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Social Media Contacts

NASA uses social-networking applications, including non-government websites and web-based tools, to connect and provide information to individuals inside and outside NASA. Questions about our social media? Please use the information listed below to direct your inquiry to the appropriate contact.

NASA Headquarters

Stephanie L. SmithNASA Social Media Manager202-407-0118

Mission Directorates

Jessica ArreolaAeronautics Research Mission Directorate661-341-6511
Emily FurfaroScience Mission Directorate202-358-1658
Anyah DemblingSpace Technology Mission Directorate202-358-5195

NASA Centers

Kayvon SharghiAmes Research Center650-314-3592
Amber YarbroughArmstrong Flight Research Center
Nikki WelchGlenn Research Center216-433-6386
Jamie AdkinsGoddard Space Flight Center757-824-2502
Katy MersmannGoddard Institute for Space Studies301-377-1724
Emilee RichardsonJet Propulsion Laboratory626-314-0583
Jaden JenningsJohnson Space Center
Katie ParkerKatherine Johnson Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Facility304-367-8273
Emmalee MauldinKennedy Space Center321-412-0417
Julia BradshawLangley Research Center757-510-8887
Alyssa LeeMarshall Space Flight Center256-893-6899
Trevor BrownlowStennis Space Center228-305-0420
Jamie AdkinsWallops Flight Facility757-824-2502

NASA en Español

María-José Viñas GarciaNASA en Español

NASA Offices

Erin KisliukOffice of STEM Engagement
Michele OstovarNASA History Office