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Freedom of Information Act

Guide for NASA Kennedy Freedom of Information Act
This guide provides instructions on obtaining information through the Freedom of Information Act and several links to information and/or documents that are useful to the requestor. 

Kennedy Electronic Library
Documents specifically identified for inclusion by the Freedom of Information Act, as well as documents for which we have received multiple requests. The number of items in the Reading Room will continue to grow. 

Submit a FOIA Request
Any individual may submit a FOIA request to NASA Kennedy Space Center by mail, fax or electronic mail. 

NASA Kennedy FOIA Mailing Address
If you prefer to mail your FOIA request, please send it to the following address:
          John F. Kennedy Space Center
          PA-A/FOIA Requester Service Center
          Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899 

Schedule of Fees
The fees specified in this section shall be charged for searching for, reviewing, and/or duplicating Agency records made available in response to a FOIA request. 

List of FOIA Contacts
A list of NASA Freedom of Information Act contacts including center, name, address, telephone number, fax number and appropriate procurement contract number. 

NASA Federal Register Notice
NASA's regulations concerning FOIA and the availability of Agency Records to members of the public.

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