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Communications Services Project

NASA’s Communications Services Project, known as CSP, is pioneering a new era of space communications by partnering with commercial industry to develop advanced networking options for near-Earth satellite communications services.

CSP-funded Space Act Agreement Partners

Space-based applications enabled by Inmarsat's established ELERA worldwide L-band network and ELERA satellites.

Over 3,000 satellites in low-Earth orbit will link to small customer terminals in space and a global network of hundreds of ground gateways .

High-availability connectivity solution enabled by SES’s established geostationary and medium-Earth orbit satellite constellations.

Connect established Starlink constellation and extensive ground system to user spacecraft through optical intersatellite links.

Leverage Telesat’s Lightspeed network with optical intersatellite link technology to provide connectivity for low-Earth orbit missions.

The anticipated ViaSat-3 network is designed to offer a persistent on-demand capability for low-Earth orbit operators.

NASA Awards Commercial SATCOM Demonstrations

SCaN has funded six space act agreements with members of private industry to demonstrate near-Earth satellite relay services.

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