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HiCAM Research Team at Electroimpact

HiCAM Research Team at Electroimpact

Group photo of the Electroimpact team.
The NASA and Electroimpact team: Back row from left: Roberto Cano and Wilfredo Flores, both from NASA. Standing from left: Tyler Hudson (NASA), Ryan Jordan and Ryan Eldridge (both from Electroimpact), and Christopher Stelter (NASA). Kneeling is Jamie Shiflett from KBR Wyle.

A HiCAM Project Technical Highlight

The NASA and Electroimpact team stand in front of a state-of-the-art automated fiber placement machine located at Electroimpact in Mukilteo, Washington.

The team is studying using lasers to assemble aircraft structures made from thermoplastic composites.

The automated fiber placement machine builds composite parts by laying down material one thin layer at a time. Lasers melt the interface between layers, and a roller presses the layers together as they cool. This process avoids the long cure time used currently with thermoset composites.

NASA’s HiCAM project is evaluating manufacturing approaches that reduce labor, equipment, and the cost of tools without compromising strength and safety.



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