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Great Lakes Goldenrod plant

Endangered and Threatened Species

Agency-wide, NASA is located in diverse ecosystems ranging from deserts to the coasts. This results in NASA being home to a wide variety of both endangered and threatened plant and animal species.  Not only does NASA strive to protect listed species, but also to limit adverse effects on state-specific and local species of concern.  NASA strives to be proactive in species management, helping to protect the ecological integrity of critical habitat and promote populations of endangered and threatened species.

NASA's Endangered and threatened species


Plant Species


Animal and Marine Species

Ames Research Center Endangered Species

Animal and Marine Species
– Bank Swallow (ST)
– California Clapper Rail (FE/SE)
– California Least Tern (FE/SE)
– California Black Rail (FT)
– Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse (FE/SE)
– Swainson’s Hawk (ST)
– Western Snowy Plover (FT)
– Desert Tortoise at Armstrong Flight Research Center

FE: Federally Endangered
FT: Federally Threatened
SE: State Endangered
ST: State Threatened

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Bank Swallow