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Participate in the Mission – Be a Human Test Subject!

zero-g checkout flight
Photographic support for Reduced Gravity Office’s ASCAN zero-g checkout flight. Photograph 2013 ASCAN’s on C-9 during parabolic flight.

Developing countermeasures for the effects of space flight often requires investigators to rely on human subjects to support data collection. Test Subject Screening (TSS) has the primary responsibility to provide qualified test subjects for ground-based research or microgravity studies. The TSS personnel recruit and maintain detailed tracking of test subject participation in all studies. To remain current in the test subject pool, physicals are renewed on a yearly basis.  

Ground-based studies involving human test subjects require the approval of the NASA Institutional Review Board (IRB)  Studies are conducted by many laboratories and flight analogs, such as cardiovascular, neuroscience, bone and mineral, suit and engineering, exercise, nutrition, immunology labs, and the Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA). Test subjects are also provided for astronaut training during phlebotomy training and visual acuity protocols. 

Principal Investigators requesting a test subject for a study can contact TSS. Volunteers wishing to become test subjects may contact TSS for information regarding the test subject program.

Continuous Blood Pressure Device
Test Subject Jessica Hauss wears the Continuous Blood Pressure Device, a piece of support equipment that is used in the Human Research Facility in the International Space Station Mock-up Columbus Module In Building 9.

Test Subject Screening Instructions for Recruiting Qualified Test Subjects (46 KB)

Guidelines for Test Subject Payment Workers Compensation Coverage (36 KB)

Human Test Subject Frequently Asked Questions (20 KB)

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