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Astronaut Appearance Request Guidelines
May 21, 2012

The Astronaut Appearances Office in Houston, Texas coordinates and arranges Astronaut Appearances for Astronauts who are actively employed by NASA.

NASA astronauts appear before a variety of groups to inform the general public about the U.S. Space program. Typically, presentations are made to high schools and universities, community organizations, businesses and associations, or military organizations.

In order to reach as many people as possible, NASA offers two options to choose from in requesting an Astronaut Appearance.

  • An in person astronaut appearance whereby the astronaut travels to the appearance location.
  • A virtual appearance utilizing Skype™ to connect an astronaut via video conference with your organization.

Requests for astronaut appearances should be submitted in writing.

Lead times for local, domestic, and international requests are as follows:

Local (Houston, Texas area) – 6 weeks
Domestic (continental United States) – 8 weeks
International – 10 weeks.

This amount of time is necessary to allow for completion of all required NASA Legal documentation and arrangement of astronaut travel (if required). The request may be declined if it does not meet these lead times.

The Astronaut Appearance Request Guidelines outline the requirements for a request letter and how to submit the signed letter to the Astronaut Appearances Office for processing.

View the Astronaut Appearance Request Guidelines (84 Kb PDF).

Also, check out the Astronaut Appearances Google+ page.

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