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Media Contacts

Kennedy News Center: 321-867-2468
Kennedy News Center Fax: 321-867-2692
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Public Inquiries:
Kennedy News Center Hours of Operation:
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday

Kennedy Communications Office Staff:

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Artemis/Human Landing System:
SLS/Exploration Ground Systems:
Gateway Deep Space Logistics:
Research & Technology:
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Other NASA Newsrooms:

NASA Headquarters: 202-358-1600
Ames Research Center: 650-604-4789
Armstrong Flight Research Center: 661-276-2449
Glenn Research Center: 216-433-8806
Goddard Space Flight Center: 301-286-0697
Jet Propulsion Laboratory: 818-354-5011
Johnson Space Center: 281-483-5111
Langley Research Center: 757-864-6121
Marshall Space Flight Center: 256-544-0034
Stennis Space Center: 228-688-3341

Other Public Affairs Offices:

For information on non-NASA launches and space-related events on the Space Coast, contact the appropriate Public Affairs Office listed:
U.S. Space Force, Space Launch Delta 45: 321-494-7731
KSC Visitor Complex Delaware North Parks and Resort: 321-449-4273
Space Florida: 321-730-5301