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Facet image showing airplanes in flight across the United States.
This graphic illustrates an initial step in the complex planning process of how to achieve trajectory based flight operations.
Air traffic controllers test NASA-developed concepts in FutureFlight Central, an ultra-realistic, 360-degree, simulated control


Editor’s note: This project has concluded. This content is being kept online for historical purposes, but is no longer being updated.

The SMART-NAS project is an effort to develop an air traffic management simulation capability to explore integrating alternative concepts, technologies and architectures into the NAS.

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Dr. Shon Grabbe

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Rudy Aquilina

NASA-Developed ATM Tool Flies Into Use

A new Air Traffic Management (ATM) software tool developed by NASA, and being deployed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is positioned to help air traffic controllers manage the nation’s skies.

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NASA Future Flight Control