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Kennedy FOIA Library

NASA records that were processed under the FOIA and proactively released. Please also check the e-libraries for each NASA Center for additional documents.

Checkout, Assembly and Payload Processing Services (CAPPS) Contract
Columbia-Related Documents I
Columbia-Related Documents II
Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCAP) Contract with Boeing (NNK14MA75C)
Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCAP) Contract with SpaceX (NNK14MA74C)
Innovative Health Applications LLC (IHA) Contract (NNK08OQ01C) and Modifications 1 to 21
Launch Services Contract (NNK10LB02B)
Launch Services (NLS) II Contract (NNK10LB01B)
Mail Services Contract (KMSC) Final Pricing
Mail Services Contract II (KMSC II) (80KSC018C0014)
80KSC018C0014 and Modifications
FY 2019 Base Year Pricing
Mobile Launcher 2 (ML2) Contract (80KSC019C0013)
Contract 80KSC019C0013
Contract 80KSC019D0023
Property Agreement with SpaceX for Use of Launch Complex 39, Pad A (KCA-4360)
Protective Services Contract for KSC (NNK11OL33C)
Protective Services Interim Contract (NNK09OX01C)
Source Selection Statement for Contract Number NNK13OW20B/KISS III
Space Florida Use Permit for Use of the OPF-3, SSMEPF, and PCC (KCA-4311)
Test and Operations Support Contract (TOSC) (NNK13MA14C)
Wichita Tribal Enterprises, LLC Contract (NNK13OW20B)