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Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (OEOP)
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is the right of all employees to work and advance on the basis of merit, ability and potential.

OEOP Mission Statement

NASA Glenn Office of Equal Opportunity Programs assists in developing a model workplace by providing functions as a change agent to the center by:

* Serving as advisors to management to ensure equity throughout the center
* Serving as mediators for the center in addressing issues and concerns
* Providing assistance to employees to enable attainment of personal and organizational goals

OEOP Vision Statement

NASA Glenn Office of Equal Opportunity Programs sets the equal opportunity standard of excellence. We are recognized by our customers for providing quality service for all programs and for assisting the center in becoming a model workplace.

The Discrimination Complaints Program

If an employee or applicant for employment believes that he/she has been discriminated against when applying for a job or while on the job because of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age or disability, and the employee wants to contest the action, he/she may go through the Discrimination Complaints Process by contacting an EO Counselor. EO Counselors are volunteers made up of a diverse group who are responsible for counseling employees regarding complaints of discrimination. They seek solutions on an informal basis. When issues cannot be resolved informally, the counselor conducts the final interview and submits required reports to the OEOP for formal complaints processing. NASA Glenn Research Center also uses mediation for Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Special Emphasis Programs

Special Emphasis Programs are programs designed to improve working conditions for women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and disabled veterans in the Federal Government. The Special Emphasis Program Manager's primary role is to work with management to carry out their joint responsibility to identify barriers to the recruitment and advancement of special emphasis groups, devise solutions, and draft plans to implement solutions.

The EO Advisory Groups are critical elements in the development of diversity awareness in the workforce. Their vital role includes sponsoring various programs and activities, i.e., heritage month observances, career workshops, forums, etc., in an effort to increase the awareness and knowledge of Glenn employees. They work to identify barriers and develop strategies to eradicate these barriers, and they present issues and concerns to management.

Management Support

The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs provides technical consultation to managers, advocates for programmatic goals and resource commitments, and assists in dispute resolution.

OEOP researches, compiles, analyzes and maintains statistics, records, and information on the employment, promotion, training, and other center personnel actions involving minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans. Information and statistics are provided to management and employees through various formats, i.e., Equal Opportunity Diversity Management Plan, Affirmative Employment Plans, annual updates, monthly Management Information Meetings, Directorate Profile Reports, Ad Hoc Analysis, EO Contract Compliance, etc.

Contract Compliance

The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs is responsible for monitoring and evaluating contractors' hiring and demographic status, management initiatives and resources committed to meeting its EO goals through the award fee process.

Community Outreach

The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs develops and implements special community outreach programs aimed at the recruitment of minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and disabled veterans.

Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program (FEORP)

FEORP was set up to expand recruitment of minorities and women, make applicant pools representative of the nation's diversity, and eliminate underrepresentation in the Federal workforce.

For further information please contact the Office of Equal Opportunities Programs at 216-433-2323.

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