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ARMD Associate Administrator Award Categories

ARMD Awards, gold and silver star on a dark background with the words ARMD AA Awards

Technology and Innovation

Exemplary performance by an individual or group that results in significant unique or innovative technical research concepts and technologies that position ARMD, NASA, and the aeronautics community and industry for success in addressing national challenges. This category also would include test and evaluation contributions.

Leadership and Management Excellence

Exemplary performance by an individual in leading and managing people in the formulation and accomplishment of disciplined research in the field of aeronautics, demonstrating leadership qualities that invite collaboration and cultivate dedication to team excellence. Leaders of ARMD-related research activities take action that allows others to foster a sense of pride and accomplishment in achieving the mission of ARMD.

Program and Mission Support

Exemplary performance by an individual or group to provide non-technical mission support to aeronautics research programs, projects, and related activities that significantly improves and streamlines their efficiency and effectiveness of operations. This could be in functions typically associated with the NASA Mission Support Directorate (procurement, HR, policy/evaluation, etc.) or other support activities such as resources management, IT, legal counsel, communications, knowledge management, education, legislative affairs, administrative support, etc. These efforts enable the successful completion and advancement of significant program goals that otherwise may not have been achieved.

High Potential

Exemplary performance by an individual student, intern, or someone in the first five years of their federal service career that have made significant contributions to the advancement of aeronautics research, and that have clearly demonstrated high potential in their abilities and skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and/or math. They have actively and positively contributed to addressing technical challenges, and to the overall mission of NASA.

Strategic Partnerships

Exemplary performance by an individual to establish or strengthen strategic partnerships with non-NASA entities that leverage emerging capabilities in the U.S. and abroad to significantly advance the achievement of aeronautics research and development objectives, generate robust and timely knowledge transfer, and strengthen trust and credibility with U.S. and foreign partners. For example, these efforts could result in significantly increased quality of NASA Research Announcements or other collaborative agreements.

Pushing the Envelope (Formerly "Smartest Failure")

Exemplary performance by an individual or group in taking on an ambitious challenge, and although not meeting the technical objectives, positively applying the learning experience toward advancing the aeronautics community. This category emphasizes the positive impact that can result from broadly disseminating and applying the knowledge gained from a rigorous, objective evaluation. The Pushing the Envelope category is limited to NASA civil servants, or groups led by NASA employees. Contract participation in the research is acceptable, but the research must be led by NASA civil servants.

ARMD Associate Administrator Awards



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