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Food for Spaceflight Activity

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Grade Levels

Grades K-4, Grades 5-8


Life Science, Spanish, Health and Nutrition, Living and Working in Space


Lesson Plans / Activities

This lesson will help your students answer the question:
What foods are best suited for spaceflight and what makes foods suitable for spaceflight?
In this lesson, students will
– Select foods to test for spaceflight suitability.
– Subject foods to spaceflight suitability testing based upon criteria.
– Gather data by sorting foods based upon the results of the suitability for spaceflight testing.
– Develop packaging for the suitable foods for spaceflight.
– Develop a conclusion based upon the results of this activity.
Food for Spaceflight Activity
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The Food for Spaceflight Activity is the lesson that accompanies Why Do Astronauts Eat Tortillas Instead of Bread?, one of the topics in the 21st Century Explorer series.
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