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Abe Silverstein Supersonic Wind Tunnel (SWT) (10×10) Quick Facts

10x10 Foot Wind Tunnel Control Room.
Operators monitor a tunnel test from the control room of the 10×10 Supersonic Wind Tunnel.

Quick Facts
Data Acquisition

The Abe Silverstein Supersonic Wind Tunnel (10×10) was designed to test supersonic propulsion components such as inlets, nozzles, and engines. The facility is also ideally suited for launch vehicle tests and other fuel burning applications. It can operate as either a closed loop system (aerodynamic cycle) or open-loop system (propulsion cycle) and can reach test section speeds ranging from Mach 2.0 to 3.5.

Name: Abe Silverstein Supersonic Wind Tunnel (10×10)

Test Section: 10-ft high by 10-ft wide by 40-ft long

Mach Number: 0 to 0.36 and 2.0 to 3.5

Altitude: (supersonic operation). 50,000 to 154,000 ft (Aerodynamic Cycle). 57,000 to 77,000 ft (Propulsion Cycle).

Reynolds No. / ft: 0.12 – 3.4 x 106 (Aerodynamic Cycle). 2.2 – 2.7 x 106 (Propulsion Cycle).

Dynamic Pressure: 20-720 psf (Aerodynamic Cycle). 500-600 psf (Propulsion Cycle).

Total Temperature: 540-750°R (Aerodynamic Cycle). 520-1140°R (Propulsion Cycle).

Facility Manager: Julius.A.Giriunas@abarra

10- by 10-Foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel Fact Sheet

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