Juno and Booster Streak Across the Stars
Juno and Booster Streak Across the Stars

NASA's Juno spacecraft and its spent Centaur upper rocket stage are captured in this telescope view as they move across the field of stars. The five-minute, timed exposure was acquired on Aug. 5 11:18pm Eastern time (Aug. 6 at 3:18 UTC) when Juno was at a distance of about 195,000 miles (314,000 kilometers) from Earth.

Additional exposures showed the movement of the objects relative to the unmoving background stars, confirming that the streaks indeed represent the spacecraft and booster and not imaging artifacts.

The images were taken remotely by amateur astronomer Scott Ferguson using Global Rent-a-Scope's GRAS-016 Takahashi Widefield Refractor, which is located in Nerpio, Spain.

Image credit: Scott Ferguson

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