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Cassini Huygens: Reading, Writing and Rings 3-4

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An image of Saturn with rings as a blue and white planet on a black background.



Grade Levels

Grades K-4


Space Science, Astronomy


Lesson Plans / Activities

These sets of lessons bring together reading, writing and science in ways that underscore the belief that scientific thinking and the intelligent use of language go hand-in-hand. Use these twelve lessons to teach students about Saturn and the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft.
Reading, Writing and Rings Activity [9MB PDF file]
Download individual lessons from the list below:
Introduction [560KB PDF file]
Lesson 1 – What Do I See When I Picture Saturn? [310KB PDF file]
Lesson 2 – The Mysteries of Saturn and Cassini [802KB PDF file]
Lesson 3 – Wondering About Saturn: A Short History [341KB PDF file]
Lesson 4 – How Far Away Is Saturn? [667KB PDF file]
Lesson 5 – Discovering Saturn, the Real ‘Lord of the Rings’ [4MB PDF file]
Lesson 6 – My Spacecraft to Saturn [259KB PDF file]
Lesson 7 – My Spacecraft and Cassini [334KB PDF file]
Lesson 8 – All About Titan and the Huygens Probe [809KB PDF file]
Lesson 9 – Drop Zone! [429KB PDF file]
Lesson 10 – What Do I See Now When I Picture Saturn? [182KB PDF file]
Lesson 11 – Putting It All Together [235KB PDF file]
Lesson 12 – Celebrating Saturn and Cassini [298KB PDF file]