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LunaNet Interoperability Specification


The purpose of the LunaNet Interoperability Specification (LNIS) is to define a framework of mutually agreed-upon standards to be applied by users and service providers in a cooperative network supporting missions on and around the Moon. The framework would apply to communication transmission services for science, exploration and commercial operations, distribution of navigation and timing references, and sharing of information such as space weather alerts. These standards can be introduced as part of upcoming missions to and around the Moon and can accommodate expansion as new commercial and government users and service providers join in an open and evolving architecture. The standards are intended to be compatible with other space communications standards established to date, but are focused on lunar operations, and in particular future lunar communications relay and navigation capabilities.

The development of the LunaNet Interoperability Specification has been a collaboration between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). As the specification is refined and new versions are produced, the effort will continue to seek input from the broad community of potential commercial service providers, lunar mission users, and other space agencies.

Artist's rendering of astronaut on the moon.
Artist’s rendering of an astronaut using a tablet on the moon.

Version 4 (current version)

The LunaNet Interoperability Specification – Version 4 was published online on September 12, 2022 and can be found at the link below.

LunaNet Interoperabilty Specification – Version 4

Draft Version 5 (for review)

A proposed update to the LNIS has been produced and is available at the link below. There will be a period for review and feedback from the international industry and government community before a new LNIS Version 5 is finalized. 

Any commercial and government entities that wish to submit comments, questions, or suggestions may do so using the form provided below. We request that these inputs be submitted before the end of November 2023.  

NASA and ESA will also be conducting reviews with potential mission users and other internal organizations, service providers, the Interagency Operations Advisory Group (IOAG), and the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS).

LNIS Draft Version 5, and a draft applicable document (AD1) can be found at the links below:

Those wishing to submit questions, comments, or suggestions can do so using the spreadsheet template below and sending it as an attachment via email

 LNIS Review Draft Version 5 Comment Form

Please submit all inputs no later than November 30, 2023.