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NASA Advisory Council

NASA NAC Advisory Board
April 2014

Washington, D.C.

The first meeting of the restructured NASA Advisory Council took place on April 16-17, 2014, at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC. Standing left to right are: Mr. Kenneth Bowersox, Mr. Thomas Young, Mr. Miles O’Brien, Dr. Wanda Austin, Mr. Charles Bolden (NASA Administrator), Ms. Marion Blakey, Gen. Lester Lyles (Ex Officio), Dr. John Holdren (President’s Science Advisor and Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, The White House), Dr. David McComas, Dr. Steven Squyres (Chair), Dr. Charles Kennel (Ex Officio), Dr. William Ballhaus, Mr. Wayne Hale, Ms. Kathryn Schmoll, and Ms. Diane Rausch (Executive Director).

NASA Names Six New Members to Advisory Council

April 16, 2014

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden has announced the appointment of six new members to the NASA Advisory Council (NAC). The group advises NASA's senior leadership on challenges and solutions facing the agency as it unfolds a new era of exploration.

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Advisory Council Reorganizes for Greater Effectiveness

November 25, 2013

Editor's Note: This is a blog excerpt from Steven Squyres, Chairman, NASA Advisory Council

The NASA Advisory Council (NAC), an independent group of scientists and aerospace experts who provide external guidance to NASA, will be restructured in the coming months to more accurately reflect the Agency’s structure and to improve its ability to deal with issues that cut across the Agency. The restructuring process, resulting from a recent internal review conducted under the direction of the NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, will begin immediately and will be fully realized over the next several months. As Chairman of the NAC, I’m looking forward to putting this new structure in place.

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Latest Meeting Information

Upcoming Meeting
July 30-31, 2014
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, VA
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Meeting Documents
Meeting agendas, minutes, and documents related to the most recent NAC meeting of April 16-17, 2014

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