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Conference Rooms and Auditorium
The primary purpose for the Visitor Center Meeting spaces is to serve our customers, children and visiting public.

Within that context it is still possible to provide meeting space services to Goddard missions and projects for institutional government-sponsored meetings with non-U.S. citizen participants.

It is important to note when making a decision about the feasibility of the Visitor Center one should remember that the VC is a public facility serving large numbers of children who might be in the facility during operational hours. This space is not appropriate for anyone with noise concerns.

General Facility Information

1. Time Limits for Scheduling

Meeting Rooms A, B, or A + B = no earlier than 4 weeks before meeting

2. Scheduling Point of Contact:

301-286-3978 Space Available and Capacities

Meeting Room A only
56 people theater style; 35 people conference style with tables

Meeting Room B only
68 people theater style: 40 people conference style with tables

Meeting Room A + B
124 people theater style; 75 people conference style with tables

Electronic Capability of Rooms

Meeting Room A – no installed AV capability, but you could run a computer and projector provided by you.
Meeting Room B - B – DVD, VHS, PC, TV, overhead projector, MAC and PC connectivity

Scheduling Process

All internal meeting reservations must be made by phone with Cate Maynard at 6-3978. Confirmation will typically be within one working day.

Once a reservation is confirmed an electronic confirmation that includes all of the requirements and expectations will be sent to the reserver. As part of that confirmation process, a checklist shall be filled out and returned with three working days.

Meeting space will be booked on a 1st come first served basis for institutional customers. No bumping of institutional meetings will occur.

Facility is self-service: setup, breakdown, and clean-up Normal setup is theater style, and room must be restored to that style at the end of the meeting.

General and AV/Internet Guidelines for Customers

  • For Wireless Internet Connectivity:
  • Customer must have access to the NASA guest network with a VPN login available from CNE.
  • If customer has guests that need Internet access, customer must request temporary account(s) from CNE.
  • Customer must make an appointment with VC Staff to test equipment and connections at least one day in advance of meeting.
  • All conference room equipment, furniture, cords, remotes, etc. must be returned to their original storage locations and/or handed directly to VC staff.
  • The VC does not have the staffing or facilities available for printing/photocopying/secretarial services. We also have limited office supplies, please bring your own pens/paper/notebooks/folders as needed for your conference.
  • There are no break-out meeting spaces available.
  • Please do not move the movable wall – the VC staff will divide the auditorium if needed.

Sample Confirmation Requirement to be submitted within 3 working days of reservation request.

I understand I need to set up and break down your table and chairs. I will be responsible for putting the facility back in the baseline configuration, which is divided space with tables and chairs. The VC has eight 8’ rectangular tables and eight round tables available and approximately 75 chairs. We also have one podium available for your use.

The VC is a public facility and children will be in the facility during your meeting hours if they are during our operational hours. I must make an appointment with VC Staff to test equipment and connections at least one day in advance of meeting.

If security is opening the building, no exhibits will be on. If you require exhibits on for your event, you must have a VC staff person scheduled. Only trained personnel may turn on and operate SOS and other exhibits.

Food may be brought in. If you are having an event, you are responsible for putting all trash and food residue in wet trash bin, (gray and labeled).

Cate Maynard will notify security of your meeting or event, so they will be able to direct participants who stop at the main gate to the VC. If the meeting is cancelled, I will notify Cate Maynard, so that school children may be scheduled.