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Ames Engineering Directorate: Applied Manufacturing Division

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Applied Manufacturing Division (Code RM)

The Applied Manufacturing Division (Code RM) maintains several manufacturing disciplines that support the Aeronautics and Space missions of NASA's enterprises. We provide some of the most highly skilled machinists and dedicated model makers in the world in the areas of:

  • Advanced Composites
  • Metals Development
  • Developmental Machining
  • Electromechanical Instrumentation

Please take advantage of our capabilities and partner with us in the development and manufacture of your experimental hardware. Together we will push technology to its limits to provide advanced solutions for your challenge.

Composites & Metals Fabrication (Code RMF)

In these areas you can have hardware developed and manufactured ranging from carbon graphite composite space flight hardware, light sheet metal for aircraft and spaceflight systems, to structural elements for full scale wind tunnel models.

  • Nonmetallic Fabrication Shop
  • Structural Fabrication Shop
  • Light Sheet Metal Shop

Our model makers are cross trained to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of different methods of manufacturing so that they can make recommendations to optimize the development process and help you optimize your R&D dollar.

Machining and Instrumentation (Code RMX)

In these areas you can have hardware developed and manufactured ranging from miniature ballistic models to spacecraft flight hardware. The model makers in this branch use their comprehensive understanding of the latest techniques, procedures and materials to ensure that your hardware is manufactured to the highest standards and capabilities with your requirements and constraints kept constantly in mind.

  • Machining
  • N/C Programming
  • Mechanical Instrumentation
  • Inspection

Unique Hardware Expertise

The Applied Manufacturing Division provides expert fabrication technology for research hardware development, prototype exploration and development, consultation in fabrication methods and management of fabrication projects.

The Applied Manufacturing Division has some of the most skilled technicians in the world that turn abstract ideas into tangible hardware for aeronautics, space flight and the advancement of science.

The Applied Manufacturing Division provides hardware development and fabrication services to support Ames and individual researchers needs. We do much more than merely "manufacture parts." We provide cradle to grave project management as well as consulting and estimating services for design, fabrication, assembly and tests. Our division specializes in assisting researchers, scientists, engineers and others in developing their needs into concepts, prototypes and finalized hardware whether for spaceflight, laboratory use or for facilities and equipment to accomplish Ames and NASA goals.

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