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Hypersonic Technology Project Overview

The development of new hypersonic (generally faster than Mach 5) capabilities is important for the United States. In the near-term, application of hypersonics research and technologies is likely to be on enhanced defense systems, but this could eventually expand to include improved access to space capabilities that would directly benefit NASA. 

The HT project focuses on sustaining hypersonic competency for national needs while advancing fundamental hypersonics research.

NASA maintains unique specialized facilities and experts who can explore key fundamental research areas for solving the challenges of high-speed flight.  The HT project coordinates closely with partners in the Department of Defense (DoD) in order to leverage their investment in flight activities that develop and validate advanced physics-based models, while at the same time the DoD leverages NASA expertise, analyses, testing capabilities and computational models.

The HT project focuses on fundamental research in the areas of:

  • high-speed propulsion systems;
  • re-usable vehicle technologies;
  • high-temperature materials; and
  • systems analysis.

HT Project Leadership

Project Manager: Mary Jo Long Davis

Deputy Project Manager: Andrea Storch



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Aug 29, 2023
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