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HiCAM Project Technical Highlights

A researcher wearing uses a magnifying glass to check a composite structure.
A researcher uses a magnifying glass to check a composite structure for manufacturing defects, such as gaps, overlaps, or wrinkles. HiCAM has identified more streamlined inspections as one way to accelerate the composite aircraft manufacturing process.

North America’s premier advanced materials and process engineering conference, Society of Advanced Materials and Process Engineering – known as SAMPE – awarded its 2022 Outstanding Technical Paper Awards to authors performing work under the Hi-Rate Composites Aircraft Manufacturing (HiCAM) project and the Advanced Composites Project (ACP) and partners.

The first-place paper was “In-Situ Consolidation Automated Fiber Placement of Thermoplastic Composites for High-Rate Aircraft Manufacturing.” Congratulations to the authors: 

  • Brian W. Grimsley (NASA)
  • Roberto J. Cano (NASA)
  • Tyler B. Hudson (NASA)
  • Frank L. Palmieri (NASA)
  • Christopher J. Wohl (NASA)
  • Rodolfo I. Ledesma (National Institute of Aerospace)
  • Thammaia Sreekantamurthy (Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc.)
  • Christopher J. Stelter (NASA)
  • Michael D. Assadi (Electroimpact, Inc.)
  • Ryan F. Jordan (Elecroimpact, Inc.)
  • Jake H. Rower (Electroimpact, Inc.)
  • Robert A. Edahl (NASA)
  • Jamie C. Shiflett (KBRWyle, Inc.)
  • John W. Connell (NASA)
  • Brian J. Jensen (NASA)

The second-place paper was “Surface Treatment Techniques for Composite-To-Titanium Hybrid Bonding.” Congratulations to the authors:

  • Xiaomei Fang (Pratt & Whitney)
  • Christopher J. Hertel (Pratt & Whitney)
  • John D. Riehl (Pratt & Whitney)
  • Daniel G. Goberman (Raytheon Technologies Research Center)
  • Wenping Zhao (Raytheon Technologies Research Center)
  • John W. Connell (NASA)

The third-place winner was the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University, a key partner in HiCAM and ACP. While this work was done under the Air Force Research Lab, the paper addressed reinforced thermoplastics, which are of interest to HiCAM and may help significantly increase composite structures manufacturing rates in the commercial aircraft industry.

For more information about the winning papers, click here for an overview slide.




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