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Kennedy Space Center Fact Sheets
Welcome to the Kennedy Space Center Public Affairs Information Series. Here you will find documents about space history, the space shuttle, launching rockets, processing and facilities at Kennedy.

Documents may be available in two formats. An on-line viewable document in HTML is available by clicking on the document title if available or view the high quality version in PDF format. To view and print the PDF documents you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Document Title Document Number PDF
Kennedy Space Center
America's Spaceport NP-2010-04-072-KSC + View (11.4MB)
Central Campus of the Kennedy Space Center FS-2014-09-262-KSC + View (1MB)
The Early Years IS-1995-11-05-KSC + View (1MB)
Kennedy Space Center Overview FS-2013-06-105-KSC + View (3.5MB)
KSC and Space-Related Area Attractions NP-2008-10-049-KSC + View (11MB)
Lightning and the Space Program (updated 2008) FS-2005-10-031-KSC + View (3MB)
Living and Working on the New Frontier (updated 2006) FS-2003-04-001-KSC + View (9.6MB)
The NASA Railroad FS-2013-04-075-KSC + View (795KB)
The Press Site at KSC (updated 2008) FS-2006-03-009-KSC + View (3.3MB)
Commercial Crew Program
Commercial Crew Program FS-2014-010-284-KSC + View (1.4MB)
Commercial Crew Development Round 2 FS-2012-07-125-KSC + View (1.4MB)
Programa Comercial de Tripulación FS-2013-06-110-KSC + View (85.6KB)
Ground Systems Development Operation
Ground System Development and Operations Program FS-2012-04-087-KSC + View (1.9MB)
Firing Rooms at Kennedy Space Center FS-2012-10-236-KSC + View (1.7MB)
Orion Facilities at Kennedy Space Center FS-2012-10-235-KSC + View (1.1MB)
Orion Recovery Operations FS-2014-11-333-KSC + View (2.4MB)
Launch Equipment Test Facility (LETF) FS-2012-09-212-KSC + View (2.1MB)
Vehicle Assembly Building FS-2012-06-121-KSC + View (1.6MB)
Crawler-Transporter FS-2012-04-085-KSC + View (2.6MB)
Launch Pad 39B FS-2012-04-090-KSC + View (2.7MB)
Mobile Launcher FS-2012-03-050-KSC + View (1.6MB)
Launch Services Program
NASA's Launch Services Program FS-2014-01-014-KSC + View (1.2MB)
Hangar AE FS-2014-05-117-KSC + View (928KB)
Atlas V Launch Weather Criteria FS-2013-01-010-KSC + View (375KB)
Delta II Launch Weather Criteria FS-2012-03-062-KSC + View (611KB)
Major NASA ELV Launches - Vol. 2 (Chart) IS-2006-02-007-KSC + View (556KB)
Athena I - Kodiak Star Missions Release No. 99-01 + View (61.3KB)
Chronology of Expendable Launch Vehicles
     since 1990 Involving NASA
Release No. 14-96 + View (37.1KB)
Major NASA ELV Launches (Chart) IS-1989-12-07-KSC + View (49KB)
Research and Technology
Aerobic Rotational Membrane Systems (ARMS) (updated 2008) FS-2005-09-014-KSC + View (2.5MB)
Space Shuttle Program
Space Shuttle Era Fact Sheets N/A + View Page
Kennedy Space Center's Sustainability Initiatives FS-2011-7-140-KSC + View (1.6MB)
Propellants North Administrative and Maintenance Facility FS-2010-12-250-KSC + View (2MB)
KSC Energy Conservation Endeavors FS-2009-05-49-KSC + View (1.8MB)
Space Station Processing
Inside the Multi-Payload Processing Facility (updated 2008) FS-2005-07-025-KSC + View (2.5MB)
Space Station Processing Facility FS-2005-06-020-KSC + View (4.3MB)

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