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Conversations With Goddard

Discover Goddard’s exceptional people. "Conversations with Goddard" highlights the amazing things our people do here at Goddard. "Outside Goddard" celebrates the extraordinary things our people do away from Goddard. Both showcase our people and their personal and professional passions.

NASA Earth Observatory writer and social media manager Adam P. Voiland balances technical detail with readability.

Read more about Adam Voiland

Gala Wind likes observing, as both an experimental scientist and as a horse whisperer.

Read more about Gala Wind

Climate scientist Charles K. Gatebe always pushes the limits and encourages others to be as curious.

Read Charles Gatebe's interview

Atmospheric scientist Lauren M. Zamora will join about 70 Nobel Laureates and some 700 promising young researchers at the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting from June 28, 2015, to July 3, 2015, in Lindau, Germany.

Read Lauren Zamora's interview

Innovator Matthew McGill is a hybrid - he can build instruments and do science.

Read Matthew McGill's interview

Scientist Pamela Conrad helps give Curiosity a daily to-do list to look for life’s building blocks on Mars. 

Read Part One of Pamela Conrad's interview

Read Part Two o Pamela Conrad's interview

NASA Goddard’s Martha Stewart, contamination control technician Lori L. Mooney ensure that cleanliness makes for successful launches.

Read Part One of Lori Mooney's interview

Read Part Two of Lori Mooney's interview

After a long journey, Yaireska M. Collado-Vega achieved her dream of becoming a scientist at Goddard.

Read Part One of Yaireska Collado-Vega's interview

Read Part Two of Yaireska Collado-Vega's interview

After surviving the Chinese Cultural Revolution through resiliency and hope, Mian Chin achieved her goal of becoming an atmospheric scientist.

Read Part One of Mian Chin's interview

Read Part Two of Mian Chin's interview

Research space scientist Shawn Domagal-Goldman is part of a team looking for life beyond Earth.

Read Part One of Shawn Domagal-Goldman's interview

Read Part Two of Shawn Domagal-Goldman's interview

Making lists of lists, Sue Fenn keeps the Road to Mission Success Workshop running smoothly.

Read more about Sue Fenn

Outreach coordinator Winnie Humberson thinks of new ways to share science stories to the public.

Read Part One of Two about Winnie Humberson

Read Part Two of Two about Winnie Humberson

Planetary scientist Melissa Trainer travels virtually to Mars, Titan and other extreme solar system environments.

Read more about Melissa Trainer

When a volcano erupts or a big wildfire flares up, physical scientist Peter Colarco helps predict where the plumes will travel.

Read Part One of Two about Peter Colarco

Read Part Two of Two about Peter Colarco

Growing up with “blowing snow days” in a town above the Polar Circle, physical scientist Alexander Marshak now studies blowing snow, clouds and aerosols through satellite images.

Read Part One of Two about Alexander Marshak

Read Part Two of Two about Alexander Marshak

Judith N. Bruner successfully blended a career at Goddard with a career in the Navy. She is Goddard’s director of the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate, a retired Navy captain and a pioneer in Naval aviation.

Read Part One of Two about Judith N. Bruner

Read Part Two of Two about Judith N. Bruner

James Webb Space Telescope Spacecraft Manager Richard J. Lynch  relies on teamwork to get the job done.

> Read more about Richard J. Lynch

Instrument Manager Betsy Forsbacka lives a complex life during the week, but the simple life on weekends.

> Read more about Betsy Forsbacka

Belgium-born research scientist Gabrielle J. M. De Lannoy assimilates soil moisture data and gets to work with models.

> Read more about Gabrielle De Lannoy

Thermal engineer Christine Cottingham thinks it’s cool to work on Goddard’s thermally hottest program.

> Read more about Christine Cottingham

A descendant of the Sforza Court, patrons of Leonardo da Vinci, mechanical engineer Diamantino Sforza isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty at work or in his garden.

> Read more about Diamantino Sforza

Atmospheric physicist Ralph Kahn works with a brilliant climate change community, from the national to international level.

> Read Part One of the interview with Ralph Kahn

> Read Part Two of the interview with Ralph Kahn

A man of three continents, climate scientist William Lau sees Earth as one.

> Read Part One of the interview with Dr. William Lau

> Read Part Two of the interview with Dr. William Lau

From mechanical assemblies for spacecraft to architectural photographs, mechanical engineer Andrew Wohl looks for geometric beauty in unexpected places.

> Read more about Andrew Wohl

From counting pieces of light to building a competition robot with students instrument systems engineer Megan Meehan finds beauty in numbers and patterns.

> Read more about Megan Meehan

Education specialist Janie Nall is passionate about opening doors for minority and underrepresented students.

> Read more about Janie Nall

Anne Thompson describes her career as an adventure in various ozone layers, including meeting Paul Newman at the tropopause.

>  Read more about Anne Thompson (Part One)

> Read more about Annet Thompson (Part Two)

Public outreach specialist Colleen Quinn-House loves talking to the public, whether she is explaining fun facts about the Webb Telescope to the public or dressed as a clown, entertaining children at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

> Read more about Colleen Quinn-House

When faced with a complex problem, Aura project scientist and co-lead for the Chemistry Climate Model Anne Douglass instructs herself to think like a scientist.

> Read more about Anne Douglass (Part One)

> Read more about Anne Douglass (Part Two)

Each day, Ed Masuoka and his group produce and distribute a Library of Congress worth of science products and imagery collected by instruments on the Terra, Aqua and Aura satellites to users throughout the world.

> Read more about Ed Masuoka

Aerospace Engineer Fernando Pellerano builds instruments for NASA during the day and creates robots with his son during his free time.

> Part One of Fernando's interview

> Part Two of Fernando's interview

Don’t complain to electrical engineer Bill Anselm about the weather, he just builds the weather satellites.

> Read more about Bill Anselm

Recently arrived physician Dr. Kimberly Beck wants to see you when you’re healthy and keep you that way.

> Read more about Dr. Kimberly Beck

IT manager Sanjeev Sharma focuses on customer service.

> Read more about Sanjeev Sharma

After almost 37 years at Goddard, computer scientist Nancy Palm has seen computers evolve from filling an entire room to fitting in the palm of one’s hand.

> Read more about Nancy Palm

James Webb Space Telescope Deputy Project Manager John F. Durning and his team are looking for the first lights after the big bang.

> Read more about John Durning

Inspired by the Northern Lights as a young man, heliophysicist Craig Pollock has spent his career building instruments to study the charged gas, called plasma, that create the aurora.

> Read more about Craig Pollock

From engaging in combat engineering missions in the Middle East, to operating and maintaining Goddard’s large campus, Facilities Operations Specialist Eric M. Holmes—Mr. Snow Desk—gets the mission accomplished.

> Read more about Eric Holmes

Chief Scientist for Atmospheres, Paul Newman, is the most diplomatic scientist at Goddard. He is one of four co-chairs to the United Nations Science Panel for the Montreal Protocol. 

> Read more about Paul Newman

From summer intern to napkin speech writer, Justin is making waves through the Goddard Community.

> Read more about Justin Rice

Born and raised in South Vietnam, Phuc Nguyen came to Goddard as an intern and is now an electronics engineer whose work is soon going to Mars.

> Read more about Phuc H. Nguyen

Whether he is at work or at play, project manager Dave Mitchell is determined to give it his all.

> Read more about Dave Mitchell

OSIRIS-REx project systems engineer Dave Everett thinks his job is fun because it is hard.

> Read more about Dave Everett

Astrophysicist Bernie Rauscher explains what it takes to be a good scientist.

> Read more about Bernie Rauscher

Aerospace engineer Neerav Shah believes in collaboration because two smart people are smarter than one smart person.

> Read more about Neerav

Earth science education specialist Brian Campbell motivates teachers and students to be excited about NASA Earth science.

> Read more about Brian

Mechanical engineer Daniel Alvarado’s newest travel companion will be the 7,000-pound GPM satellite, which he will escort from Maryland to Tanegashima, Japan.

> Read more about Daniel

Astrophysicist Aki Roberge is looking for life in all the right places on other planets.

> Read more about Aki Roberge

Astronomer Stephen Rinehart readies for the launch of TESS which will aid in his search for exoplanets.

> Read more about Stephen Rinehart

During the week, computer engineer Sanetra Bailey writes programs for robotic satellites. On weekends, she coaches high school students on making LEGO robots for national competitions–and her team just came in first at Nationals.

> Read more about Sanetra Bailey

Product assurance engineer Kamili Jackson believes that giving back is paying back.

> Read more about Kamili Jackson

As Special Assistant to the Flight Projects Directorate, Val Lunz uses momentum as motivation.

> Read more about Val Lunz

James Webb Space Telescope Project Scientist Matt Greenhouse lives by the phrase “always put the mission first.”

> Read more about Matt Greenhouse

At Goddard, Elvia Ramirez-Vidal translated complex material into 140 character Spanish tweets for NASA's most powerful space telescope being built, the James Webb Space Telescope.

> Read more about Elvia Ramirez-Vidal

Scott Ritz, the science team lead for NASA’s Global Change Master Directory, strives to be as organized as possible.

> Read more about Scott Ritz

In her next life, Information Technology (IT) Specialist Courtney Ritz wants to be an astronaut, but until then she’ll settle for annual visits to Space Camp.

> Read more about Courtney Ritz

Managing spaceflight instruments is Todd King’s passport to the universe.

> Read more about Todd King

At Goddard, Lixa Rodriguez-Ramón makes sure everyone is safe while they break through the boundaries of science and technology.

> Read more about Lixa Rodriguez-Ramón

Senior programmer analyst Gary Craig spends his time skimming over more than just lines of code.

> Read more about Gary Craig

Rather than focus on the autism Nicholas Johnson has Goddard supports his passion for computers.

> Read more about Nicholas Johnson

Mechanical engineering and materials science student Paula McCarter makes the most of her hands-on summer experience.

> Read more about Paula McCarter

Puerto Rican-born accounting student Ana Valeria uses culture shock as an opportunity to learn and embraces her “money talk”-filled background.

> Read more about Ana Valeria Pérez Caballero

Optical engineer by day and cellist by night, Anthony Yee tunes his engineering skills so he can one day be a lead optical engineer.

> Read more about Anthony Yee

According to Stanley “Stosh” Comisiak, Employee Assistance Program consultant and counselor, the best way to reduce stress is to choose to view any given situation as relaxing. Also, get active physically, engage with people and make friends.
› Read more about Stanley "Stosh" Comisiak
J. Bryan Blair Mathematician-turned-instrument scientist James "Bryan" Blair takes an unconventional approach and is always looking for that next mountain to climb.

› Read more about James "Bryan" Blair

Scott Luthcke Geophysicist Scott Luthcke finds weighing the ice sheets is sometimes easier than coaching his three daughters in field hockey.
› Read more about Scott Luthcke
Photo of Maggie Masetti Web developer Maggie Masetti is all about the big bang theory, from working with our Dr. John Mather, who proved the theory, to visiting the set of the television show.
› Read more about Maggie Masetti
Photo of Brian Christopher Thomas Numbers guy Brian Christopher Thomas puzzles out new ways to work the budget system rather than have the budget system work us.

› Read more about Brian Christopher Thomas
Erin McKinley at a Digital Learning Network event at Goddard. Teacher and NASA Television star Erin McKinley is an enthusiastic, eternal learner.

› Read more about Erin McKinley
John Hagopian and his son, Matthew, fishing. To optical physicist turned inventor John Hagopian, everything is a puzzle and the game is to make connections that are not obvious.

› Read more about John Hagopian
Photo of Amber Straughn Arkansas farm girl-turned-astrophysicist never thought she would be in a rap video about the James Webb Space Telescope that was shown on the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” show.

› Read more about Amber Straughn
Photo of Valerie Casanto Valerie Casasanto, the principal investigator for the Beautiful Earth program, bridges science, music and visual art to inspire and engage children about Earth.

› Read more about Valerie Casasanto
Photo of Andre Dress in front of the Space Shuttle Home-grown Aerospace Engineer Andre Dress loves leading successful launches, making custom “Black Hole” stout and designer soaps, and leading a church band catering to children.

› Read more about Andre Dress
Photo of Paul Geithner From working on the James Webb Space Telescope to driving one of his rebuilt, historic Triumph Spitfires on “The Tail of the Dragon,” Deputy Project Manager Paul H. Geithner is always passionate.

› Read more about Paul Geithner
Photo of Eric Newman The epitome of calm, Procurement Manager Eric Newman enjoys going on walking safaris in South Africa.

› Read more about Eric Newman
Photo of Rob Gutro Rob Gutro, deputy news chief, manager of breaking news and the NASA Hurricane and Fire websites, is Goddard’s “Master of Disaster.”

› Read more about Rob Gutro
Photo of Alison Ogden COOP Program Producer Alison Ogden drums out high-impact videos while performing on the snare with an all-girl, 50-member samba reggae band.

› Read more about Alison Ogden
Photo of Margaret Dominguez AST Optical Engineering COOP finds inspiration in Margaret Thatcher and her colleagues at Goddard.

› Read more about Margaret Dominguez
Photo of David Gong Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance. Life changed in one day for COOP David Gong Sarah when his mom ran into former Special Assistant for Diversity, Sharon Wong.

› Read more about David Gong
Photo of Myron Bradshaw Supervisory Computer Engineer Myron Bradshaw spends his days untangling web applications for organizations.

› Read more about Myron Bradshaw
Photo of Janine Pollack Through Goddard’s mentoring program, environmental engineer Janine Pollack discovered her dream job.

› Read more about Janine Pollack
Photo of Michael Starobin Producer Michael Starobin uses projection spheres, hyperwalls, and other gizmos to showcase our science and engineering marvels.

› Read more about Michael Starobin
Photo of Ed Campion Goddard News Chief Ed Campion focuses on telling great stories in words and in photographs.

› Read more about Ed Campion
Photo of Charlene Butler To IT Project Manager, Charlene T. Butler, living is all about continuously learning and encouraging middle school girls to learn through Goddard’s SISTER Program.

› Read more about Charlene Butler
Photo of Lisa Mazzuca From work to play, Dr. Lisa M. Mazzuca is beaconed on search and rescue.

› Read more about Lisa Mazzuca
Photo of Todd Stevens Creative Services Branch Manager R. Todd Stevens is Goddard’s Man Behind the Curtain.

› Read more about Todd Stevens
Photo of Mary Collins Goddard allows IT Specialist Mary Collins to embrace her inner nerd.

› Read more about Mary Collins
Photo of Lynn Carter Planetary Scientist Lynn M. Carter is curious about everything, from planets to modern art.

› Read more about Lynn Carter
Photo of Chopo Ma In mapping the sky, Geophysicist Chopo Ma has spent the last 40 years studying the basic philosophical problem of measuring distances between objects in the sky.

› Read more about Chopo Ma
Photo of Sandra Cauffman From industrial engineering to electrical engineering to physics, Deputy Project Manager Sandra A. Cauffman is a real maven.

› Read more about Sandra Cauffman
Photo of Jan McGarry In between winning medals at the National Senior Games in women’s volleyball, mathematician Jan McGarry leads development of the next generation of the satellite laser ranging system.

› Read more about Jan McGarry
Photo of Carlos A. Gomez Rosa Software Engineer Carlos A. Gomez-Rosa makes the most of his opportunities, from working on MAVEN to being a supernumerary for The Washington Opera.

› Read more about Carlos A. Gomez-Rosa
Photo of Kevin Fisher Kevin Fisher is tuned in to the Goes-R ground-based antenna system.

› Read more about Kevin Fisher
Photo of Stephen Merkowitz Space Geodesy Project Manager Stephen M. Merkowitz helps the world understand where things are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going.

› Read more about Stephen Merkowitz
Photo of Benjamin Slade From Ultimate Frisbee to the OHCM, Ben is soaring above to gain the ultimate COOP experience.

› Read more about Ben Slade
Photo of Carey Noll Computer Scientist Carey Noll archives data from high-precision Global Positioning Systems that are used to pinpoint locations all over the world to within less than half an inch.

› Read more about Carey Noll
Photo of Shavondalyn Givens Diversity Program Analyst Shavondalyn Givens enjoys engaging in thought-provoking conversations.

› Read more about Shavondalyn Givens
Photo of Rivers Lamb Deputy Operations Director and Virginia Tech fan Rivers Lamb gets his hands dirty while contributing to knowledge, science, and to our planet.

› Read more about Rivers Lamb
Photo of Steven Scott Goddard Chief Engineer Steven S. Scott makes sure that our projects meet their requirements and that they work.

› Read more about Steven Scott
Photo of Sarah Daugherty As the Wallops Flight Facility Test Director, Sarah Daugherty makes the final decision for “launch/flight.”

› Read more about Sarah Daugherty
Photo of Jay O'Leary Graphic Designer Jay O’Leary grew up at Goddard and now teaches young people his work philosophy.

› Read more about Jay O'Leary
Image of Linny Dyson From church mission trips to personnel actions, Administrative Officer Linny Dyson takes care of her people.

› Read more about Linny Dyson
Photo of Almond Custodio Named after a famous NASA astronaut, Almond Neil R. Custodio fulfills his destiny in workforce planning at NASA Goddard.

› Read more about Almond Neil R. Custodio
Photo of John Decker Associate Director John Decker moves the production along, whether it is one of his flight projects or a play he is starring in.

› Read more about John Decker
Photo of George Morrow By careful thinking and planning ahead, George Morrow’s career rocketed from a chemical engineering student to Director of Goddard’s Flight Projects who oversees the Hubble Space Telescope and the James Web Telescope among other projects.

› Read more about George Morrow
Photo of Ed Bohl Family comes first to Labor Relations Officer Ed Bohl, including both his personal family and his Goddard family.

› Read more about Ed Bohl
Photo of Michael Lewis Event Coordinator Mike Lewis keeps everyone on the same page, from scheduling events in our auditoriums to playing R&B music.

› Read more about Mike Lewis
Jennifer Young in the blanket lab Although many people think putting thermal blankets on spacecraft is as simple as wrapping a present, thermal blanket technician Jennifer Young views the process more like building a sculpture or a costume.

› Read more about Jennifer Young
Photo of Marilyn Coggins From competitive ice skating to outer space, Engineering Technician Marilyn Coggins can design and fabricate your attire.

› Read more about Marilyn Coggins
Photo of Katease Devaughn Video Conference Coordinator Katease DeVaughn arranges meetings with everyone from President Obama to Goddard’s Nobel Laureate.

› Read more about Katease Devaughn
Photo of Robin Mahoney If you love the food and look of our newly renovated Building 21 cafeteria, thank GEWA Business Manager Robin L. Mahoney.

› Read more about Robin Mahoney
Photo of Jessica Calloway Coffee talk is the best talk according to Barista Jessica Calloway, who will make whatever taste treat your taste buds desire.

› Read more about Jessica Calloway
Gerald Through finding speakers, and being one himself, EEO Specialist Gerald "Tiki" Tiqui fire dances his way into sharing his Polynesian culture.

› Read more about Gerald "Tiki" Tiqui
Photo of Denna Lambert Disability Programs Manager Denna Lambert is a real people person. She helps others excel both at work and in the water.

› Read more about Denna Lambert
Photo of Ed Rogers Chief Knowledge Officer Ed Rogers makes learning a way of life.

› Read more about Ed Rogers
Photo of Dalila Brooks Creative Services Branch Manager Dalila Brooks may not always wear designer shoes, but she has walked in the shoes of the designers on her team.

› Read more about Dalila Brooks
Image of where Tom Russell works Senior Field Engineer Tom Russell is a master coordinator, from orchestrating numerous launch missions from his console in the Network Integration Center to staging living history activities.

› Read more about Tom Russell
Photo of Jimmy Barcus After almost 44 years on Center, “people person” Jimmy Barcus has worked behind the scenes providing project support ranging from assisting with all five Hubble servicing missions to overseeing the new, $50 million Flight Projects Directorate building.

› Read more about Jimmy Barcus
Chris Tinker on his Harley From fixing computers to adding chrome to his Harley, IT Field Technician Chris Tinker enjoys tinkering.

› Read more about Chris Tinker
Photo of Raul Garcia Raúl García is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Curiosity's mission on Mars and to his parents who helped him realize his goals.

› Read more about Raúl García
Photo of Abigail Calzada After traveling, living for a time in the UK and the Netherlands, and learning English, Abigail Calzada was ready for her next challenge, spending her summer at Goddard doing mapping and planning for future scientific work on the moon.

› Read more about Abigail Calzada
Photo of Nancy Maynard Senior Research Scientist Nancy Maynard spent a week with indigenous reindeer herders in the tundra of northern Norway studying climate change and its effects on reindeer spring migration.

› Read more about Nancy Maynard
Photo of Andrew Tsoi Andrew Tsoi reflects on his experiences in both the aeronautics and space sides of NASA internships.

› Read more about Andrew Tsoi
Photo of James Magargee James Magargee thinks a Goddard internship is the perfect place for a career-driven graduate student.

› Read more about James Magargee
Caitlin in front of a Ling Dynamic Systems shaker table. Caitlin Gibbons has found her niche in Goddard’s community of engineers.

› Read more about Caitlin Gibbons
Photo of Claire Dudek When not shaving seconds off her most recent breaststroke time, summer intern Claire Dudek is analyzing temperature and disease data from across the world.

› Read more about Claire Dudek
Photo of Joie Chang With an eye for design, Joie rescues old websites from the virtual attic.

› Read more about Joie Chang
Photo of Rita Ainane Whether interning in Goddard’s Propulsion branch or competing in horseback riding events, Rita Ainane does everything with passion.

› Read more about Rita Ainane
Photo of Diane Cockrell Highly passionate about the internship programs at Goddard, Diane has been making a difference in students’ lives for over thirty years.

› Read more about Diane Cockrell
Photo of Shari Brown With 30 years of experience, it’s the life changing moments when Sheri Brown is able to witness the positive impact she’s making on the Goddard campus.

› Read more about Sheri Brown
Photo of Mariah Krimchansky A future Electrical Engineering student at Princeton University, Mariah Krimchansky is enthusiastic about putting her high school physics classes to the test in Goddard’s Heliophysics lab.

› Read more about Mariah Krimchansky
Photo of Darlene Squibb Inspired by a NASA movie about Earth’s changing environment, Darlene Squibb was moved to change careers to be part of the environmental team at Goddard.

› Read more about Darlene Squibb
Photo of Stephanie Keene With an infectious smile and outgoing personality that helps support her office, Stephanie Keene has created an atmosphere and opportunity for her to grow.

› Read more about Stephanie Keene
Photo of Robert Simmon in front of the Data Visualizer and Designer Robert Simmon never thought that he would become “Mr. Blue Marble.”

› Read more about Robert Simmon
Photo of Matthew Fox Supply Chain Manager Matthew Fox ensures that NASA suppliers do what we are paying them to do.

› Read more about Matthew Fox
Photo of Lauri K. Newman Lauri K. Newman grew up at Goddard watching her father work at the Delta control center. Now she protects NASA spacecraft from collisions with other on-orbit space objects.

› Read more about Lauri K. Newman
Photo of Maria So Maria So arrived at Goddard as a one-year exchange student from Hong Kong. Today she is the Deputy Director for the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate and a mentor for and member of the Senior Executive Service.

› Read more about Maria So
Photo of Luis Gallo As a Reliability Engineer, Luis D. Gallo enjoys theoretical challenges. As the son of Cuban immigrants, he looks forward to the reality of someday visiting the rest of his family in Havana.

› Read more about Luis Gallo
Karen Catucci with Miho Hasegawa in the NASA Postdoctoral Program from Japan Retired telecommunications manager Karen Catucci found the perfect job working for NASA and helping others with everything from travel orders to office supplies.

› Read more about Karen Catucci
Photo of Joe Witte With his big, easy smile, Joe Witte puts a silver lining into everything he does, from weather forecasting to educating about climate change.

› Read more about Joe Witte
Photo of Howard Branch Although supervisory aerospace engineer Howard Branch works with cryogenics, a pretty cool area, his warmth shows when he volunteers with his church’s mentoring program for young men.

› Read more about Howard Branch
Photo of Richard Gudnitz Despite his humble beginnings, Recruitment and Outreach Program Manager Richard Gudnitz believes that ambition determines your future reality and encourages new recruits to believe the same.

› Read more about Richard Gudnitz
Photo of Carol Hamilton Project Safety Manager Carol J. Hamilton knows she has done her job right when nothing bad happens.

› Read more about Carol J. Hamilton
Photo of David Richardson Facilities Management Planner David H. Richardson works hard today to create the future big picture of the Center.

› Read more about Dr. David Richardson
Photo of Vince Gigliotti in his office After working at Goddard for 49 years, and at the age of 84, Vince Gigliotti retired but immediately returned as an Emeritus because of his sense of duty to continue working.

› Read more about Vince Gigliotti
Photo of Bob Savage Systems Review Manager Bob Savage enjoys working with people, from performing project reviews to going on church mission trips to Honduras.

› Read more about Bob Savage
Keith at KSC, next to the Space Shuttle Endeavour Orbiter. Whether it’s handling large procurement contracts for Code 600 or developing a calendar of his own photography work, Keith Long is up for any challenge.

› Read more about Keith Long
Photo of Jennifer Stern Belly dancing, trapeze-flying geochemist Dr. Jennifer Stern studies whether the surface chemistry of Mars could support life.

› Read more about Dr. Jennifer Stern
Photo of Jean Manall Retired Air Force veteran Jean Manall coordinates Goddard shipments – both big and small.

› Read more about Jean Manall
Photo of Amy Simon Miller Supervisory Space Scientist Amy Simon-Miller takes dedication to the next level.

› Read more about Amy Simon-Miller
Photo of Matt Ritsko Financial Manager Matt Ritsko gets a thrill out of being part of a mission that allows him to give back to something greater than himself.

› Read more about Matt Ritsko
Chris Smith demonstrating the glidecam Video Producer Chris Smith advises newcomers to prepare for the unexpected, from filming the Queen of England to working with Pixar on the movie “Wall*E.”

› Read more about Chris Smith
Photo of Dean Chai in his office. Aerospace Engineer Dean Chai believes that everything has to align for good things to happen and that each individual is responsible for making things align.

› Read more about Dean Chai
Image of Mark Branch Aerospace Engineer Mark Branch has found the equation to enjoying life. His science of happiness: Do what you love.

› Read more about Mark Branch
Photo of Dan Krieger with his Wizards memorabilia Dr. Dan Krieger is a wizard at advising Goddard people by day and an NBA franchise by night.

› Read more about Dan Krieger
Photo of Jacque Lofton Working and laughing with her Freedom of Information Act teammates is therapy for Jacque Lofton’s soul.

› Read more about Jacque Lofton
Photo of Marco Midon Marco “Mission Impossible” Midon was the one the Russians relied on to come up with a quick fix to their Soyuz radio frequency problem.

› Read more about Marco Midon
Photo of Michelle Jones Whether planning events for 15,000 members of the public or 40 plus family members, Michelle R. Jones makes the impossible possible.

› Read more about Michelle Jones
Photo of Compton Tucker Climate scientist Compton Tucker leads a space archaeology team every July to conduct archaeological geophysical survey field work in Gordian, Turkey.

› Read more about Compton Tucker
Photo of Joan Belt Joan Belt is a people person who meets challenges, and her Goddard colleagues, with a smile.

› Read more about Joan Belt
Photo of Param Nair Param Nair is a “cost and schedule” guy who advises everyone to “do the Sneakernet” and meet people.

› Read more about Param Nair
Photo of Sara DiMarco Life suddenly changed in one day for new employee Sarah DiMarco when her best friend Eileen Barnes told her about a job opening here.

› Read more about Sarah DiMarco
Andrew Casavant in his floral element From planning offices to gardens, Andrew Casavant always has an eye on green initiatives.

› Read more about Andrew Casavant
Photo of Michael Hesse From researching space to predicting space weather, space physicist Michael Hesse loves solving big, scientific puzzles.

› Read more about Michael Hesse
Photo of Eileen Barnes Eileen Barnes pays attention to details, whether arranging for Dr. John Mather to receive the Nobel Prize or organizing a marathon trip for her and her best friends.

› Read more about Eileen Barnes
Photo of Ray Rubilotta As “Snowflake 1,” Ray Rubilotta has the job of calling the Center Director by 4:45 a.m. on snow days to recommend the Center’s operating status.

› Read more about Ray Rubilotta
Photo of Anetra Tucker Anetra Tucker cruises through her work during the day and later on vacations to exotic ports.

› Read more about Anetra Tucker
Photo of Roberto Aleman Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission Observatory Manager Roberto M. Alemán eventually discovered that the person here whom he most admired was actually a very distant relative.

› Read more about Roberto Aleman
John Gauthier hard at work at Goddard. John is a behind-the-scenes guy who has managed hundreds of construction projects, but what really puts a smile on his face is riding his Harley and spending time with his grandchildren.

› Read more about John Gauthier
Grace Montalvo DeLeon meeting with a VIP at Goddard. Returning Office of Communications’ summer intern Grace S. Montalvo De León appreciates the importance of creative communications.

› Read more about Grace Montalvo De León
Grace Batterden at Goddard Day A team player and energetic Orioles fan, Grace Batterden has found joy interning at the Office of Communications.

› Read more about Grace Batterden
Gilberto Guevara Intern Gilberto Guevara loves learning among one of the highest concentrations of PhDs in the world.

› Read more about Gilberto Guevara
Bernard Itaka at a NASA Poster Session. Financial intern Bernard Itaka Lebrón brainstorms to develop his "bag of skills."

› Read more about Bernard Itaka Lebrón
Jaime Toro Medina at a shuttle launch. Serial intern Jaime Toro Medina has learned the importance of balancing work and life.

› Read more about Jaime Toro Medina
Christine Redmond in Utah with the Mars Society. Jazz drumming, living a Mars existence in Utah, and working for Habitat for Humanity are only a few of the things that make intern Christine Redmond a force to be reckoned with!

› Read more about Christine Redmond
Photo of Paul Dees Enriching the minds of kids and inspiring them to reach for goals that they may never have dreamt is what Paul hopes to do this summer while at the Visitor’s Center.

› Read more about Paul Dees
Photo of Jamarr During the day custodian Jamaar “Blue” Blue works with a broom and dust pan, but on weekends he and his family switch to fishing rods on the bay.

› Read more about Jamarr "Blue" Blue
Photo of Deborah Boone Deborah Boone is caring by nature, whether for her Melwood team or her friends and family.

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Photo of Andrew Hoffmaster Andrew Hoffmaster's globetrotting work at Goddard has paved his way for his new job making prosthetic devices for those in need.

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Photo of Howard Kea in front of the Science on a Sphere at Goddard. Whether he’s fostering teamwork in various organizations at Goddard, sailing out of Annapolis or throwing kicks and punches at his non-profit karate studio, for Dr. Howard Kea it’s all about building community and increasing collaboration.

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The O'Connell Family watching American Idol. Contract Specialist and Diversity Dialogue Facilitator Jennifer O’Connell dreams of taking her family to explore their roots in Sicily, Italy.

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Photo of Oren Sheinman By day, Oren Sheinman engineers the hardware that will sniff the soil of another planet. At home, he loves Australian Shepherds and activities that take him out of doors to experience this planet.

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Rich Rogers stands in front of his prop plane Assistant Chief of the Aircraft Office for Wallops Flight Facility Rich Rogers has fun performing precision research flying including over the North Pole.

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Tara Perdue and family At work, Financial Analyst Tara Perdue loves ferreting out errors in financial spreadsheets until her organization’s work is flawless. Off the job, with her two children, she spends as much time out of doors as possible enjoying the country.

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Bob Freitas running his flight simulator. Information Technology Manager Bob Freitas maintains IT systems, from the Center Director’s laptops to his own flight simulator.

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Gail Skofronick Jackson pursuing her love of caving. Gail Skofronick Jackson loves to explore the Earth - from deep, underground caves to falling snow from clouds.

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Elizabeth M. Jarrell
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

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