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Madison Allen
University of Michigan
Optimizing Experiments for Characterizing Pressure Related Facility Effects on High-Power Hall Thruster Testing

Andrew Bennett
University of Michigan
Ionic Salt Cocrystals as Green Propellants

Gilberto Briscoe-Martinez
University of Colorado, Boulder
Enabling Long-term Robot Autonomy through Adaptable Fault Resilience

Kalima Bukenya
University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Multiscale Modeling of 3D Woven Composite Structures Optimized to Minimize Process-Induced Damage

Willie Caraway
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Computational Investigation of Wave/Mode Structure and Multiplicity in Rotating Detonation Rocket Engines

Sofia Gianina Catalan
University of Texas at Austin
High Frequency Spacecraft State Estimation using Event-based Sensors

Kaylee Champion
University of Colorado, Boulder
Touchless Charge Sensing of Neighboring Spacecraft in Cislunar Space

Eric Chang
Columbia University
Multimodal Tactile Sensing for Intravehicular Robotic Manipulation

Adam Delong
Florida State University
NiTi60 as A Bearing Material in Cryo-Vacuum Conditions

Carl De Vries
Georgia Institute of Technology
Illumination Invariant Terrain Relative Navigation

Miguel Diaz-Lopez
Johns Hopkins University
Thermal effects in plume-surface interaction during a powered descent landing

Ossie Douglas
University of South Florida
Investigation of spin manipulation in phase-engineered monolayer Janus TMDCs for low power device operation in extreme environments

Katelynn Fleming
Rochester Institute of Technology
High Efficiency Laser Power Beaming Receivers for Lunar and Extraterrestrial Exploration

Carl Geiger
Cornell University
Neutral characterization in Electrospray Propulsion Technology Using Novel Experiment (NEPTUNE)

Madeline Haas
Texas A&M University
Modeling of Human Thermoregulation Response to Changes in Gravitational Dose Applied to the Technological Design of EVA Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garments (LCVG)

Joseph Hernandez-McCloskey
University of Texas at San Antonio
Generative Design of Thermal Management Strategies for In-Space Detonation Propulsion assessed by Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

Elizabeth Juette
University of California, Berkeley
Computational Modeling of Thermionic Energy Conversion for Nuclear Electric Propulsion

Ryan Ketzner
University of Central Florida
Rapid Computational Methods for the Evaluation of Distributed Space Mission Performance

Grant Kirchhoff
University of Colorado, Boulder
Photon-Counting Detector Characterization and Advanced Signal Processing for Space-Based Lidar

Joseph Kirchhoff
University of Texas at Austin
Data-Driven Modeling and Optimization of Robotic In-situ Consolidation of Thermoplastic Composites

Ryan Kowalski
Vanderbilt University
Nano-Optic Probing of Vibrational Modes of Defects and Color Centers in Semiconductors

Noah Lifset
University of Texas at Austin
Computationally Efficient and Scalable Optimization of Low-Thrust, Many-Revolution Trajectories in Multibody Dynamic Environments

Shu-Yu Lin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Architectural Design Framework for Providing Passive Behavioral Health Countermeasures

Kian Lopez
University of Colorado, Boulder
Application of a novel distillation reverse osmosis process to reduce mass and improve performance in spacecraft and planetary water recovery systems

Rahil Makadia
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Keyhole-Based Impact Site Selection and Post-Deflection Impact Risk Assessment for Near-Earth Objects

Rachel Mamich
University of Texas at Austin
Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking with the Aid of Optical Maneuver Detection

Joshua Martin
University of Maryland, College Park
Deep Reinforcement Learning of Multi-Modal Locomotion for Wheel-on-Limb Robotics

Dean Miller
Stanford University
Electrochemical in-situ resource utilization of urine-derived nitrogen for sustainable space travel and habitation

Stefannie Morales Jimenez
Purdue University
Development of High-Performance Green Hypergolic Propellants for Small Spacecraft In-Space Propulsion Systems

Mason Murray-Cooper
Stanford University
Closed-Form Collision Avoidance Maneuvers with Passive Safety Considerations

Robyn Natherson
University of Colorado, Boulder
Robust Optimization of Spacecraft Trajectories using Statistical Thruster Failure Models

Natalia Nigay
Penn State University
Beamed Microwave Energy Propulsion Leveraging Lunar Resources and Dual-Use Infrastructure Systems

Kazue Orikasa
Florida International University
Engineered Hybrid 2D/1D Material Foam – Polymer Composites via Freeze-Drying

Sreevishnu Oruganti
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Modeling of Intumescent Ablators

Anusha Pai Asnodkar
Ohio State University
Dual-Aperture Fiber Nulling For High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Studies of Exoplanets

Cristyan Quinones-Garcia
North Carolina State University
AlGaN Based Power Electronics and Deep UV Optoelectronics for Remote Sensing Applications in Extreme Temperature Environments

Erick Ramirez
Carnegie Mellon University
Computational Framework for Predicting the Combined Effects of Porosity, Surface Roughness, and Microstructure on the Fatigue Performance of Metal Additively Manufactured Parts

Jens Rataczak
University of Colorado, Boulder
Interdisciplinary Development of Advanced Aerocapture Guidance Algorithms using High-Fidelity Physics Modeling

Tal Schwartz
Stanford University
Towards a robust laser-based velocity and temperature diagnostic for deployment in hypersonic ground-test facilities and high-speed flight

Jonathan Sipps
University of Texas at Austin
Iterative Gridding Method for Fast Coverage Analysis in Distributed Spacecraft Missions

Charles Soulen
University of California, San Diego
Utilizing Surface Acoustic Waves for Rapid Heating in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Jared Termini
University of Iowa
Evaluating the Performance of Cutting-Edge UV Gratings for NASA’s Next Generation Space Telescopes

Zachary Wong
University of California, Los Angeles
Optimization of Oscillating Heat Pipes for Cooling of Space Electronics

Stephanie Woodman
Yale University
Stretchable Shape-sensing Skins: Closing the Loop on Shape Change in Soft Robots

Rui Xu
Columbia University
Using SONOS Transistors as Radiation Detectors

Riley Yager
University of Alabama, Birmingham
Plasma-photocatalytic conversion of extraterrestrial CO2 using nanofibrous catalytic membrane reactors

Kevin Yu
California Institute of Technology
Novel Hollow Anode Design for Improved Molten Regolith Electrolysis

Duncan Zavanelli

Northwestern University

Grain Boundary Engineering of Thermoelectrics for RTGs

Chloe Zeller

University of Minnesota

Quasicontinuum Fracture Modeling and Development of Amorphous Carbon