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Women's History Month

Flask and colorful science symbolsMeet some of NASA’s women engineers, scientists, educators, interns and others.
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NASA eClips™

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Use these educational video segments to inspire and engage students.
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Do-It-Yourself Podcast

DIY Podcast

Create your own podcast with NASA video and audio clips.
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Download free NASA apps for your smartphone or tablet.
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NASA e-Books

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Read NASA books on your mobile device.
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5-8 Educator Featured Teaching Materials

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Educator Resource Center Network

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Educator Resource Centers

Locate ERCs in your state or region for free educational materials and services.

NASA Education Television

Education Programs

For Educators

NASA offers many educational programs for 5-8 educators throughout the year. See what is available now.

Current Opportunities

Free Webinar -- Journeying Through the Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy
Learn how to construct a planisphere that can be used to predict the locations of seasonal and circumpolar constellations in the night sky during this 60-minute webinar on April 22, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. EDT.

Celebrate Earth Day With "Global Selfie" Event
On April 22, 2014, post your photo to Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook or Flickr.

NASA Exploration Design Challenge
NASA invites students from around the world to brainstorm ways to protect astronauts from space radiation. Sign up today to share your ideas!

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Homework Topics

Create your lesson plans using NASA articles for students.

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