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Crew Health and Safety

Astronaut in space
NASA Astronaut in space.

Crew Health and Safety (CHS) was formed to provide a comprehensive Astronaut Occupational Health (AOH) program for the purpose of collecting and analyzing astronaut occupational health data while providing the full continuum of healthcare needed to ensure astronaut health.

To accomplish its goals of an AOH program and multi-program integrated activities, CHS coordinates the assimilation of medical and exposure data from multiple sources into a single, coordinated system that provides for data privacy, security, and ease of use for clinical care and occupational surveillance of the individual and population. CHS products directly support medical operations as well as inform new vehicle development (agency and commercial), astronaut selection, astronaut certification, the research community, and standards.

CHS performs the technical efforts via the following functional area (FA) Work Breakdown:

1.1 CHS Management

1.2 Epidemiology (EPI)

1.3 Astronaut Medical Services (AMS)

1.4 Behavioral Health & Performance (BHP)

1.5 Medical Information Systems and Tools (MIST)

1.6 Environmental Monitoring (EVM)

1.7 Radiation Health Office (RHO)

Point of Contact

Joe Neigut, CHS Manager



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Mar 05, 2024
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