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Human Health and Performance Data Sharing

interior view from the ISS's Cupola module
This image of the interior view from the International Space Station’s Cupola module was taken on Jan. 4, 2015. The large bay windows allows the Expedition 42 crew to see outside. The Cupola houses one of the space station’s two robotic work stations used by astronauts to manipulate the large robotic arm seen through the right window. The robotic arm, or Canadarm2, was used throughout the construction of the station and is still used to grapple visiting cargo vehicles and assist astronauts during spacewalks. The Cupola is attached to the nadir side of the space station and also gives a full panoramic view of the Earth.

The purpose of this document is to establish and document a policy by which NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) allows for request, review of and potential release of human medical and research data.  This policy will help ensure the integrity and protection of these data while also clarifying the process for those who request data access to further understand and mitigate the risks of human space flight on behalf of NASA and/or for the benefit of the larger U.S. population.



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