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NASA drone pilot Jonas Jonsson flying a drone in a field.
Animation of assorted drones flying in an urban environment
A small Unmanned Aircraft System drone is flown at Ames Research Center in December 2021.

Aeronautics Project Office

The Aeronautics Projects Office supports the development and execution of Aeronautics project activities at NASA’s Ames Research Center and provides management support for the Aeronautics projects. This includes systems engineering, Aeronautics flight partnerships, risk management, administrative support, flight test support, and coordination of innovation initiatives for the Aeronautics Directorate.

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Moffett Field, CA

Office Chief

Zachary Roberts

Deputy chief

Andrew Ging

associate chief

Channon Wong

“Enabling the development and execution of Aeronautics project activities and providing management support

Data and Reasoning Fabric

DRF designs technology to help autonomous airborne activities safely meet their full potential for society’s benefit. Its intent is to form a connected, interwoven “fabric” of intelligence that sends aircraft specific, tailored information, wherever they are.

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Data and Reasoning Fabric Urban environment