guys are too much. Oh, that makes me mad.
103:45:17 Gordon (onboard): What's the matter, Al?
103:45:21 Bean (onboard): We complained about this damn bag one time and they claimed they fixed it. They sure as hell didn't. Easy, Pete.
103:45:28 Conrad (onboard): I'm just going to shove it straight in; you're just not shoving it in all the way.
103:45:31 Gordon (onboard): I know. It won't go all the way. There it goes [garble].
103:45:38 Conrad (onboard): That looks okay.
103:45:45 Gordon (onboard): [Garble] everything [garble]. [Long pause.]
103:46:18 Gordon (onboard): Let me have your monitor [garble]. [Long pause.]
103:46:44 Gordon (onboard): Where in hell is my helmet?
103:46:47 Bean (onboard): I put it behind my seat, Dick.
103:46:49 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
103:46:50 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
103:47:04 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Al?
103:47:05 Bean (onboard): Yes, sir.
103:47:06 Conrad (onboard): That TV kind of interferes with the [garble].
103:47:11 Bean (onboard): It sure does; it just barely doesn't when it's rigged right. It just barely misses it.
103:47:16 Conrad (onboard): We'll need it rigged right; that's for sure [garble] now, but it doesn't look right me.
103:47:25 Bean (onboard): Well, loosen it up some then, and move it over just a tad. Loosen up on the ball. That one right there. You've got to be kidding on this rig. Come out any further? Hell, that's good enough anyway, isn't it?
103:47:45 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] TSB.
103:47:46 Bean (onboard): Huh?
103:47:58 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
103:48:02 Bean (onboard): Uh-oh.
103:48:03 Conrad (onboard): What?
103:48:04 Bean (onboard): Son of a gun - no, it's not the LM. Hey, look in that Med kit and bring me a whole cellophane roll of those decongestants; they don't have any in here. They got everything but that.
103:48:21 Conrad (onboard): I'll get it in a minute.
103:48:22 Bean (onboard): Okay, just so we don't forget it. Pain in the ass, huh?
103:48:30 Conrad (onboard): No, it's not - [garble].
103:48:37 Gordon (onboard): [Garble].
103:48:40 Conrad (onboard): Bring this down [garble].
103:48:48 Bean (onboard): McDivitt's purse is enough to make...
AOS Rev 11.
103:49:12 Carr: Apollo 12, Houston. Now do you read?
103:49:17 Gordon: Hello, Houston; 12. Loud and clear.
103:49:19 Carr: Roger. Read you the same.
103:49:26 Carr: 12, Houston. I have a Rev 12 map update and a landmark tracking PAD.
103:49:48 Gordon: Go ahead. Houston.
103:49:50 Carr: Roger. Map update, Rev 12: LOS 105:00:05, 105:24:56, 105:46:11. Over.
103:50:17 Gordon: Roger, Jerry. I copied all that.
103:50:19 Carr: Okay. Landmark tracking update: landmark number 193, Rev 12, T-1 is 106:24:54, 106:29:59, south 18.
103:50:48 Gordon: Roger. Copy. T-1, 106:24:54; T-2, 106:29:59; south 18.
103:50:57 Carr: Affirmative, Dick.
103:51:02 Gordon: Okay. Our status is pretty good right now. Al's over in the LM. He's been over there about 10 minutes. We've got everything rigged in the Command Module. Pete's getting on his PGA, and as soon as he does that, we'll be right back in business.
103:51:20 Carr: Roger, Dick.
103:51:26 Carr: 12, Houston. When you get to it, we need a docking tunnel angle.
103:51:36 Gordon: Roger, Jerry. It should he there in the records. We called it down twice; it's still the same. Negative 0.3. Over.
103:51:44 Carr: Okay. Still hasn't changed. Thank you.
103:51:50 Gordon: Better not with all 12 of those latches made. [Long pause.]
103:52:40 Conrad: Why don't you set your clock, Al? [Long pause.]
103:53:28 Bean: Houston, Intrepid.
103:53:31 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Go.
103:53:35 Bean: Roger. I'm down in the LM now. Everything is shipshape. Just pulled hack the window shades, and both of the windows are well frosted over. Guess we'll turn on the heaters when we power up in about 4 or 5 minutes.
103:53:48 Carr: Roger, Al. And we're reading you nice and clear.
103:53:55 Bean: Roger. I'm on CSM still.
Very long comm break.
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103 hours, 56 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. Apollo 12 has come around the front side of the Moon on the eleventh revolution; we had Acquisition Of Signal at 103:47, about 9 minutes ago. Al Bean has moved into the Lunar Module, Intrepid. He went in at 103:40 about 17 minutes ago. We have an accumulation of tape, a few seconds of tape actually, that built up during the time that the Change Of Shift press briefing was underway in Building 1. We'll roll that tape now and join the subsequent conversation during this pass across the face of the Moon, as we play back the tape, after the tape is complete
Download MP3 audio file.
104:04:56 Conrad: Houston, Apol - Apollo 12.
104:04:58 Carr: 12, Houston. Go.
104:05:03 Conrad: Okay. I'm all suited and I'm on the CSM system. Will you take a look at the Biomed and everything? How does that look?
104:05:11 Carr: Doctor says it looks very good.
104:05:17 Conrad: Okay.
104:05:30 Bean: Houston, Intrepid. On the LM S-band - How do you hear?
104:05:34 Carr: Intrepid, this is Houston. Reading you slightly weaker than normal and fairly clear.
104:05:45 Bean: Roger. [Long pause.]
104:06:14 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. We're copying your low bit rate.
104:06:25 Bean: Roger.
104:06:45 Bean: Also, Houston, my Systems Engineer's bus voltage now is 26.9. You want me to go to high tap on both systems? Over.
104:06:54 Carr: Understand your SE bus is 26.9?
104:07:01 Bean: That's affirmative, and Commander's bus is 28.
104:07:08 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. You're very difficult to read. Did you say Commander's bus 28?
104:07:16 Bean: That's affirmative; 28 and System Engineer's 26.9, and do you want me to go over to high-voltage tap now?
104:07:24 Carr: Roger. Stand by, Al. [Long pause.]
104:07:37 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Affirmative. You can go to high tap now.
104:07:45 Bean: Roger.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
104:17:12 Bean: Houston, Intrepid.
104:17:15 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Weak, but clear. Go.
104:17:20 Bean: Roger. We came on LM power at 104:00:00 and just [garble].
104:17:30 Carr: Roger. Copy. LM power 104:00:00.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
104:22:05 Bean: Houston, Intrepid. We're going to go over part of the secondary S-band circuitry now. Over.
104:22:14 Carr: Roger, Intrepid. [Long pause.]
104:23:04 Bean: Houston, Intrepid. On Secondary Transmitter Receiver power now.
104:23:09 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Reading you weak with heavy background noise.
104:23:17 Bean: Roger. We're going back to Primary.
104:23:20 Carr: Roger, Al.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
104:26:13 Conrad: Hello, Houston; CDR on Intrepid. How do you read.
104:26:18 Carr: CDR, Intrepid, this is Houston. Reading you weak with heavy background noise.
104:26:26 Conrad: Roger-Roger. We're going ahead with tape turn-on and self-test.
104:26:34 Carr: Roger, Pete.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
104:29:19 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. You've dumped your background noise. We copy on S-band antenna.
104:29:27 Bean: Okay, Houston. And I just did Verb 35 Enter, and right after I did it, I got a program alarm 212.
104:29:41 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. That's expected. No problem. Press on.
104:29:48 Bean: Okay.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
104:32:46 Conrad: Okay, Houston. The computer got through self-check okay.
104:32:50 Carr: Roger, Pete.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
104:34:50 Conrad: How - how do you read, Yankee Clipper? Intrepid on VHF B.
104:34:54 Gordon: Intrepid, Yankee Clipper; loud and clear.
104:34:56 Bean: How do you read me, Yankee Clipper?
104:34:58 Gordon: Loud and clear.
104:34:59 Bean: Okay. Let's go to Simplex A.
104:35:01 Gordon: Roger. Simplex A.
104:35:26 Bean: Okay, Yankee Clipper, how do you read Simplex A?
104:35:29 Gordon: Loud and clear.
104:35:30 Conrad: Roger. Give me a CSM time from your computer, please.
104:35:35 Gordon: Okay. It's 104:35:34 ...
104:35:39 Conrad: No, no, no. Give me one of the future.
104:35:41 Gordon: Okay. Set it up for 104:36. That's in 15 seconds, if you can make it? [Long pause.]
104:35:57 Gordon: Five seconds, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...
104:36:02 Gordon: Mark.
104:36:05 Gordon: 104:36.
104:36:07 Conrad: Okay. Now, let's get a 0665 going.
104:36:13 Gordon: Okay. Go ahead.
104:36:15 Conrad: Okay. On my mark, we'll take the time. 4, 3, 2, 1...
104:36:22 Conrad: Mark.
104:36:23 Gordon: Roger. I got 104:36:20.41. [Long pause.]
104:36:51 Conrad: They are only off by 0.82 seconds. That's not bad.
104:36:55 Gordon: Want to get another check? [Pause.]
104:37:13 Conrad: Okay. Let's try one more time.
104:37:15 Gordon: Okay.
104:37:18 Conrad: On my mark, we'll take the time. 3, 2, 1...
104:37:23 Conrad: Mark.
104:37:25 Gordon: I've got 104:37:21.68.
104:37:30 Conrad: Okay. I've got 21:72. Very close. That's good enough.
104:37:34 Gordon: Okay.
104:37:36 Conrad: Now, give me your T EPHEM, please. [Pause.]
104:37:50 Gordon: Roger. R1 reads four balls 4, 146.16, 137.44.
104:38:02 Conrad: Okay. Four balls 4, 146.16, 137.44.
104:38:07 Gordon: Charlie.
Comm break.
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104:39:18 Conrad: Hello, Houston. How do you read Intrepid? Are you ready for the E-memory dump?
104:39:24 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Reading you loud and clear; ready for the dump.
104:39:32 Conrad: It's on its way.
104:39:37 Carr: Roger, Pete.
104:39:44 Conrad: Okay, Dick, I'm ready for you to go to Min Deadband Attitude, hold, and give me a set of gimbal angles.
104:40:12 Conrad: Did you copy, Yankee Clipper?
104:40:14 Gordon: Okay, Pete. I'm a - R-1 is 240.14, R-2 is 271.00, and R-3 is 359.38.
104:40:37 Conrad: Say the last one again.
104:40:39 Gordon: 359.38.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
104:43:09 Conrad: Hey, Houston. Are you doing your mathematics on the ground? Check these gimbal angles.
104:43:16 Carr: Roger, Pete. We're working.
104:43:22 Bean: And we're going to try to check the ascent batteries right now.
104:43:26 Carr: Roger.
104:43:58 Conrad: Okay, Yankee Clipper; Intrepid. You no longer have to hold your Attitude tight Deadband.
104:44:07 Gordon: Okay, Pete. And I'm ready for a Verb 06, Noun 20, anytime. [Long pause.]
104:45:04 Conrad: Okay, Yankee Clipper; on my mark, let's get an 06, 20. 4, 3, 2, 1 ...
104:45:13 Conrad: Mark.
104:45:15 Gordon: Hello, Houston; Yankee Clipper.
104:45:18 Carr: Clipper, Houston; go.
104:45:21 Gordon: R-1 reads plus 239.67; R-2 plus 271.54; R-3, plus 359.17. Over.
104:45:35 Carr: Roger, Yankee Clipper. Go ahead, Intrepid.
104:45:40 Conrad: Roger. Plus 05999, plus 09118, plus 00058.
104:46:03 Carr: Roger. What's your GET?
104:46:08 Conrad: 104:45:10.
104:46:13 Carr: Roger. Copy. 104:45:10, Yankee Clipper, plus 23967, plus 27154, plus 35917. Intrepid, plus 05999, plus 09118, plus 00058.
104:46:37 Conrad: That's the Charlie here, and would you verify that guidance is happy with steps 1 through 7 there on AGS 30 and 31 and all flags are set.
104:46:50 Carr: Roger. They're very happy.
104:47:17 Conrad: Houston, Intrepid, ED Bat voltage is 37.5 for both Bat A and Bat B.
104:47:25 Carr: Roger, Intrepid. [Long pause.]
104:47:41 Conrad: Hey, Houston, you got any objections if I blow the gear down?
104:47:49 Carr: Negative, Intrepid. Go ahead.
104:47:54 Conrad: Okay, We'll deploy the gear.
104:47:56 Gordon: I probably won't be able to see it. It is as dark as blazes out there, but go ahead. [Pause.]
104:48:25 Conrad: Any doubt about that?
104:48:30 Carr: Looks good down here, Pete. [Pause.]
104:48:56 Conrad: Okay, Houston. The gear is down and locked.
104:49:02 Carr: Roger, 12.
104:49:08 Conrad: Let's see if you can do it like the SIM's and get me back up my IMU fine align.
104:49:16 Carr: Roger.
104:49:55 Conrad: Okay, Houston. We are bringing the AGS up at this time.
104:49:59 Carr: Roger, 12.
104:50:52 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. With your gyro torquing angle.
104:51:03 Conrad: Roger, Houston. Ready to copy.
104:51:05 Carr: Roger. Outer, minus 00250; inner, minus 00360; middle, plus 00050.
104:51:28 Conrad: Okay. That was: X, minus 00250; Y, minus 00360; Z, plus 00050.
104:51:42 Carr: That's affirmative, Pete.
104:52:42 Conrad: Houston, how long to LOS?
104:52:45 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. LOS in 7 plus 20.
104:52:52 Conrad: Okay. We will give you your first set of 06, 20 if you want them.
104:53:01 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. They won't help us much ...
104:53:03 Gordon: Okay, Pete. Co ahead.
104:53:04 Carr: ...but we will take them.
104:53:07 Conrad: Okay. Forget it. Have you got a DAP data code, LM weight, and CSM weight for me?
104:53:20 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Those are in work.
104:53:29 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. If you will give us P00 and Data, we will get your REFSMMAT up early.
104:53:43 Conrad: Roger. You got P00 and Data.
104:53:47 Carr: Roger, Pete. I've got your LM and CSM weights for you when you are ready to copy.
104:53:57 Conrad: Go ahead.
104:53:59 Carr: Roger. LM weight, 33730; CSM weight, 36786. Over.
104:54:14 Conrad: Okay. LM weight, 33730; 36786.
104:54:20 Carr: Affirmative, Pete.
Comm break.
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104:56:34 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Computer is yours.
104:56:41 Bean: Roger.
Download MP3 audio file.
104:56:46 Conrad: Houston, Intrepid.
104:57:49 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Go.
104:57:53 Conrad: Roger. The drogue is in. The probe is in, and our hatch is closed, and we are over on Intrepid's ECS.
104:58:01 Carr: Roger.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
104:59:03 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. You are 1 minute from LOS; and just a reminder, don't do a Verb 47 on the backside or you will be integrating for a long time.
104:59:19 Conrad: Understand, Houston. The LMP, of course, is back in, and we are going to press with everything that doesn't need MSFN.
104:59:29 Carr: Roger. So long Clipper.
104:59:33 Conrad (onboard): Roger, Houston.
104:59:48 Gordon (onboard): Okay. I'm ready to record. [Long pause.]
104:59:49 Conrad: Yankee Clipper, Intrepid. We are going to start giving you data now.
105:00:02 Carr: Yankee Clipper, Intrepid. Houston looking for you at 105:45.
LOS Rev 11.
105:00:18 Bean (onboard): Yankee Clipper, Intrepid. Are you catching my B-data now?
105:00:21 Gordon (onboard): That - that's affirmative, Al.
105:00:23 Bean (onboard): Thank you.
105:00:27 Gordon (onboard): Hey, Pete, I've preloaded this - this - probe now. Can you take another quick check at the docking latches?
105:00:34 Conrad (onboard): Roger. Hatch all locked up. [Long pause.]
105:01:12 Conrad (onboard): Okay, pal. I've put my helmet and gloves on and cocked all the latches for you. Okay.
Comm break.
This is Apollo Control. We have had Loss Of Signal with both vehicles. As the Apollo 12 spacecraft went over the hill, midway through the 11th revolution, the crew had gained some time on the Flight Plan time line. They lowered the landing gear about an hour ahead of time, verified the drogue and probe were in place, and went on the LM Environmental Control System almost an hour early. Some other numbers that are being generated now for the night's activity. These numbers are likely to change somewhat. Undocking, 108:24:42. Descent orbit insertion, 109:23:38. Power Descent Initiation, 110 hours, 20 minutes, 35 seconds. The Power Descent Initiation will be the final phase from 8 nautical miles altitude and some 260 nautical miles uprange from landing site 7. The so-called High Gate, 7,000 feet, will come in about 8 minutes, 30 seconds after ignition. The PDI maneuver and Low Gate about 100 feet, some 10 minutes, 54 seconds, with touchdown at Ground Elapsed Time of 110 hours, 31 minutes, 58 seconds. Coordinates that have been feeding into the LM guidance computer for the surveyor site - as soon as the commentator locates his notes - 2.9903 South latitude. 23.4031 West longitude. We have some 43 minutes, 30 seconds remaining until Acquisition Of Signal on the 12th revolution, as Yankee Clipper and Intrepid come around front side again. And at 105 hours, 2 minutes Ground Elapsed Time; this is Apollo Control.
105:03:10 Conrad (onboard): Oh, shoot!
105:04:26 Conrad (onboard): That's better.
105:04:40 Conrad (onboard): How're you doing over there, Yankee?
105:04:47 Gordon (onboard): I'm just getting bused up, Pete.
105:04:50 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Give me a holler when you're all bused up; I'm going to step ahead on a few items.
105:05:04 Conrad (onboard): Are you in Attitude Hold?
105:05:20 Gordon (onboard): Hey, Pete.
105:05:21 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Dick, are you holding attitude? You are; aren't you?
105:05:24 Gordon (onboard): Yes, but I've got to turn the roll jets to - to Off until I get the capture latches. Got to get the latches and get the hatch in and bleed the tunnel down. I can't maneuver yet. You're just going to have to wait on me.
105:11:19 Conrad (onboard): Yankee Clipper, Intrepid.
105:11:26 Gordon (onboard): Go ahead, Pete.
105:11:28 Conrad (onboard): What you doing?
105:11:31 Gordon (onboard): Putting the hatch in right now.
105:11:33 Conrad (onboard): Oh, okay. I'm going to pressurize my RCS; you may hear it.
105:13:16 Gordon (onboard): Okay, Pete. I'm depressurizing the tunnel.
105:13:20 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
105:13:23 Gordon (onboard): It's going to take a while and, as soon as we get it down to 3,5, I'll have a couple of jets on, so we really haven't rolled very far.
105:13:30 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
105:13:36 Gordon (onboard): That's kind of work with this suit on.
105:13:40 Conrad (onboard): I'll bet it was.
105:15:23 Gordon (onboard): Okay, Pete. I've got the tunnel down a little bit. How's your cabin look?
105:15:27 Conrad (onboard): It's holding real good, Dick.
105:15:29 Gordon (onboard): Okay. I'm going to go ahead and bleed it down the rest of the way.
105:15:32 Conrad (onboard): Let her go.
105:15:58 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
105:18:49 Conrad (onboard): Gad, I hope I can land.
105:21:34 Conrad (onboard): Say, Yankee, what's the tunnel down to?
105:21:37 Gordon (onboard): Okay. I'm down to 3 pounds - differential.
105:21:40 Conrad (onboard): Going to let her keep going, huh?
105:21:41 Gordon (onboard): Yes, sir. Keep it going.
105:21:43 Conrad (onboard): Okey-dokey. But are your roll jets back on?
105:21:48 Gordon (onboard): Well, I'll have two of them back on at 3.5, Pete.
105:21:51 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
105:27:54 Gordon (onboard): Hey, Pete?
105:27:55 Conrad (onboard): Go ahead.
105:27:56 Gordon (onboard): I see three of your landing gear pads are deployed. I can see three of them.
105:28:01 Conrad (onboard): Okay. What's the tunnel now?
105:28:04 Gordon (onboard): Let me look. It should be down where we can get some jets on here. [Long pause.]
105:28:29 Gordon (onboard): Okay - okay, Pete. It's down to about 3.8; I can turn two roll jets on.
105:28:37 Conrad (onboard): Okay. How do you know when it gets to zero?
105:28:40 Gordon (onboard): As it gets above 4, I can turn four of them on.
105:28:43 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
105:28:44 Gordon (onboard): So it'll be okay. Then we're right back at the same attitude.
105:28:52 Conrad (onboard): Okay, Dick. And as soon as we get these guys AOS here - I've got the fine torquing angles in, so what we want to give them is an 06, 20.
105:29:06 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
Long break.
105:36:31 Conrad (onboard): Say, did you see those two craters we just flew over, Dick?
105:36:34 Gordon (onboard): Negative.
105:36:36 Conrad (onboard): Man, that's a mighty impressive territory down there; I'll tell you that.
105:36:41 Gordon (onboard): Oh, that - The big ones right behind us. You're talking about the big one, right down at your footpad right now.
105:36:47 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
105:36:48 Gordon (onboard): Yes. I see that.
105:36:50 Conrad (onboard): I - I - I keep estimating that if I was flying over the desert, I'd be about, at the most, 20 to 30,000 feet.
105:36:58 Gordon (onboard): That's what I keep thinking. Why is that?
105:37:00 Conrad (onboard): Sixty miles up.
105:37:01 Gordon (onboard): That's what I keep thinking. I wonder how come?
105:37:09 Gordon (onboard): I can't believe you're at 60 miles.
105:37:12 Conrad (onboard): I can't either. I hope I can get myself oriented when we get down lower.
105:37:43 Gordon (onboard): Okay. The only thing I'll remind you of on this one; I got to get my tracking attitude at 5 by 106:10. I think we can do that.
105:37:52 Conrad (onboard): Yes. I'm going to honk when we get here, Dick. I'm way ahead on several things, and I think we can beat the rap here pretty good. What time's AOS?
105:38:09 Gordon (onboard): Forty-five.
105:38:11 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Right about 46, let's grab a quick 06 Noun 20.
105:38:25 Gordon (onboard): Things are looking awful good over here, Pete.
105:38:28 Conrad (onboard): Look good here, too, Dick.
105:41:39 Conrad (onboard): Did you check out your TV yet, Dick?
105:41:43 Gordon (onboard): No, I haven't. But I might.
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This is Apollo control at 105 hours, 45 minutes in Ground Elapsed Time. Some 40 seconds away from acquisition of both vehicles as they come around the corner on the 12th revolution. During this pass, there will be quite a few activities related to preparing the Lunar Module, Intrepid for the landing early tomorrow morning. At - during the last revolution the crew of the Intrepid had gained quite a bit of time on the Flight Plan in doing a lot of these chores. Among the items to be passed up to the crew will be the so called PADs for the maneuvers times - ignition times so on, Delta-V's. We've had Acquisition Signal on both vehicles. Standing by for that first call.
AOS Rev 12.
105:46:37 Carr: Yankee Clipper, Houston. Over.
105:46:43 Gordon: Hello, Houston; Clipper here.
105:46:45 Carr: Roger, Clipper. Give us P00 and Accept, and we'll start your state vector up.
105:46:56 Gordon: How about a 06, 20 first?
105:47:01 Carr: Okay; fine.
105:47:06 Gordon: Pete, you ready?
105:47:08 Conrad: Yes, sir. On my mark, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...
105:47:15 Conrad: Mark.
105:47:18 Gordon: Hey, Houston, you ready to copy?
105:47:20 Carr: Roger. Go ahead.
105:47:24 Gordon: Hey, Yankee Clipper, R-1 reads 23961; R-2 reads 27186; R-3 reads 35952.
105:47:36 Carr: Roger, Clipper. Go ahead, Intrepid.
105:47:41 Conrad: Roger. R-1 reads 06008, 09189, 00047. And the time was 105: 47:12.
105:47:57 Carr: Roger. At 105:47:12, CSM: plus 23961, plus 27186, plus 35952. Intrepid plus 06008, plus 09189, plus 00047.
105:48:20 Gordon: Clipper. Roger.
105:48:21 Conrad: Intrepid, that's affirmative, and we're ready to go to P00 and Data.
105:48:25 Carr: Okay. We want to pump one up to Dick, first.
105:48:31 Gordon: It's all yours.
105:48:32 Conrad: Okay. Pump one up to Dick. While you're doing that, I did the rate gyro check; I pressurized the RCS system. Pressurized okay. The helium pressures are 2900 and 2900.
105:48:45 Carr: Roger, Intrepid. They're looking good.
105:48:48 Conrad: Okay. You guys ready for the DAP set, gimbaled, and throttle test?
105:48:56 Carr: Affirmative. Go ahead.
105:49:04 Conrad: Okay. It'll be coming to you in a minute. [Pause.]
105:49:21 Carr: Yankee Clipper and Intrepid, I have your undock and SEP attitudes, if you're ready - times.
105:49:32 Conrad: Okay. We're ready to copy.
105:49:35 Carr: Roger. Undock time 107:54:00. Your attitude is roll 180, pitch 288, yaw 0. Separation 108:24:42. Over.
105:50:01 Gordon: Clipper copied.
105:50:03 Conrad: Intrepid copied 107:54:00, 108:24:42; and the attitudes were 108, 288, and 0.
105:50:12 Carr: Affirmed.
105:50:18 Conrad: And there is Noun 48; and it's reading plus 00504, plus 00576. Going to Verb 34, Enter.
105:50:29 Carr: Roger, Pete.
105:50:35 Carr: Clipper, Houston. I have a Rev 13 map update, if you're ready.
105:50:43 Gordon: Okay, Houston; go.
105:50:45 Carr: Roger. LOS: 106:58:33, 107:23:17, 107:44:39.
105:51:06 Gordon: Clipper copied.
105:51:09 Carr: Clipper, Houston. We're through with your computer. Intrepid, if you've got P00 and Data, we're ready to roll.
105:51:19 Conrad: Okay. And how does the GDA position look?
105:51:25 Carr: GDA is go. Ready for throttle. [Pause.]
105:51:36 Conrad: Commander's soft stop.
105:51:39 Carr: Roger. Confirmed. [Pause.]
105:51:48 Conrad: And that's Commander's full throttle.
105:51:54 Carr: Roger. Confirm it. Intrepid, Houston. You have P00 and Data?
105:52:05 Conrad: LMP's to soft stop.
105:52:09 Bean: That's affirmative.
105:52:12 Carr: Uplink is on the way.
105:52:19 Bean: Roger. That's the soft stop on the LMP.
105:52:23 Carr: Roger, Al. Looks good.
105:52:29 Bean: Here comes Max. Okay. Going back to Min.
105:52:37 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. We missed Max. I think we got mixed up in the time delay.
105:52:46 Bean: Okay. At Max now.
105:52:53 Carr: Okay. We copied Max now.
105:52:54 Bean: [Garble] Houston. I went through all the AGS - Roger, I went through all the AGS memory that you gave us last night on the update, and they all checked out per the update.
105:53:05 Carr: Roger. [Long pause.]
105:53:18 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Full throttle looks good on the LMP side.
105:53:24 Bean: Roger. [Long pause.]
105:53:56 Conrad: Houston, I can step ahead here and do RCS checkout if you want, right now.
105:54:03 Carr: Stand by a minute, Pete.
105:54:08 Conrad: Say again.
105:54:10 Carr: Stand by a second, Pete.
105:54:24 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. We're ready for that RCS when we finish the uplink.
105:54:34 Conrad: Okay. Dick, how much time do you have until you have to maneuver?
105:54:39 Gordon: I should be at the attitude by 106:15 at the latest, Pete.
105:54:44 Conrad: Okay. I think I can do the whole hot fire.
105:54:49 Gordon: Okay by me. Let me know.
Long comm break.
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105:58:04 Conrad: When do you want to maneuver, Yankee Clipper? Tell me what time you have to maneuver.
105:58:11 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Computer is yours.
105:58:16 Conrad: Okay. Coming at you with a TTCA cold fire.
105:58:20 Carr: Roger.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
105:59:20 Conrad: Hey, Yankee Clipper, you read Intrepid? I'm going to be firing here in a minute.
105:59:25 Gordon: Okay. I'll go to Free when you want.
105:59:27 Conrad: Okay.
105:59:29 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Your TTCA cold fire looked good.
105:59:43 Conrad: Coming at you with a number 3 step.
105:59:48 Carr: Roger, Pete. [Long pause.]
106:00:27 Conrad: Okay. All those numbers are off by 1, Houston. Is that all right?
106:00:34 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. You're go.
106:00:39 Conrad: Okay. Going to step 4. Okay. Yankee Clipper, CSM Wide Deadband, Att hold; verify CSC Mode Free; tunnel vented to zero.
106:00:52 Gordon: Okay. All those things are done. Go. Copy, Pete?
106:01:05 Conrad: Roger. I copy.
106:01:07 Gordon: I'm in Free.
106:01:13 Conrad: Coming at you, Houston.
106:01:16 Carr: Roger, Intrepid. [Long pause.]
106:01:42 Conrad: Okay; want to damp them, Yankee?
106:01:45 Gordon: No. Let it roll. Are you all through?
106:01:47 Conrad: No, I've got some more. Just minimum impulse though.
106:01:50 Gordon: Okay; let it roll this way, Pete. Just the way I wanted to go. [Long pause.]
106:02:36 Conrad: Coming at you with PGNS Minimum Impulse, Houston.
106:02:38 Carr: Roger, Intrepid.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:03:44 Conrad: How's that look, Houston?
106:03:47 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Looks good, break; your AGS abort constants in the checklists are good. Over.
106:04:00 Conrad: Oh, understand, Houston.
106:04:05 Gordon: Hey, Pete, I'm going to continue the maneuver. I've got it.
106:04:07 Conrad: Okay. You've got it, babe. We're finished.
106:04:10 Gordon: Watch your antenna. I'm going to Omni D.
106:04:15 Gordon: Hello, Houston; Clipper. On Omni D.
106:04:18 Carr: Roger, Clipper.
106:04:23 Gordon: Okay. I'm maneuvering to tracking attitude, so I will be on Omni for you.
106:04:28 Carr: Roger.
106:04:33 Gordon: Pete, we want another 06, 20 here in this attitude too.
106:04:37 Gordon: The tracking attitude.
106:04:39 Conrad: That right.
106:04:40 Gordon: Yes, I know.
Comm break.
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106:06:15 Conrad: Let us know when you get to your attitude, Dick.
106:06:17 Gordon: [Garble] [Long pause.]
106:06:48 Conrad: Houston, Intrepid.
106:06:51 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Go.
106:06:55 Conrad: Things are looking good enough; I expect to hear Noun 69 is zero.
106:07:02 Carr: Roger, Pete. So do we. Do you want to go down the Rev early?
106:07:05 Gordon: Okay, Pete. Standing by.
106:07:08 Conrad: It's okay with me, pal.
106:07:10 Gordon: Here's an 06, 20.
106:07:18 Conrad: On my mark; 4, 3, 2, 1...
106:07:21 Conrad: Mark.
106:07:23 Gordon: Roger, Houston; Clipper. R-1, plus 00046; R-2, 27021; R-3, 00008. Over.
106:07:36 Carr: Roger, Clipper. Go ahead, Intrepid.
106:07:42 Conrad: Roger. R-1, 29926; R-2, 09015; R-3, 35980. The time 106:07:19.
106:07:55 Carr: Roger. At 106:07:19, Clipper: plus 00046, plus 27021, plus 00008. Intrepid: plus 29926, 09015, plus 35980.
106:08:22 Conrad: That's affirmative.
106:08:35 Conrad: And, Houston, we'll go to aft an - or forward antenna now in anticipation of Dick's tracking exercise.
106:08:46 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. We'd rather have you stay with the steerable as long as you can.
106:08:52 Conrad: Okay. We'll stay with the steerable.
106:08:55 Carr: It's just possible we won't lose you.
106:09:00 Conrad: Okay. Crazy. If you see us getting close, give us a holler, and we're going to get busy in here.
106:09:04 Carr: Will do, Pete.
Comm break.
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106:11:06 Bean: Hey, Pete, we're coming up on Theophilus. Look out to your left.
106:11:31 Conrad: Oh, yes; I can see it from here now.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:12:51 Bean: There. Hear jets firing, Pete?
106:12:56 Conrad: No.
106:12:59 Bean: Must he mine hitting your foot pad, then.
106:13:03 Conrad: Yes. I'm in AGS Pulse.
106:13:05 Bean: Okay. Make sure. [Pause.]
106:13:20 Carr: Intrepid, Houston with a K-factor update when you're to copy.
106:13:28 Bean: Go ahead, Houston. Ready now.
106:13:31 Carr: Roger. R-1, 00100; R-2, all zips; R-3, 00073. Over.
106:13:46 Bean: Roger. 00100, all zeros, 00073.
106:13:51 Carr: Affirmative. [Pause.]
106:14:12 Bean: You were fast on that one, Houston.
106:14:16 Carr: Affirm. [Long pause.]
106:14:55 Carr: Intrepid, Houston.
106:15:00 Conrad: Go, Houston.
106:15:02 Carr: Roger. If you've got time, Pete, can you give us another Verb 06 Noun 20 at this attitude?
106:15:10 Conrad: Yes. We got time, Dick?
106:15:15 Gordon: Yes; stand by. I'm loading 89 right now. I'll get it.
106:15:19 Conrad: Okay. I'll stand by. [Long pause.]
106:15:47 Gordon: Okay. Any time, Pete.
106:15:51 Conrad: Okay. On my mark; 4, 3, 2, 1 ...
106:15:56 Conrad: Mark.
106:15:59 Gordon: Houston, R-1 reads plus three balls 44, R-2, plus 26956; R-3, plus 00054. Over.
106:16:11 Carr: Roger, Clipper. Go ahead, Intrepid.
106:16:16 Conrad: Okay, Houston. Plus 29928, plus 08952, plus 35934. The time 106:15:55.
106:16:35 Carr: Roger. At 106:35:55: Clipper, plus three zeros 44, plus 26956, plus three zeros 54; Intrepid, plus 29928, plus 08952, plus 35934.
106:16:56 Conrad: That's a Charlie.
106:16:58 Carr: Roger. That GET was 106:15:55. Affirmative?
106:17:05 Conrad: That's affirm.
106:17:15 Conrad: Okay, Houston. You've been keeping tabs on us; make sure I got this right. It seems to me we're complete through 107 hours, or at 46. We're standing by to pick up with rendezvous radar self-test and AGS Cal. You see anything before that we haven't done?
106:17:39 Carr: Give us a second to review, Pete. We think you're okay.
106:17:44 Conrad: Okay. Smoke her over. I don't want to leave anything out.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:19:25 Carr: Intrepid, Houston.
106:19:30 Conrad: Go, Houston.
106:19:31 Carr: Okay. We're up with you, Pete. You're at 107.
106:19:39 Conrad: Okay. I think that's going to work real good then, because while Dick's not firing any thrusters - AGS Cal and the rendezvous radar self-test out of the way.
106:19:47 Carr: Roger. [Long pause.]
Download MP3 audio file.
106:20:37 Conrad: Let me know when you're going to start tracking, Yankee.
106:20:41 Gordon: Okay,' Pete. I've got 66 degrees trunnion yet to Rev align along with it, and it's got to come down to 22 before I'll pitch over.
106:20:50 Conrad: Okay. You know where you are?
106:20:53 Gordon: Sure; I'm smokin over scenery out in front of me.
106:20:56 Conrad: That's good. Okay. Let me know if you see the Snowman when you go by.
106:21:02 Gordon: Okay.
106:21:07 Bean: Houston, Intrepid. We forgot to give you our RCS helium pressure. It's about 2950.
106:21:14 Carr: Roger, Al. Thanks.
106:21:19 Conrad: It's okay. The LMP was outside when I gave it to you.
106:21:33 Gordon: I believe he was over here seeing what he forgot. [Long pause.]
106:22:24 Gordon: Houston, Clipper.
106:22:26 Carr: Clipper, Houston. Go.
106:22:31 Gordon: I'm just looking over the electrical system. Do we have a battery A charge scheduled this afternoon?
106:22:40 Carr: Stand by, Dick. We'll check it out. [Pause.]
106:22:54 Carr: That's a negative, Dick. Next charge is 131:30.
106:23:04 Gordon: You're going to make that SPS burn, and that battery A is down quite a bit.
106:23:16 Carr: Roger, Dick. We copy, and we'll re-evaluate it.
106:23:25 Gordon: May have missed one along the way; I'm not sure.
106:23:44 Gordon: Hey, Pete, we're getting close.
106:23:47 Conrad: Okay, Dick. Do your usual good job.
106:23:53 Gordon: My best.
106:23:55 Conrad: I know that.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:27:08 Conrad: How are you doing, Clip?
106:27:11 Gordon: Okay, Pete. It's 106:30. I'll be starting the pitchover so - Hang on.
106:27:16 Conrad: Okay. We'll be watching our antenna. We're still on High Gain.
106:27:20 Gordon: Okay. It's coming down into the field of view.
106:27:25 Conrad: Have at her.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:29:13 Gordon: Okay, Pete. I've got the target.
106:29:15 Conrad: Good show. [Long pause.]
106:29:30 Gordon: Very good down there. [Long pause.]
106:29:50 Conrad: What do we do with it? Which way are we pitching?
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:32:02 Conrad: Boy, oh boy, Houston. Do we have a fantastic view of Copernicus.
106:32:11 Carr: Roger, Pete.
106:32:13 Gordon: Hey, Pete, my boy. I gave you five of my best ones.
106:32:17 Conrad: Good show, Richard.
106:32:19 Carr: How's the Snowman look, Dick?
106:32:21 Conrad: Okay. We owe Houston...
106:32:24 Gordon: I didn't even have a chance to really look at it that time, Jer.
106:32:29 Conrad: Hey, Dick. I don't know if you can see it, but if you can, you ought to take a look at Copernicus there. That is really something else. And we owe him an 06, 20, whenever he gets stopped.
106:32:51 Gordon: I'm just looking at Copernicus. Houston, let me know when you got the data.
106:32:58 Conrad: Isn't that something?
106:32:59 Carr: Roger, Clipper.
106:33:00 Bean: Sure is. [Long pause.]
106:33:20 Conrad: Where - Where you going, Dick?
106:33:24 Gordon: I'm pitched to 158. I'd like to [garble]...
106:33:26 Carr: Clipper, Houston. We have your data.
106:33:29 Bean: Okay. Okay. And that's for what?
106:33:36 Gordon: For an 06, 20; then I'll go out for the AGS Cal.
106:33:39 Bean: Okay. Very good.
106:33:42 Gordon: Pretty nice down here, Pete.
106:33:46 Conrad: I hope so.
106:33:56 Conrad: Boy, I tell you; I can't get over Copernicus. Houston, that - there's nothing on any other part of the Moon that we've seen since we've been here that even looks like that.
106:34:08 Carr: Roger, Pete. Break. Clipper. We got your P22 data. [Pause.]
106:34:29 Conrad: Did you get that, Clipper? He got your P22 data.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:36:08 Conrad: Okay, Dick. Let me know when you can - when you're steadied up. [Pause.]
106:36:38 Conrad: Okay. On my mark; 4, 3, 2, 1...
106:36:44 Conrad: Mark. [Long pause.]
Download MP3 audio file.
106:37:10 Conrad: Did you copy that, Houston?
106:37:12 Carr: Negative, Intrepid. You're going to have to relay.
106:37:20 Conrad: Okay. You can give me the angles if you want, Dick, and I'll relay them. I didn't copy them. Give them again.
106:37:34 Gordon: Hello, Houston; Clipper on the High Gain.
106:37:36 Carr: Roger, Clipper. Loud and clear.
106:37:40 Gordon: Okay. Had to get you back before I give them to you. R-1 reads plus 00270, R-2 reads plus 15866, R-3 reads plus 00408.
106:37:55 Carr: Roger, Clipper. Go ahead, Intrepid.
106:38:00 Conrad: Roger. 29685, 33862, 35578. The time 106:36:40.
106:38:14 Carr: Roger. At 106:36:40, Clipper was plus 00270, plus 15866, plus 00408; Intrepid, plus 29685, plus 33862, plus 35578.
106:38:39 Conrad: That's affirmative. Dick, you're cleared to go the AGS Cal attitude, and we're standing by.
106:38:53 Gordon: Okay. We're on our way.
106:38:55 Conrad: Good show.
106:39:06 Gordon: Hey, don't overshoot or you'll get a night landing. Did you know that?
106:39:10 Conrad: Yes. Boy, you sure throw the gunk by the front of the spacecraft when you fire those forward firing thrusters.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:40:22 Gordon: Hey, Pete. We're there and settled down. You want to give them some more?
106:40:27 Conrad: Okay. If you're all settled down. On my mark; 4, 3, 2, 1 ...
106:40:33 Conrad: Mark.
106:40:38 Gordon: Houston, Clipper.
106:40:39 Carr: Go ahead, Clipper.
106:40:43 Gordon: Roger. Yankee Clipper with three more gimbal angles. Plus 00779, plus 15745, plus 02348. Over.
106:40:56 Carr: Roger, Clipper. Go ahead, Intrepid.
106:41:04 Conrad: Roger. 29175, 33737, 33638; the time 106:40:30.
106:41:20 Carr: Roger. At 106:40:30: Clipper, plus 00779, plus 15745, plus 02348; Intrepid, plus 29175, plus 33737, plus 33638.
106:41:41 Conrad: That's affirmative.
106:41:42 Carr: Roger.
106:41:46 Conrad: Okay, Clipper, would you disable thruster B-3, please sir? Or are you in Free?
106:41:54 Gordon: How about if I go Free? You can get the whole works done?
106:41:57 Conrad: Free is even better, and make sure your radar transponder is off.
106:42:02 Gordon: It is off, and I'm in Free right now.
106:42:05 Conrad: Okay.
106:42:15 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. When you get a chance, P00 and Data. We have a PIPA bias update for you.
106:42:32 Conrad: What'd you just do, Clipper?
106:42:35 Gordon: Nothing. I didn't do anything.
106:42:37 Conrad: I thought I heard a big clunk somewhere.
106:42:42 Gordon: Well I've been accused of a lot of things, but that's the worst. [Pause.]
106:42:59 Gordon: I'm in here minding my own business, Pete.
106:43:05 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Over.
106:43:10 Conrad: Go ahead, Houston; Intrepid.
106:43:12 Carr: Roger. If you'll give us P00 and Data, we have a PIPA bias update for you.
106:43:19 Conrad: You got it.
106:43:22 Carr: Roger. It's on the way.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:44:52 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Computer's yours.
106:44:57 Conrad: Thank you.
106:45:00 Carr: Clipper, Houston.
106:45:07 Gordon: Go ahead.
106:45:08 Carr: Roger, Dick. Battery Alfa's in real good shape. It's only got 7 amp hours missing.
106:45:18 Gordon: Okay. I'm happy if you're happy.
106:45:20 Carr: Roger. [Long pause.]
106:46:01 Conrad: Houston, we got a program alarm, 1106. Uplink too fast.
106:46:08 Carr: Roger, Pete. [Pause.]
106:46:23 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. We're checking into that alarm. There was no uplink coming at the time.
106:46:31 Conrad: Okay. I'd just thought I'd activate the rendezvous radar. I don't know if that had anything do to - to do with it. [Pause.]
106:47:18 Conrad: Say, Houston, why don't you send that uplink again? We might have had that program alarm and not noticed it.
106:47:34 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. We didn't see the alarm while we were uplinking. We think the uplink was clean.
106:47:44 Conrad: Okay. What do you think? Just a spurious alarm?
106:47:48 Carr: Don't know, Pete. We'll look at it a little deeper and come back at you shortly.
106:47:54 Conrad: Okay.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:49:13 Gordon: Hey, Jer. Needless to say, I'm anxious to find out how those marks look to the people on the ground.
106:49:19 Carr: Dick, they look real fine.
106:49:24 Gordon: Thank you.. I'm glad to hear that.
106:49:32 Conrad: Okay, Houston. Running a rendezvous radar self-test, and my Xmitter power is low according to my book. I got 2.65. Let me give you all the numbers: AGC with 1.65; xmitter with 2.65; shaft error was 22 to 26; trunnion error was 22 to 26. Also, my tape reads 49 - 493- one-half feet per second by 500; and the tapemeter reads 195.2 miles vice 194. How's - how's that grab you?
106:50:25 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Roger. Stand by. We'll look at it for a second.
106:50:37 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. If you want to read out this PIPA bias we sent you to check it out, go Verb 01 Noun 01 and check out address 1452 and 1456. Over.
106:50:54 Bean: Understand.
106:50:56 Conrad: Roger. What should they read?
106:51:06 Carr: Roger. 1452 should read 77116, and 1456 should read 01573.
106:51:21 Conrad: 1452, 77116; and 1456 should read 01573.
106:51:30 Carr: That is affirmative, Pete.
106:51:44 Gordon: Pete, let me know when you're through with your rendezvous radar, and I'll get my transponder in the act.
106:51:52 Conrad: Okay.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:54:26 Bean: Houston, Intrepid.
106:54:29 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Go.
106:54:34 Bean: Just completed the AGS Cal. Looks like the AGS passed with flying colors. 540 was minus 00013; 541 was minus 00003; 542 was plus 00004; 544 was plus 00004; 545 was plus 00019; 546 was all zeros. [Pause.]
106:55:05 Conrad: Yankee Clipper, you can [garble] back on.
106:55:06 Carr: Roger. Copy. 540 minus 00013, minus 00003, plus 00004, plus al1 zeros 4, plus 00019, and plus all zeros.
106:55:24 Bean: That's affirm. The only one that I thought that changed significantly was 544, which changed from a minus 6 to a plus 4.
106:55:34 Carr: Roger, Al.
106:55:51 Gordon: Al, are you through with the AGS Cal and everything?
106:55:54 Bean: That's affirmative.
106:55:56 Conrad: If you are, I'm going to go ahead and maneuver to the undocking attitude. Okay?
106:56:00 Bean: Good idea.
106:56:02 Conrad: Okay, Houston. I just checked the PIPA bias, and those registers are loaded correctly. The radar passed all the checks correctly except the one number that I gave you. Everything else worked fine.
106:56:16 Carr: Roger, Pete. Your rendezvous radar looks like it's pretty good. The transmitter power is a bit low, but it's Go.
106:56:27 Conrad: Okay.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
106:57:29 Carr: Intrepid, Houston.
106:57:35 Conrad: Go ahead, Houston.
106:57:37 Carr: Roger. We're about a minute from LOS. Everything's looking real good. Your computer and everything is fine. The most possible idea we can think for your 1106 alarm was, if you turned your DUA off about when your computer was running, that might have possibly caused it.
106:58:02 Bean: What's a DUA?
106:58:06 Carr: Roger. That's your digital uplink assembly.
106:58:12 Bean: Oh! Okay.
LOS Rev 12.
107:00:59 Conrad (onboard): Dick, we're doing our integrity checks now.
107:01:02 Gordon (onboard): Okay, Pete, I'm just - slowly maneuvering to the burn attitude.
Very long comm break.
This is Apollo Control. We've had Loss Of Signal with Intrepid and Yankee Clipper. As the two spacecrafts, still docked, went around the corner of the visible face of the Moon - visible to the naked eye and to the antenna at the tracking station. To review briefly again some of the upcoming events leading to a second manned lunar landing. The soft undocking is scheduled to take place shortly after Acquisition Of Signal during the 13th revolution. This will be at a Ground Elapsed Time of 107:54 as per the Flight Plan. This soft undocking will be done in a radial direction. That is, the two spacecraft will be aligned toward the lunar surface so that the motion is radial as opposed to posigrade or retrograde when the undocking occurs. To accomplish this soft undocking, the probe is extended until the capture latches at the end of the probe are the only items still connecting the spacecraft together. Then they're unlatched very gently and this imparts a minimum amount of energy into the two spacecraft motions so as not to perturb the orbit and cause any changes in the orbital measurements. Separation maneuver, which is a Command Module RCS maneuver, will take place at 108:24:42. Velocity, up 2.5 feet per second. This again is a radial maneuver, which will produce a separation at the time of the Descent Orbit burn by the Lunar Module of about 2 and a half or 3 nautical miles. The Descent Orbit Initiated maneuver which will place Intrepid on the - sort of elliptical orbit with a pericynthion of 8.3 nautical miles apocynthion of 60.6 nautical miles will take place at 109:23:38. This will be a burn with the Descent Propulsion System engine. Retrograde 73.1 feet per second. This Descent Orbit Initiated burn will be exactly opposite the point of Power Descent Initiation. That is, opposite that in it's 180 degrees away or prior to the DOI or PDI maneuver. The DOI as mentioned earlier will put the Intrepid at 8.3 nautical miles above the surface at the time of Power Descent Initiation. This is some 260 nautical miles uprange of landing site 7. Power Descent Initiate, again a Descent Propulsion System maneuver, with a retrograde velocity total, all the way down to touchdown, of 6,619 feet per second will take place at 110:20:35. Touchdown is estimated to take place at 110:31:58. Just prior to undocking the Command Module color television camera will be turned on and this will be a 40 minute television pass. During the period between soft undocking and the separation burn, Dick Gordon in the Command Module will inspect the Lunar Module to see that the landing gear is deployed properly, and that all looks shipshape for Intrepid to make the landing. We'll acquire Intrepid and Yankee Clipper again some 40 minutes and 40 seconds from now. At 107 hours, 4 minutes Ground Elapse Time, this is Apollo Control.
107:10:25 Conrad (onboard): Yankee, Intrepid.
107:10:27 Gordon (onboard): Go ahead, Pete.
107:10:28 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Verify CSM tunnel hatch Press equalization, the tunnel vent valves closed, and the tunnel vented.
107:10:34 Gordon (onboard): Right. Verified.
107:10:36 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
107:14:48 Gordon (onboard): What's all - what's all that oil-canning about over there, Pete?
107:14:52 Conrad (onboard): We're doing our pressure integrity check, Dick. We have the cabin coming down to 3½, and we're doing our pre-burn checks, and we just reset the cabin to 5 now.
107:15:05 Gordon (onboard): Sure making all kinds of noise.
107:16:20 Conrad (onboard): Yankee Clipper, Intrepid. We're going to pressurize the DPS now; you may hear something.
107:16:25 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
107:20:45 Gordon (onboard): Bastards.
107:28:01 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] seen before [garble].
107:28:07 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
107:28:15 Gordon (onboard): How you guys doing over there?
107:28:17 Bean (onboard): We're just completing the Prep for undocking, Dick.
107:28:22 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
107:30:10 Bean (onboard): Hey, Dick, I hold at 23 minutes and 48, 47, 46 seconds from undock.
107:30:16 Gordon (onboard): Okay [garble].
107:30:18 Bean (onboard): We're complete and we're standing by.
107:31:53 Conrad (onboard): Dick, what time's AOS?
107:31:58 Gordon (onboard): 107:44:39 [Long pause.]
107:32:36 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Dick, did you check the TV?
107:32:43 Gordon (onboard): No, I didn't, Pete. They got the tape on. I'll check it as soon as we get AOS.
107:32:54 Gordon (onboard): They've had the tape running on the back side.
107:32:57 Conrad (onboard): That was a good show you did, there. Sounds like you did a hell of a job tracking.
107:33:03 Bean (onboard): Thank you, Dick.
107:33:06 Gordon (onboard): Well, that's what I'm along for, is to give you all the help I can. It looked pretty good down there, Pete.
107:37:06 Bean (onboard): What time was AOS? 44, Dick?
107:37:10 Gordon (onboard): Yes, that's right. 44:39.
107:37:16 Bean (onboard): How's it over there, all buttoned up?
107:37:19 Gordon (onboard): Lots of space. I've got the seat down and the struts off. I'm about to take this suit off.
107:37:28 Conrad (onboard): Dirty dog.
107:37:33 Gordon (onboard): I figure I can get into it.
107:37:36 Conrad (onboard): Yes, I got into mine without any help, except for the zipper; and, as long as you've got the lanyards, you're okay.
107:40:45 Gordon (onboard): Hey, Al, where'd you put the PAD book?
107:40:50 Bean (onboard): It's either in my little stowage compartment or I gave it to you. I don't remember which one, Dick. I always - I always keep the PAD in that little metal box by my right shoulder.
107:41:04 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
107:42:10 Gordon (onboard): Well, I don't find it. I thought you copied a TEI PAD this morning; but I don't know what you did with it. then.
107:42:18 Bean (onboard): Well, that's about the only place I could keep it, so it's got to either be that - You might look in my TSB, but I never put anything in there like that. Or you might look in yours. Seems to me I - I put it in that metal box; just kind of pull everything out and it'll probably be kind of squashed in there.
107:42:33 Gordon (onboard): Okay, I'll find it later, Al. I'm not worried about it. It's around somewhere, I'm sure.
107:42:39 Bean (onboard): I swear I didn't steal it.
107:42:42 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
107:42:51 Bean (onboard): That'll teach you to take the tape recorder when I'm listening to my favorite song.
107:42:55 Gordon (onboard): Oh, you noticed, huh?
Download MP3 audio file.
This is Apollo Control 107 hours, 44 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. Some 24 seconds away from acquisition of signal in this the thirteenth revolution around the Moon. Coming up in 9 minutes, 34 seconds on the so called soft undocking, in which Intrepid and Yankee Clipper will separate. And remain separated until rendezvous. We sent Acquisition Of Signal on the Lunar Module. Standing by for communications to begin.
107:44:42 Conrad (onboard): Man, this is some rugged country down there, isn't it?
107:44:46 Bean (onboard): You'd better believe it.
AOS Rev 13.
107:45:07 Gordon: Hello, Houston; Yankee Clipper here.
107:45:09 Carr: Yankee Clipper, Houston. Loud and clear.
107:45:14 Gordon: Okay. If you'll kill my tape for me, I'll get the TV on.
107:45:19 Carr: Roger.
107:45:20 Gordon: Thank you.
107:45:23 Conrad: And, Intrepid reading you loud and clear, Houston. We're ready for undocking.
107:45:27 Carr: Roger, Intrepid. Now, we read you the same. [Long pause.]
Download MP3 audio file.
Here in Mission Control, the Flight Director Cliff Charlesworth is polling all the positions for a "go" for undocking.
107:46:19 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. You're Go for undocking.
107:46:25 Conrad: Roger-Roger.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
Yankee Clipper and Intrepid have been given a "go" for undocking. This was drowned out by the commentators last comments.
Download MP3 audio file.
107:47:36 Carr: Yankee Clipper; Houston. Copying TV.
107:47:42 Gordon: Okay. Thank you.
107:47:46 Conrad: Can you see me waving at you, Jerry?
107:47:50 Carr: You better have Dick focus it.
107:47:56 Conrad: Okay.
107:47:57 Gordon: It's focused. It's just dark where he is.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
Television is now coming down from Yankee Clipper looking out the window at Intrepid. One of the quads of RCS thrusters visible in the upper right hand corner of the picture.
Download MP3 audio file.
107:50:03 Gordon: Four minutes, Pete.
107:50:05 Conrad: Roger. Four minutes, and we're standing by. We're ready to go.
107:50:10 Gordon: Okay. Don't forget to soft undock. You'll probably get a little jar out there, so you'll want to damp for a little bit.
107:50:16 Conrad: Okay. You just tell me when I'm free. I'm along for the ride until then.
107:50:20 Gordon: Okay. [Long pause.]
Download MP3 audio file.
107:51:03 Gordon: Two minutes.
107:51:04 Conrad: Roger.
Comm break.
107:52:10 Gordon: I'm on Vox, Pete, so I can talk and not have to hit a switch.
107:52:18 Conrad: Okay, Dick. I'm with you. And I'm going to P47 in 1 minute, 30 seconds.
107:52:31 Gordon: Okay.
107:52:33 Gordon: Mark.
107:52:34 Gordon: There you go, 1:30.
107:52:36 Conrad: Okay. And then I'm going to dial up a Verb 77 and stand by on the Enter, as soon as you release me.
107:53:01 Gordon: One minute.
107:53:06 Conrad: Okay, Dick.
107:53:16 Gordon: Footpads look kind of good. Nice to see you with your landing gear down for a change.
107:53:25 Conrad: Roger. [Long pause.]
107:53:47 Gordon: Five seconds. Make that 15.
107:53:58 Gordon: Now it's 5.
107:54:08 Gordon: Okay. Here you go again.
107:54:10 Conrad: [Garble] Alright. Back off, Dick. [Pause.]
107:54:30 Conrad: There he goes.
107:54:32 Gordon: I just wanted to wait and let that damp, Pete.
Download MP3 audio file, [21 mins 39 sec]. Scrivener tape, Australia.
Download MP3 audio file, [55 mins 47 sec]. Scrivener tape, Australia.
107:54:36 Conrad: Okay. I - I got minus - I got minus 1 and nothing. So forget it.
107:54:48 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Looks good.
107:54:54 Gordon: How's the tube, Jerry?
107:54:56 Carr: Real good, Dick. Real good.
107:55:01 Gordon: Okay.
107:55:03 Conrad: Okay, Dick. Yawing left, 60.
107:55:08 Gordon: Hey, Pete. You're cutting in end out to me.
107:55:09 Conrad: Roger. Go off Vox. [Pause.]
107:55:34 Gordon: Pete, give me a radio check?
107:55:37 Conrad: How do you read, Yankee Clipper?...
107:55:40 Gordon: Okay.
107:55:41 Conrad: ...1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. How's that?
107:55:47 Gordon: Pick up your yaw.
107:55:51 Gordon: How's that picture, Jerry?
107:55:52 Carr: Clipper, Houston. The picture's beautiful.
107:56:02 Gordon: Quite a sight, isn't it?
107:56:04 Carr: It sure is, Dick. We're copying Pete's yaw maneuver now.
107:56:10 Gordon: Affirm. Just about got it completed.
107:56:16 Conrad: Okay, Dick. How do you read me?
107:56:18 Gordon: Loud and clear now, Pete.
107:56:20 Conrad: All right. Pitching up 90.
107:56:23 Carr: Clipper, Houston. Your FM is breaking up on occasion.
107:56:29 Gordon: What - what's breaking up?
107:56:31 Carr: Your FM is breaking up. It's looking good now. [Pause.]
107:56:57 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. If you'll give us P00 and Data, we'll start your uplink.
107:57:05 Conrad: You're got it.
107:57:06 Carr: Roger. You're on the way, Pete.
Comm break.
Apparently some difficulty being encountered in locking on with the Steerable High Gain antenna on the Command Module. To get a good TV picture in and communications.
107:58:23 Conrad: Hey, you look pretty nice over there, Yankee.
107:58:36 Conrad: Hey, Dick, you read me?
107:58:41 Carr: Yankee Clipper, Houston. How do you read?
107:58:45 Gordon: Houston, Clipper. Loud and clear.
107:58:47 Carr: Roger. Intrepid's on.
107:58:48 Conrad: Hey, Houston, tell him to turn off his Vox because he's cutting out his own VHF.
107:58:58 Gordon: Intrepid, Yankee Clipper. Say again.
107:59:01 Conrad: Okay. You were cutting out your own VHF, being on Vox. Your camera was keying it.
107:59:12 Gordon: Okay. I'm off of Vox now, and you're cutting out on me now.
107:59:17 Conrad: Okay. How's that?
107:59:19 Gordon: Okay. That's better. Stay there. [Long pause.]
107:59:33 Conrad: Okay. You've got it on me. I'm not going to touch anything again.
107:59:39 Bean: Yankee Clipper. I'll turn on my tracking light for a minute. See if you see it.
107:59:44 Carr: Intrepid, Houston with a DOI PAD.
107:59:50 Gordon: I've got it, Al. I've got your light.
107:59:53 Bean: Okay, this is Intrepid, Houston.
107:59:54 Carr: Okay. Standing by. [Long pause.]
108:00:14 Bean: Go, Houston.
108:00:19 Carr: Yankee Clipper, Houston. Try pitch, minus 78; yaw, plus 225 on your high gain.
108:00:30 Gordon: Yes. That's where it's been, Jerry.
108:00:32 Carr: Roger. You're breaking up pretty badly. Intrepid, Houston. P30 LM maneuver DOI PAD: Noun 33, 109:23:39.41; Noun 81, minus 0070.8; all zeros, plus 0015.1; Noun 42, 0060.5, plus 0008.3, 0072.4; burn time, 0.29, 000, 297; AGS, minus 0070.9; plus all zips; plus 0014.4. The rest is NA. Over.
108:02:00 Bean: Roger. Copy 109:23:39.41; minus 0070.8, all zips, plus 0015.1; 0060.5, plus 0008.3, 0072.4; 029, 000, 297; minus 0070.9, plus all zips, plus 0014.4.
108:02:31 Carr: That's affirmative, Al. Break. The computer's yours.
108:02:33 Gordon: Okay. Houston, is ...
108:02:34 Bean: Okay. That's what I wanted to know. Thank you.
108:02:44 Conrad: Can't get any good pictures of you today, Dick. You - the Sun's not in the right place.
108:02:52 Gordon: Okay. We'll do it tomorrow.
108:02:54 Carr: Clipper, Houston.
108:02:58 Gordon: Go ahead, Houston.
108:03:00 Carr: Roger. Have you tried reacquisition on the High Gain? And if you have, why don't you try secondary transponder? Intrepid, Houston with a no PDI plus 12 PAD.
108:03:21 Conrad: Break, break, Houston. This is Intrepid. If it would be any help to you, Yankee Clipper's S-band antenna is just wandering - it's just oscillating back and forth in two directions, like it can't hold Lock.
108:03:34 Carr: Roger, Pete. Thanks.
108:03:38 Bean: It looks like it's in some sort of continual search mode.
108:03:48 Bean: Ready to copy the no PDI plus 12.
108:03:51 Carr: Roger, Al. Noun 33, 110:32:04.70; Noun 81, plus 0116.9, All zips, plus 0131.0; Noun 42, 0147.6,plus 0013.3, 0175.6; burn time 041, 000, 199; AGS, plus 0114.8, all zips, plus 0132.8; Noun 11, 111, 17, all zips; Noun 37, 112, 58, all zips. Over.
108:05:29 Bean: Roger, Houston. Copy. 110:32:04.70; plus 0116.9, all zips, plus 0131.0; 0147.6, plus 0013.3, 0175.6; 041, 000, 199; plus 01114.8, all zips, plus 0132.8; 111, 17, all zips; 112, 58, all zips.
108:06:02 Carr: That's affirmative, Al. I've got your PDI PAD and your PDI is less than 10 and greater than 10.
108:06:16 Bean: Let her go, then.
108:06:22 Carr: Roger, Al. PDI TIG , 110:20:37.58; Noun 61, 09.42, minus 0004.9; FDAI, 356, 110, 000; DEDA 231 is plus 56960; PDI less than 10; Noun 37, 112:58:00.00; PDI greater than 10; Noun 37, 114, 57, 00.00. Over.
108:07:36 Bean: Roger. Copy. 110:20:37.58; 09.42, minus 0004.9; 356, 110, 000; plus 56960; 112:58; all zips; 114, 57, all zips.
108:07:56 Carr: That's affirmative, Al. I have T-2 for you now. [Pause.]
108:08:24 Bean: Go.
108:08:26 Carr: Roger. T-2 abort. TIG; 110:42:02.00; Noun 37, 116, 56, all zips; T-2 at PDI plus 21 minutes, 25 seconds. Over.
108:08:59 Bean: Roger. 110:42:02.00; 116, 56, all zips, 21:25.
108:09:08 Carr: Roger. T-3, if you're ready?
108:09:16 Bean: We are ready.
108:09:19 Carr: Roger. T-3 TIG; 112:27:42.00; P22 acquisition at 112:25:00. Break. Yankee Clipper, you are coming on loud and clear on the TV now.
108:09:44 Gordon: Roger. I had to go to Manual on my High Gain. It won't stay locked on.
108:09:51 Conrad: It's nice and steady over there, now, Dick. I guess something went wrong with the Auto track.
108:09:56 Gordon: Yes. It's because I'm in Manual that I'm staying in there now.
108:09:58 Conrad: Yes. It's pretty solid. It just wobbles a little bit when you fire a thruster.
108:10:04 Bean: Readback, Houston, is 112:27:42.00; 112:25:00.
108:10:11 Carr: That's affirmative, Al. Clipper, Houston. Did you try the secondary transponder before you went to Manual?
108:10:26 Gordon: That's affirmative.
108:10:30 Carr: Roger.
108:10:32 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. I have your gyro torque angle.
108:10:34 Conrad: It must be something in the Auto lock mechanism.
108:10:47 Conrad: Hold it just a minute. We'll be right with you.
108:10:50 Carr: Okay. Standing by. [Long pause.]
108:11:28 Bean: Go ahead, Houston. Ready to copy.
108:11:31 Carr: Roger. Your LM gyro torque angles: X, minus 00045; Y is minus 00035; Z is minus 00092. Over.
108:11:55 Bean: Roger. Copy. Minus 00045, minus 00035, and minus 00092.
108:12:03 Carr: Affirmative. Break. Clipper, Houston with a map update, Rev 14.
108:12:14 Gordon: Okay, go, and I copied all the other.
108:12:17 Carr: Roger, Dick. LOS 108:56:58; 109:21:38; 109:43:04. Over.
108:12:42 Gordon: Roger. 108:56:58; 109:21:38; 109:43:04.
108:12:49 Carr: Affirm.
108:12:54 Gordon: And I'm standing by for Sep.
108:12:58 Carr: Roger, Dick. [Long pause.]
108:13:44 Conrad: Say, Houston, the SIM went pretty smooth today.
108:13:48 Carr: Affirmative, Pete.
108:13:56 Bean: Looks like, because of your tracking, Dick, they raised their landing site altitude about 2,400 feet.
108:14:08 Gordon: That's not hard to believe, Al. Looked like it was in a hole to me.
108:14:14 Conrad: And, Houston, I guess you saw the landing radar self-test. That came out 40.
108:14:19 Carr: Roger, Pete. We copy that.
108:14:29 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. We'd like to get your value on transmitter power, on that.
108:14:39 Bean: Okay. Wait 1. They were both 3.6.
108:14:47 Carr: Roger. Copy.
108:14:49 Conrad: Actually - actually the velocity Xmitter was 3.62, and the altitude Xmitter was 3.60.
108:14:58 Carr: Roger. [Long pause.]
108:15:25 Gordon: Houston, Yankee Clipper.
108:15:26 Carr: Go ahead, Clipper.
108:15:30 Gordon: I'll go back to primary transponder, here, as soon as we separate [garble] hasn't helped it a bit. Looks like I've lost the Auto track feature in the high gain.
108:15:44 Carr: Roger, Dick. We concur on that.
108:15:56 Conrad: Dick, you're - we're still in secondary servo's there. You might go back to the primary ones.
108:16:07 Carr: All right, Conrad. You're stealing our thunder now.
108:16:13 Conrad: Okay. Just trying to help out.
108:16:18 Carr: You keep your mike just ahead of me.
108:16:19 Gordon: If you both recall, that's why we left it in the first place.
108:16:23 Gordon: If you both recall, that's why we left it in the first place.
108:16:27 Conrad: Yes. But it wasn't breaking lock then. You were just getting intermittent signal strength.
108:16:33 Gordon: What's it getting now?
108:16:39 Bean: The only reason I'm beating you, Jerry, is I'm 257,000 some odd miles closer to him than you are [laughter]. [Long pause.]
108:18:51 Carr: Intrepid, Houston.
108:18:54 Conrad: Go.
108:18:56 Carr: Roger, Pete. The way things are looking right now, you're going to be starting PDI about 5 miles north of track; and, during the descent, you are going to be steering south.
108:19:09 Conrad: Five miles north of track. Okay. As long as it knows it, it's okay with me. [Pause.]
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
108:19:42 Carr: Clipper, Houston. Are you going to try those primary servo electronics?
108:19:52 Gordon: It's been tried. How's it looking?
108:19:56 Carr: Looking good and solid now.
108:20:03 Conrad: Yes. The antenna's not moving around at all. It appears to be locked on tight.
108:20:13 Carr: Clipper, Houston. Are you in Auto now?
108:20:20 Gordon: That's negative.
108:20:29 Conrad: Forget it, Dick. Go back to Manual.
108:20:32 Carr: Roger. We copy your Auto, Dick. You're better off in Manual.
108:20:39 Conrad: Is it still in Auto, Dick? It is just locked up solid if it is.
108:20:42 Gordon: No, it's Manual.
108:20:43 Bean: Oh, okay. Sorry.
108:20:49 Gordon: I can move around in here pretty good when I've got all this room.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
108:22:25 Conrad: This is one of the better visuals I've seen, Dick.
108:22:29 Gordon: Yes. You are right. I've been taking stills, and I let it get out of view of TV. I got to get you back.
108:22:42 Conrad: I got you 1 minute and 40 seconds ...
108:22:45 Conrad: Mark.
108:22:46 Conrad: ...to Sep. [Pause.]
108:23:04 Carr: Clipper, Houston. You're Go for Sep.
108:23:09 Gordon: Roger. [Pause.]
108:23:21 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Give us a mark with 1 minute to go to Sep, would you?
108:23:28 Conrad: It is already 1 minute. I'll give you one at 45 seconds. [Pause.]
108:23:40 Conrad: Mark.
108:23:41 Conrad: Forty-five seconds. [Long pause.]
108:23:56 Conrad: You concur with that, Yankee Clipper?
108:24:00 Gordon: I don't have average g yet, Pete.
108:24:02 Conrad: Okay. I - I may have copied the time down wrong or something.
108:24:06 Gordon: 108:24:42.
108:24:08 Conrad: Okay; 42. I got 22 [garble] time.
108:24:10 Gordon: Average g is on. Average g.
108:24:14 Conrad: Very good.
108:24:18 Gordon: I'll be watching you.
108:24:20 Conrad: Okay. We'll be looking for you, too. Okay, there he goes. He's burning. [Long pause.]
108:24:43 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. You were off on that figure by 20 seconds. CSM was right.
108:24:51 Carr: Yes. I had the wrong time. He's burning now, and he looks good out there.
108:24:55 Carr: Roger.
108:25:01 Gordon: Burn's complete.
108:25:03 Conrad: By-by.
108:25:04 Gordon: See you, troops. [Long pause.]
108:25:35 Carr: Clipper, Houston. You can terminate average g now.
108:25:41 Gordon: It's done. It's done.
108:25:46 Conrad: Okay, Houston. We're in Update Link for you any time you want to send this state vector.
108:25:55 Carr: We'll be ready in about 3 minutes, Pete.
108:25:59 Conrad: Okay, and meanwhile, I'm going to take the computer. Give me a holler when you're ready.
108:26:02 Carr: Roger. [Long pause.]
108:26:48 Conrad: Boy, do you look neat down there against the Moon, Dick.
108:26:58 Conrad: We're taking them. We're taking them. [Long pause.]
108:27:51 Conrad: Dick, do you want to get your transponder on?
108:28:09 Carr: Clipper, Houston. Try Omni Bravo.
108:28:16 Bean: They want Omni Bravo. [Long pause.]
108:28:33 Gordon: Hello, Houston.
108:28:35 Carr: Clipper, Houston. Loud and clear.
108:28:46 Gordon: Still have the TV on the Omni?
108:28:51 Carr: That's negative, Clipper.
108:28:55 Gordon: Okay. I'll secure it.
108:29:08 Carr: Clipper, Houston. Would you check your Delta-VCG switch to CSM?
108:29:16 Gordon: CSM. Thank you. [Long pause.]
108:29:33 Gordon: Intrepid, Clipper going to Duplex B and Ranging.
108:29:37 Conrad: Okay. We're not ready for you yet, but you can go ahead there, and we'll come up in a minute. Okay. We're coming up now.
108:29:45 Gordon: Okay. [Pause.]
108:29:58 Gordon: Okay. Loud and clear, but let me get locked on. Don't talk to me for a minute.
108:30:34 Conrad: Are you ready with that updata link yet, Houston?
108:30:36 Carr: That's affirmative, Pete. Go P00 and Data.
108:30:40 Conrad: You got it. P00 and Data.
108:30:42 Carr: Roger, Intrepid; Houston. We got another delay. It'll be another minute before we can start it up. [Pause.]
108:30:59 Conrad: Okay. [Long pause.]
108:31:21 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. It's on its way. [Long pause.]
108:31:41 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. You ready for your data?
108:31:47 Conrad: Yes. Go ahead.
108:31:48 Carr: Okay. It's on the way.
108:31:54 Gordon: I got you at 0.2 of a mile. [Pause.]
108:32:30 Gordon: Pete, I show you locked on with the radar.
108:32:36 Conrad: Okay. I got Auto track. [Long pause.]
108:32:57 Conrad: For some reason, we show a great deal out of plane. [Pause.]
108:33:26 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. The computer is yours. Break. Clipper Houston. If you'll go P00 and Accept, we've got your uplink.
108:33:36 Gordon: Okay. It's all yours.
108:33:41 Carr: Roger, Clipper. It's on the way. [Long pause.]
108:34:09 Conrad: Okay. I hold you at 1.3 - No, excuse me, Dick. I'm looking at the wrong register; 0.22 at about 3 feet per second.
108:34:23 Gordon: I've got it - I've got you at 0.2526 on the VHF.
108:34:33 Conrad: And the tapemeter looks good? [Long pause.]
108:34:49 Conrad: I also show you going a good ways out of plane to me for some reason.
108:34:54 Gordon: I've got the same thing myself. I don't understand it. Coming - think I'm coming back a little, though.
Comm break.
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108:38:12 Gordon: How about some exterior lights for me?
108:38:14 Conrad: Okay. Coming on.
108:38:22 Gordon: Do you have my lights?
108:38:24 Conrad: Sure do.
108:38:25 Gordon: Okay. Your tracking light's on. [Long pause.]
Download MP3 audio file.
108:39:20 Carr: Clipper, Houston. Computer's yours.
108:39:25 Gordon: Thank you.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
108:40:55 Gordon: Pete, I've got you at 4.7 miles.
108:40:59 Conrad: Okay. I've secured mine, Dick.
108:41:02 Gordon: Okay.
108:41:07 Conrad: My Verb 83 shows you a 4.7 and 3½ feet a second.
108:41:12 Gordon: Okay. [Pause.]
Download MP3 audio file.
108:42:19 Conrad: Okay, Hou - Houston. I'm going to P40 for you to look at it.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
108:42:25 Carr: Roger, Pete. Stand by. [Pause.]
108:42:35 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. We're copying your P40.
108:42:42 Conrad: Okay. Can I go?
108:42:46 Carr: Roger. Go. [Long pause.]
108:43:15 Conrad: Dick, I'm going to start my yaw maneuver in a minute.
108:43:18 Gordon: Okay.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
108:44:44 Bean: Houston, Intrepid. How do you think the AGS and PGNCS compare?
108:44:52 Carr: Stand by 1 second. [Long pause.]
108:45:22 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. You're PGNCS and AGS look real good.
108:45:30 Bean: Thank you.
Comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
108:48:31 Gordon: Houston, Yankee Clipper.
108:48:34 Carr: Clipper, Houston. Go.
108:48:37 Gordon: Are you copying my gyro torquing angles? [Long pause.]
108:48:51 Carr: Clipper, Houston. We've got them now.
Long comm break.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
108:52:34 Conrad: Houston, what time is LOS?
108:52:37 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. LOS is coming up in 4 minutes. [Pause.]
108:52:55 Conrad: Okay. We'll try and have this alignment finished for you, so you can look at it.
108:53:08 Conrad: Here's a star-angle difference, Houston. Four balls 2 coming at you with the torquing angles.
108:53:14 Carr: Roger, Pete.
108:53:21 Conrad: How's that grab you? Are you looking at the DSKY?
108:53:24 Carr: Those are great. You're Go for DOI. [Pause.]
108:53:30 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. We're looking at ...
108:53:31 Gordon: Hey, [garble].
108:53:32 Conrad: [Garble] that's all right.
108:53:34 Carr: ...an AOS of 109:43:30. [Long pause.]
108:53:50 Carr: And, Clipper; Houston. We're looking for your AOS at 109:41.
108:53:58 Gordon: Okay. I'll be there.
Comm break.
108:54:28 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Okay. I'm going to...
108:54:30 Bean (onboard): Plus 12 at zero [garble].
108:54:37 Conrad (onboard): Dick, you couldn't look out the AOT and - and see this thing. Hell, I can see the stars in broad daylight with the cockpit light up. There it is.
Download MP3 audio file.
Download MP3 audio file. Scrivener tape, Australia.
108:55:58 Carr: Intrepid, Yankee Clipper. You're looking good. One minute to LOS; we'll see you on the other side.
108:56:07 Conrad: Yes, sir; and after all that jazz about the LPD, old Aldebaran is a half a degree off of in yaw and a half a degree off of in pitch, which is in the noise level; and I can see it out the window; no strain.
108:56:23 Carr: Beautiful, Pete, beautiful.
108:56:29 Conrad (onboard): Okay, it's 1 degree off. Forget it.
108:56:31 Bean (onboard): You want to mark it; you want to mark it with this thing right here?
108:56:34 Conrad (onboard): No, hell no; I know where it is.
108:56:36 Bean (onboard): All right, babe. Get some lights in this thing.
108:56:39 Conrad (onboard): Turn them up.
108:56:43 Bean (onboard): We don't need to...
108:56:43 Carr: Intrepid, Houston. Is that in relation to your new mark or the old one?
108:56:49 Conrad: No. That's right around the 40 mark. It's off about three quarters of a degree to the right and about a tenth of a degree down in pitch.Beautiful. Not even worth fooling with.
108:56:59 Carr: Roger. So long.
LOS Rev 13.
108:56:59 Bean (onboard): You just lost him, Pete.
108:57:00 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
108:57:01 Bean (onboard): Okay. Now wait a minute. Where was I?
108:57:03 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Dick, go ahead and start catching my data, babe.
108:57:10 Bean (onboard): You better call him.
108:57:12 Conrad (onboard): Okay, now. This detent closed?
108:57:15 Bean (onboard): It's closed [garble] checked out.
108:57:17 Conrad (onboard): PGNS Mode Control, Att Hold.
108:57:20 Gordon (onboard): Yankee Clipper, Intrepid.
108:57:23 Bean (onboard): Go ahead.
108:57:26 Gordon (onboard): I'm taking your data, Al.
108:57:29 Conrad (onboard): Hello, Yankee Clipper; Intrepid.
108:57:31 Gordon (onboard): Go ahead. Where'd you go?
108:57:35 Conrad (onboard): I don't know.
108:57:37 Gordon (onboard): Hey, Al, go ahead.
108:57:38 Bean (onboard): Okay. Both VHF A, Simplex; record LM data. Here it comes, babe.
108:57:43 Gordon (onboard): Roger. I was already there.
109:07:04 Conrad (onboard): Hey, Yankee Clipper; Intrepid.
109:07:07 Gordon (onboard): Go ahead.
109:07:08 Conrad (onboard): Is it all right with you if we turn our track light off?
109:07:10 Gordon (onboard): Sure is.
109:07:11 Bean (onboard): Well, we want to save it.
109:08:01 Conrad (onboard): And, Clipper, we're maneuvering to the DOI burn attitude at this time.
109:08:05 Gordon (onboard): Okay. How - how many minutes you got to go?
109:08:09 Conrad (onboard): Oh, about 16 - 15½.
109:22:40 Conrad (onboard): We just passed 1 minute, Yankee Clipper.
109:22:44 Gordon (onboard): Okay, Pete. Right with you.
109:22:50 Conrad (onboard): I'll go over to Vox for you, so you can hear it. Dick, how do you read me?
109:22:53 Gordon (onboard): Loud and clear.
109:22:54 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Can [garble].
109:23:04 Conrad (onboard): Yes, DSKY's blank. You hear me?
109:23:09 Gordon (onboard): Yes, sir.
109:23:11 Conrad (onboard): Descent Engine's armed.
109:23:12 Gordon (onboard): Okay.
109:23:14 Conrad (onboard): Standing by for ullage. You got 10 percent on the Commander' s gage. [Pause.]
109:23:28 Conrad (onboard): 10, 9, 8, ullage, 6, 5, flashing 99, engine's armed, 2, 1...
109:23:39 Conrad (onboard): Ignition.
109:23:40 Conrad (onboard): Burning; good. To what, 15 seconds?
109:23:44 Bean (onboard): 15 [garble].
109:23:46 Conrad (onboard): 15 seconds. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
109:23:55 Bean (onboard): Go to 40 [garble].
109:23:57 Conrad (onboard): 40 percent.
109:23:58 Bean (onboard): Okay, now...
109:23:59 Conrad (onboard): 18, 19, [garble] 21, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...
109:24:09 Conrad (onboard): Shutdown.
109:24:10 Bean (onboard): Okay.
109:24:12 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
109:24:13 Gordon (onboard): How's the burn, Pete; how's the burn?
109:24:15 Conrad (onboard): Oh, it's a good burn. Engine Arm, Off.
109:24:17 Bean (onboard): Engine Arm, Off.
109:24:18 Conrad (onboard): Master Arm, Off.
109:24:19 Bean (onboard): Master Arm, Off.
109:24:24 Conrad (onboard): You're not trimmed.
109:24:21 Bean (onboard): Huh?
109:24:22 Conrad (onboard): You're not [garble]. Go Pro.
109:24:23 Bean (onboard): Pro. Let me [garble].
109:24:25 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] 0, plus 2, minus 6.
109:24:30 Gordon (onboard): Hey, I have - I have you in the sextant; looking right up your descent engine. Fantastic!
109:24:36 Conrad (onboard): What do we go to? P00? Okay.
109:24:46 Bean (onboard): Yes, I know it.
109:24:52 Conrad (onboard): Okay, Mode Control, both Att Hold.
109:24:54 Bean (onboard): Att Hold.
109:24:55 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] residuals. What were they?
109:24:58 Bean (onboard): I got them. Zero...
109:25:01 Conrad (onboard): Zero?
109:25:09 Conrad (onboard): Did your AGS agree?
109:25:12 Bean (onboard): [Garble] Pete, with the [garble].
109:25:18 Conrad (onboard): Okay, but the point is, we don't trim; we don't need to lock on...
109:25:21 Bean (onboard): That's right.
109:25:22 Conrad (onboard): ...the rendezvous radar or anything.
109:25:23 Bean (onboard): That's exactly right, Pete.
109:25:24 Conrad (onboard): So, your next thing is a Verb 82, Enter. [Pause.]
109:25:36 Bean (onboard): [Garble] point 5 by 8.9.
109:25:44 Conrad (onboard): VHF A XMTR to Voice Range.
109:25:47 Bean (onboard): Voice [garble].
109:25:48 Conrad (onboard): VHF B XMTR, Off.
109:25:50 Bean (onboard): XMTR, Off. Going to...
109:25:53 Conrad (onboard): Propellant Quantity Monitor, Off.
109:25:55 Bean (onboard): Propellant Quantity Monitor, Off. You did that?
109:25:58 Conrad (onboard): Yes. Pitch to 0, 109. Okay.
109:26:10 Conrad (onboard): 109.
109:26:11 Bean (onboard): That's better than plus.
109:26:15 Conrad (onboard): Don't stop looking.
109:26:17 Bean (onboard): You're still on Vox, Pete.
109:26:19 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
109:26:20 Bean (onboard): Where it should be.
109:26:21 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
109:26:22 Gordon (onboard): Pete, I had my sextant on you, looking right up your tailpipe on your burn.
109:26:41 Gordon (onboard): Okay. Give me VHF Ranging, will you please?
109:26:44 Bean (onboard): 48, Enter; Verb 21, Enter; 21112, Enter; Pro; Verb 34, Enter. [Pause.]
109:27:08 Conrad (onboard): Dick, that was really a super burn.
109:27:11 Gordon (onboard): Say again.
109:27:13 Conrad (onboard): That was really a super burn. Right on the money.
109:27:15 Bean (onboard): You didn't give me a Verb 82, babe.
109:27:17 Conrad (onboard): Yes, I did. There it is, right there; 60.5 by 8.9.
109:27:21 Gordon (onboard): Okay. Give me a VHF Ranging, will you please?
109:27:23 Bean (onboard): You're [garble].
109:27:24 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
109:27:26 Bean (onboard): You got it.
109:27:27 Conrad (onboard): You got it. [Pause.]
109:27:41 Conrad (onboard): You got it, Dick?
109:27:42 Gordon (onboard): Yes, I've got it. I'm going to hot fire.
109:27:54 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Turn the lights down.
109:28:22 Bean (onboard): Verify loose gear stowed, restraints attached. Okay.
109:28:31 Conrad (onboard): PCM, High; Biomed, Right. Got the sequence camera?
109:28:36 Bean (onboard): You've got it. The COAS goes in the overhead window. The Sun got in my...
109:28:42 Conrad (onboard): Man, there's the lunar surface.
109:28:46 Bean (onboard): Going down to it, babe [garble] slide that thing in there.
109:28:53 Conrad (onboard): I'm doing my best.
109:28:54 Bean (onboard): I know it.
109:28:57 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] enough.
109:28:58 Bean (onboard): Hmm!
109:28:59 Conrad (onboard): What the hell is that?
109:29:01 Bean (onboard): Where?
109:29:02 Conrad (onboard): [Garble].
109:29:03 Bean (onboard): That's the plug; they put them in there. Just slide it out.
109:29:06 Conrad (onboard): What is it?
109:29:07 Bean (onboard): It's just a dummy plug.
109:29:11 Conrad (onboard): Well, that's groovy.
109:29:13 Bean (onboard): [Garble] electrical thingamajigs to get in here. You're supposed to put it - in back of the front window. You want to do it?
109:29:21 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
109:29:22 Bean (onboard): You got to close up the slack.
109:29:24 Conrad (onboard): All right.
109:29:26 Bean (onboard): That's so beautiful, Pete. Look there.
109:29:32 Conrad (onboard): I can't look out. I ain' t going to look out.
109:29:46 Bean (onboard): Leave the [garble] on. Anything I can do, Pete. [Pause.]
109:29:59 Bean (onboard): You locked on with the radar?
109:30:02 Conrad (onboard): No, why?
109:30:03 Bean (onboard): I didn't know if - Well, you will be during [garble].
109:30:06 Conrad (onboard): I didn't need it for the other.
109:30:08 Bean (onboard): I know it; I know it. I just didn't know what you were doing. What a machine! What a machine!
109:30:20 Conrad (onboard): That's it, pal. We're in the DOI attitude. 0 - 09...
109:30:26 Bean (onboard): Zero. Target PGNS for PDI plus 12 abort.
109:30:29 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Here you go [garble].
109:30:32 Bean (onboard): Stay loose and I will.
109:30:34 Conrad (onboard): Need some times. Got that?
109:30:36 Bean (onboard): Yes. Time, 110:32:04.70.
109:30:39 Conrad (onboard): 0, 1, 10...
109:30:41 Bean (onboard): 32.
109:30:46 Conrad (onboard): 00470. Get it. Go plus.
109:30:58 Bean (onboard): 01169.
109:31:02 Conrad (onboard): Good show [garble].
109:31:05 Bean (onboard): Plus 01310.
109:31:09 Conrad (onboard): 310. Got you.
109:31:11 Bean (onboard): Okay. And that'll give you about a 147 by 13, roughly.
109:31:17 Gordon (onboard): Pete, I have you in 60.49 by 9.0.
109:31:21 Conrad (onboard): Roger. I got 60.5 by 8.9, Dick. Very good. You tracking me in the sextant?
109:31:27 Gordon (onboard): Not yet; I'm just got - getting a 76.
109:31:30 Conrad (onboard): Oh, okay. I'm at the PDI attitude at this time. How much fuel I got left?
109:31:38 Bean (onboard): You're so good, it's fantastic [garble].
109:31:44 Conrad (onboard): It's got to be; it's got to be. How about [garble].
109:31:55 Bean (onboard): Okay, 146; that's good; 13, that's good enough.
109:32:00 Conrad (onboard): Forget it; we ain't doing that one. Hope not.
109:32:08 Bean (onboard): Okay. What's next?
109:32:11 Conrad (onboard): DOI post-burn report; helmets and gloves on; Cabin Repress, Close; Suit Gas Diverter, Egress...
109:32:17 Bean (onboard): Pete, you ought to move the [garble]. That thing could fall off there and hit your DSKY, now. You ought to put it somewhere else.
109:32:24 Conrad (onboard): You can take and put it away, for all I give a...
109:32:26 Bean (onboard): Except I can't.
109:32:37 Conrad (onboard): Now, that's complicated.
109:32:39 Gordon (onboard): Boy, are you moving across that surface.
109:32:42 Conrad (onboard): Here [garble] Yes, I can tell we're going down, [garble] hear that thing.
109:32:48 Bean (onboard): Put it in - put it over in there, Pete, in one of those bags. Your own bag or something like that; get it later.
109:33:15 Bean (onboard): I guess when we get down to it, I ought to do that same thing to mine.
109:33:19 Conrad (onboard): Well, let's don't.
109:33:20 Bean (onboard): What's the trouble?
109:33:21 Conrad (onboard): Why?
109:33:23 Bean (onboard): What? Okay. Here, grab it like this. Okay.
109:33:38 Bean (onboard): Okay, now you got that clock counting up or down or something?
109:33:40 Conrad (onboard): Man, it counts any which way.
109:33:42 Bean (onboard): You ought to get...
109:33:43 Conrad (onboard): What was the PDI time?
109:33:45 Bean (onboard): PDI time. Let me give it to you, babe. 110:20:37.
109:33:50 Conrad (onboard): 110:20, 110:20. Another 20 minutes plus 6 minutes. We'll be 35 in a minute, so that would be 25 and 20, 45. Put 45 in there. No, no, no, no. I goofed it. Put 15 in there. We're going to count now. Okay. That's it. Now, I'll tell you when. Not - no, no. Your time's got to go to 35 seconds. It's got to get to 35:37. And I'm watching. Okay?
109:34:26 Bean (onboard): Yes.
109:34:28 Conrad (onboard): I need another shot of cold.
109:34:32 Bean (onboard): Okay. Another shot of cold water coming out of the pitcher. It's too little; it's liable to come in too strong, babe. Look at this suit drip. Man...
109:34:43 Conrad (onboard): When do we get acquisition?
109:34:44 Bean (onboard): We got it right here.
109:34:47 Conrad (onboard): 109:43, huh?
109:34:49 Bean (onboard): Nine minutes.
109:34:50 Conrad (onboard): Okay. Man, Dick, we're in the PDI attitude which is heads down going forward, right now, and it looks like that we're taking a big dive to the lunar [garble].
109:35:01 Gordon (onboard): Yes, I understand. I can watch it.
109:35:06 Conrad (onboard): Did you see that engine burn?
109:35:08 Gordon (onboard): Yes.
109:35:13 Conrad (onboard): All the pressure's good and everything?
109:35:14 Bean (onboard): Yes, 35; just a second. I want to get it, but I ain't going to put that in the clock. I'm right-handed.
109:35:19 Conrad (onboard): That's all right. Forget it.
109:35:20 Bean (onboard): That's a good idea [garble] think that'll do?
109:35:24 Conrad (onboard): That's all right. All those pressures okay? Supercrit?
109:35:28 Bean (onboard): Take a look at them.
109:35:29 Conrad (onboard): [Garble]? [garble] 507.
109:35:39 Bean (onboard): [Garble] okay.
109:35:43 Conrad (onboard): You like the way it looks, old shoe?
109:35:45 Bean (onboard): Yes, sir.
109:35:50 Conrad (onboard): I might as well go get the mode 2.
109:35:53 Bean (onboard): I don't know. I don't want th...
109:35:54 Conrad (onboard): Yes! [garble].
109:35:56 Bean (onboard): I don't want to do that.
109:35:57 Conrad (onboard): You don't want to do that now?
109:35:58 Bean (onboard): No [garble].
109:36:00 Conrad (onboard): You got the clock counting up?
109:36:02 Bean (onboard): 45 minutes - 35 minutes...
109:36:08 Conrad (onboard): What time did you say the time was, TPI? 110:20.You going to have to fold that over. Lift it up by the camera. Other camera's in here.
109:36:23 Bean (onboard): [Garble] didn't roll good enough. You've got to roll it [garble] that thing roll. [Long pause.]
109:37:18 Conrad (onboard): Okay.
109:37:22 Bean (onboard): Just wait until you see the Snowman, Pete, babe. [Long pause.]
109:37:36 Bean (onboard): [Garble] the burn.
109:37:39 Conrad (onboard): Yes [garble]?
109:37:42 Bean (onboard): Yes.
109:37:44 Conrad (onboard): Let me have it. I'll get...
109:37:46 Bean (onboard): Hold that; hold this, Pete.
109:37:54 Conrad (onboard): We're really [garble] this descent water, though. Look at it - 85 percent, right now.
109:38:03 Bean (onboard): [Garble] get up a little higher. Here we go, [garble] that baby away.
109:38:14 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
109:38:15 Bean (onboard): Sure don't need something else.
109:38:17 Bean (onboard): Got her?
109:38:18 Conrad (onboard): Yes.
109:38:19 Bean (onboard): 110:20:37. Okay, it's going to be 38, so 38 from 60 is 22. Where can I put these - don't forget to put these...
109:38:29 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] compartment.
109:38:37 Bean (onboard): 32.
109:38:39 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
109:38:40 Bean (onboard): Okay. We won't - we have to get this oxygen right anyway, Pete [garble] them. Okay, now what do we got...
109:38:48 Conrad (onboard): [Garble]!
109:38:50 Bean (onboard): Sequence camera. I've got that son of a gun set so good, it'll [garble]. Let's start it now at the proper moment.
109:38:56 Conrad (onboard): Why don't you go ahead and button this up? Cabin Repress, Close?
109:39:01 Bean (onboard): [Garble], down, but that's okay. Cabin Repress, Close? Then what? Egress?
109:39:08 Conrad (onboard): Suit Gas Diverter, Egress.
109:39:11 Bean (onboard): Suit Gas Diverter, Egress. Okay?
109:39:15 Conrad (onboard): Cabin Gas Return, Egress.
109:39:17 Bean (onboard): Cabin Gas Return, Egress.
109:39:19 Conrad (onboard): Cabin Regs A and B, Egress.
109:39:23 Bean (onboard): There you go, baby.
109:39:24 Conrad (onboard): Updata Link switch to Data. Just as soon as we get those, we need - We get them in 12 more minutes.
109:39:34 Bean (onboard): [Garble].
109:39:35 Conrad (onboard): As a matter of fact, we ought to see them come up [garble].
109:39:38 Bean (onboard): Yes. Watch this, Pete.
109:39:39 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
109:39:44 Bean (onboard): You got that in?
109:39:45 Conrad (onboard): Yes, sir.
109:39:46 Bean (onboard): Okay. We're standing by to do that. Hey, what's our pitch attitude?
109:39:51 Conrad (onboard): 109.
109:39:52 Bean (onboard): 109. It's about 14 to minus 2.
109:39:57 Conrad (onboard): That's what I've got. I'm watching for him to come up on - I mean the horizon. I can see earthrise.
109:40:04 Bean (onboard): I wish I could shoot that shot; it would live forever in the annals of our own personal good will. Coming up to PDI.
109:40:13 Conrad (onboard): [Garble] anything [garble] that in [garble].
109:40:15 Bean (onboard): [Garble] do that. Become famous for this. Okay, just a minute [garble], right here. [Long pause.]
109:40:40 Conrad (onboard): I didn't write down the AOS time, did you?
109:40:44 Bean (onboard): You wrote it down, Pete. You already got it on that other page. What the hell's the difference? It gets light here in a minute. We can see it come up.
109:40:54 Conrad (onboard): 43:30...
109:40:56 Bean (onboard): Can you hear us, Dick?
109:40:58 Gordon (onboard): Yes, I can hear you.
109:41:00 Bean (onboard): You know, it doesn't look any closer to me down here than it does at 60 miles. I frankly can't tell the difference.
109:41:09 Gordon (onboard): Well, you're not that close yet, are you?
109:41:11 Bean (onboard): Maybe that's it. Heck, I don't know.
109:41:13 Conrad (onboard): I don't imagine we've come down more than 5 or 6 miles.
109:41:19 Bean (onboard): I'll look at it right now. The AGS thinks we're 50.
109:41:27 Conrad (onboard): Fifty miles?
109:41:28 Bean (onboard): Yes.
109:41:29 Conrad (onboard): The AGS thinks we're 50 miles, Dick.
109:41:35 Bean (onboard): Take this picture and be famous forever. It's better than when you grab the Surveyor by all of its pricks. These photos accumulate. Everything tucked away; anything going to fall on our head. I have to go to Inverter 1 some day. Did you check out those good things I did?
This is Apollo Control 109 hours, 41 minutes Ground Elapse Time. One minute, 53 seconds to Acquisition Of Signal as Intrepid and Yankee Clipper come around on the 14th lunar revolution. Some 39 minutes away from the Power Descent Initiation. In the viewing room behind the Control Room here it's standing room only. Among the people in the viewing room are NASA Administrator, Dr. Thomas O. Paine and Mrs. Paine, the nominee for Deputy Administrator of NASA, George M. Low, Dr. George Mueller, Associate Administrator Office of Manned Space Flight, Associate NASA Administrator Dr. Homer Newell, John Naugle, Associate Administrator Office of Space Science and Applications, Dr. Wernher von Braun, Director of Marshall Spaceflight Center, James C. Elms, Director of Electronic Research Center, Apollo 11 crewmen Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 8 Commander Frank Borman, Dr. Stark Draper Director of Instrumentation Laboratory at Massachusetts's Institute of Technology and quite a few other people from industry and NASA. We've had Command Module AOS. Let's go live now and see how the burn went for Descent Orbit Initiate.
109:42:05 Conrad (onboard): S-Band Antenna is Forward, right?
109:42:07 Bean (onboard): Check out the good things I did - you did - we did.
109:42:10 Conrad (onboard): All right. COAS is to the overhead window; DOI postburn report was good; helmets and gloves are on; Cabin Repress is Close; Suit Gas Diverter to Egress, Egress; Cabin Regs A and B, Egress; and we're standing by for the Updata Link switch. Going to get earthrise in just a second. You ought to have earthrise by now, Dick.
109:42:35 Gordon (onboard): Not yet. I haven't yet. I'm looking backwards.
109:42:40 Conrad (onboard): Oh, that's right; I forgot.
109:42:51 Conrad (onboard): Going to be at 109:46:30. Going to be right straight out there or what? I wonder.
109:43:01 Bean (onboard): I'm kind of guessing it is. It may be another - yes, there it is- 15-degree inclination. I just always imagined it was right in front of us.
109:43:17 Conrad (onboard): Fifteen more seconds.
109:43:23 Bean (onboard): Hey!
109:43:24 Conrad (onboard): Huh?
109:43:27 Bean (onboard): I thought I saw it coming up.
109:43:30 Conrad (onboard): All right; 30 seconds.
109:43:33 Conrad (onboard): There it is! Look at it! Gosh darn! [Garble] just click them off. Oh, that is fantastic!
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