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Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Aerial, color drawing of Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Archives

Primary source materials that document the rich organizational, mission, and cultural histories of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Collections Overview

The JPL Archives collects and preserves records created and collected by JPL, from pre- NASA rocket and missile work (1930s), continuing through NASA unmanned missions to the planets. Records of instruments designed, built, and managed by JPL that flew on spacecraft are also included. There are records about Earth-observing missions, the Deep Space Network (DSN), and JPL’s supporting role in early lunar manned missions. Additionally, there are administrative records from various management offices.

Archival collections have been created and collected by individuals, projects, and offices. They may include reports, documents, correspondence, subject files, meeting minutes, presentations, notes, & other types of records that are valuable in preserving JPL’s history.

We encourage you to start your research of our holdings by browsing our collections. Some of our records may be digitized and available online for easier access, and other records may require further assistance from an archivist. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or you have questions, contact us or visit our FAQ page.


Please view the publicly available JPL archival collections here.

Two men study in the JPL Library.
The JPL Library, 1952

Research Appointments

Scheduling Appointments at the JPL Archives

If you want to view materials in the JPL Archives, contact to schedule an appointment. Please get in touch, because it may take time to access materials in storage. Archival materials may not be checked out – please arrange for copies prior to visiting. Submit a request to visit the JPL Archives here.

Not all research requires a visit to the Archives. Many documents can be requested and delivered electronically. You may search for documents throughout our finding aids, indexes, and collection descriptions.

US citizens must have a current driver license or official photo ID. Foreign Nationals must possess their passport and visa to gain access to JPL. Failure to produce the required ID may result in denial of entry.

Street Address for Use in Online Map Searches
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109

Drawing of a colorful ghoul floating in space eating the Mariner seven spacecraft near Mars.
The Great Galactic Ghoul, a mythical monster that is said to live in space between Earth and Mars, is depicted here floating near Mars while holding the Mariner VII spacecraft.


Transferring Materials to the JPL Archives

If you have materials that you wish to transfer to the JPL Archives, please review our Collection Guidance Policy to ensure that the items you wish to transfer fall within the scope of our collection. If so, please contact the JPL Archives to request a Transfer, Inventory, and Certification Form.

Contact Us

For assistance with locating records, or scheduling a research appointment please email the JPL Archives team at or click the link below.

Ask a JPL Archivist
Black and white photo of the welcome to JPL sign from 1957.
Welcome to JPL sign, 1957