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Virtual Tour Goes Behind the Scenes at NASA Langley

Learn our role in NASA by taking a virtual tour of NASA Langley Research Center. Visit:

In conjunction with NASA’s 60th Anniversary, NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, is launching a new, web-based virtual tour to provide visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the center’s contributions to aeronautics, science and technology.

The interactive website has many features that take virtual tourists through an inside look at some of the equipment and technology used at Langley, guiding visitors through the facility without having to physically visit.

“We are excited to give the public more insight to our facilities and people at Langley,” said Mary Beth Wusk, deputy director of Langley’s Office of Strategic Analysis, Communications and Business Development. “The center holds the stories of the past and the technologies of the future. Our goal is to inspire and engage the public with the great work we are doing in aeronautics, space and science.”

The tour covers 16 locations ranging from Langley’s historical landmarks – like the Flight Research Hangar, Variable Density Tunnel Display and the Landing and Impact Research Facility (Gantry) – to the center’s newest buildings, like the Katherine Johnson Computational Research Facility and the Integrated Engineering Services Building. The tour also shows the Measurement Systems Laboratory, which is under construction.

Each tour location has a selection of photos, videos and 360-degree images. The interactive 360-degree images include buttons providing more information about Langley’s facilities.

The tour locations are organized by areas showing how Langley supports NASA’s missions in aeronautics, Earth science, space exploration and transformation. More information about these four categories can be found in the info section of the menu. 

To check out the virtual tour, click here.