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Agency Business Services

The NSSC performs resource management, provides administrative support and reporting capabilities, and administers contracts for NASA’s Enterprise Services.



IT Business Services

The NSSC IT Business Services Office provides business services related support to the Enterprise Service Offices including administration of the following Enterprise Services contracts: EUSO/NEST, EAST2 WSO, NICS, Networx, EIS, eForms (Adobe, MITS II, East 2), and EAST2. The composition of the IT Business Services is built around three main functions:

  • Resources Management
    – Budget Formulation
    – Resources Management and IPAC Processing
    – Billing
    – Invoice / Voucher Reconciliation
    – Administration and Reporting

  • Services/Catalog Management

    – SLA Administration
    – Utilization Coordination and Analysis
    – Performance and Utilization Reporting
    – Survey Administration, Analysis, and Reporting

  • Contract Administration

    – Contract Management
    – Contract Funding