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NASA Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Non-Harassment Policy Statements
NASA Administrator, Dr. Michael D. Griffin, has issued policy statements concerning equal opportunity, diversity, and non-harassment. By way of this memorandum, I am communicating NASA Glenn Research Center's (GRC) commitment to the ideas and practices conveyed in these statements. Every employee at GRC is integral to our success in meeting the mission and vision for the Center and Agency. Embracing a diverse workplace and adhering to these policy statements will give every employee the opportunity to maximize their potential and contribute in a meaningful way.

The enclosed policy statements on equal employment opportunity, diversity, and non-harassment are tangible evidence of NASA's commitment to building and maintaining a high-performing workforce and ensuring an environment of excellence. I want NASA GRC to have the most highly qualified and diverse workforce possible. I rely on each of you to embrace these policies, to assist me in expanding opportunities for all employees, and to ensure that we work in an environment free of unlawful discrimination.

It is imperative that we take proactive measures to make certain that the entire NASA GRC community is aware of, understands, and supports these policy statements. Embracing our different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints is what makes our Center and the Agency a world-class employer.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding equal opportunity and civil rights, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs at (216) 433-2323. You may contact the Diversity Management Office at (216) 433-3768 for questions pertaining to diversity management or the policy statement on diversity.

Woodrow Whitlow, Jr.

+View NASA Equal Opportunity Policy (3.8KB pdf)

+View NASA Diversity Policy (3.6KB pdf)

+View NASA Non-Harassment Policy (4.5KB pdf)