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Teacher sitting behind a deskThe BEST team is willing to train via distance learning or on site, depending upon audience size. We also host teacher training opportunities as scheduled events across the country. If you and your colleagues are interested in a training session, please contact us.

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Please contact Laurie Cook for general program inquiries and curriculum content or to arrange a training workshop.

Laurie Cook
NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center

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NASA's BEST Students Logo NASA's Beginning Engineering, Science and Technology, or BEST, activity guides bring the principles of engineering alive to younger audiences. The content in the guides can be used to supplement curricula during the school day or as activities for after-school clubs. Educators may use the materials as a set or as individual activities.

NASA's BEST activity guides help teach students the engineering design process. The guides accommodate three grade groups (K-2, 3-5 or 6-8), and all follow the same set of activities.

The engineering design process is a series of steps that engineers use to solve problems. What makes these BEST activities different is that they provide no "recipe" and no drawings for building the items in each activity. The emphasis is on students' understanding that engineers must "imagine and plan" before they begin to build and experiment. To complete the NASA's BEST activities successfully, students must formulate their ideas and draw up their plans before constructing their project.

A new NASA's BEST activity guide has been developed to support NASA's Technology Demonstration Mission. TDM's mission is to provide revolutionary, crosscutting technologies -- ones that could advance NASA's mission in space and benefit science and industry here on Earth. View the new activities in the activity guides section linked from the left column on this Web page.

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