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Overview: Sample Return Robot Challenge

A NASA K10 rover trundles on simulated lunar terrain.NASA and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, Mass., are seeking teams to compete in a robot technology demonstration competition with a potential $1.5 million prize. Scheduled to take place in June 2013 in Worcester, teams competing in the Sample Return Robot Challenge will compete to demonstrate a robot that can locate and retrieve geologic samples from a wide and varied terrain without human control in a set amount of time.

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TouchTomorrow graphicTouchTomorrow
TouchTomorrow at WPI, featuring the NASA Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge, will be an unprecedented educational and interactive event for New England.
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Innovation Now graphicInnovation Now
"Innovation Now" is created by the National Institute of Aerospace in collaboration with NASA.
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WPI graphicWorcester Polytechnic Institute
NASA and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute are seeking teams to compete in a robot technology demonstration competition with a potential $1.5 million prize.
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